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'Survivor: South Pacific' castaway Mikayla Wingle marries fiance Michael Stapf in New Orleans wedding

Survivor: South Pacific castaway Mikayla Wingle has tied the knot with her fiance Michael Stapf.

USS Indianapolis: The True Story Of A U.S. Navy Ship That Sank In Shark-Infested Waters Causing Feeding Frenzy

The sailors on the USS Indianapolis experienced a real-life horror movie as their ship sank in shark-infested waters in the South Pacific. Survivors of the terrifying ordeal recount how they fought off sharks as hundreds of the creatures descended on the blood-filled waters as fellow sailors were eaten alive. Show More Summary

Driving force behind mitochondrial 'sex' in ancient flowering plant

A new study has uncovered an unprecedented example of horizontal gene transfer in a South Pacific shrub that is considered to be the sole survivor of one of the two oldest lineages of flowering plants.

A great Shark Tank: Survivor's appearance plus shark fight over royalties

Survivor South Pacific jury member Edna Ma appeared on Shark Tank last night, pitching her products that minimize pain for bikini waxing, Bare Ease and Numb Nuts (for men!). Her segment came in a strong episode that ended with a dramatic...Show More Summary

Survivor Winner John Cochran on the Two "Big Moves" That Led to His Victory

John Cochran went from, as he tells it, an "annoying freak" on his first season of Survivor (South Pacific) to the Sole Survivor in his second outing, Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites, with not a single vote cast against him throughout the entire run of the latter. Show More Summary

Heather Von St. James: Surviving Is Not the End, but Just the Beginning

5 years agoNews : Huffington Post

What does it mean to be a survivor? And I'm not talking about outsmarting a bunch of other people on an island in the South Pacific. I'm talking surviving something that you're not supposed to. In my case, it was cancer.

Brandon Hantz, divorcing, calls Survivor a "bad memory"

Since the finale of Survivor South Pacific, cast member Brandon Hantz has started a new job as a sales rep on the NASCAR circuit while getting a divorce from his wife, with whom he has two children. During the season, Brandon struggled with his attraction to another cast member, disturbingly blaming her for his attraction. Show More Summary

Top Moments: Homeland's Explosive Finale, Mindy Kaling and Bill Clinton... Reunited At Last

Our top moments of the week: 10. Best Silent Killer: When it came time for the jury to have at the final three Survivor: South Pacific contestants, the most vicious commentary of all comes from an unexpected source —Whitney — the sweet Southern belle. Show More Summary

How the Survivor jury voted, and horrifying news about Probst's Hantz vs. Hantz idea

The Survivor South Pacific jury's votes have been revealed by its members, and all but three voted for winner Sophie Clarke. Meanwhile, Brandon Hantz has horrifying news about his return to the game, which is even more terrifying considering...Show More Summary

'Survivor: South Pacific' Ends, Good Riddance to Redemption

At the end of the Survivor: South Pacific live reunion, Jeff Probst announced the coming of a new twist in Survivor, as it enters its 24th season in February. The new Survivor will be called Survivor: One World and will, as John suggested in an earlier article, house both opposing tribes on one island, in one camp. Show More Summary

Survivor: South Pacific Winner Sophie Clarke: "I'm Trying to Be a Little Sunnier"

If anyone understands the importance of an immunity challenge it would have to be Sophie Clarke. As one of the final contestants left on Survivor: South Pacific, the 22-year-old medical student from Willsboro, New York, was no frontrunner. Show More Summary

Survivor: South Pacific Watch - Season Finale

After twenty-three seasons, Survivor has been all over the world, fielded hundreds of contestants, held scores of challenges, and given out $23,000,000 in prize money. See who gets the latest million-dollar check!

Ozzy, Coach, Cochran, Brandon, and that other Hantz dominate, but Sophie wins Survivor

Sophie Clarke won six of the Survivor South Pacific jury members' votes and thus the $1 million prize, beating Benjamin "Coach" Wade and Albert Destrade, with Ozzy Lusth taking the $100,000 fan favorite prize in the largest margin in the show's history. Show More Summary

Sophie Clarke Wins Survivor: South Pacific Finale

Sophie Clarke was crowned the winner of Survivor: South Pacific last night. "I had a feeling, but you never know," she said in a CBS reunion special after the big reveal. "I think I had my finger on the pulse of the game the whole time." The...Show More Summary

Who Won 'Survivor: South Pacific'?

For the second season in a row, returning players fared well. This time around, both Ozzy Lusth and Coach Wade were still in the game as the Sunday season finale kicked off. Ozzy on Redemption Island, and Coach seemingly sitting atop the alliance that had come to dominate and steer the latter half of the season. Show More Summary

'Survivor: South Pacific' Finale: Coach, Ozzy, Brandon Spill Secrets About the 23rd Season

What did Brandon think about his uncle Russell Hantz's harsh critique? Which competitor tried out for the show 14 times? And who has a reality show in the works? The top six talk to THR after Sunday's episode. read more

'Survivor: South Pacific' Winner Revealed

Sofia M. Fernandez SPOILER ALERT: An underdog takes the Season 23 crown. read more

Salani, Manono are the tribes that will live together on Survivor One World

Survivor One World was confirmed as the 24th season of the show during Survivor South Pacific 's live reunion, as host Jeff Probst confirmed details of the twist--two tribes living on the same beach--that leaked earlier this fall. Probst explained that the two tribes will "compete against each other while living together on one island. Show More Summary

Who Won Survivor: South Pacific?

[SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals the winners of Survivor: South Pacific.] As Survivor's 23rd season came down to its final four, it was Coach and Ozzy, two Survivor veterans — and two of the games fiercest competitors — as...Show More Summary

'Survivor: South Pacific' crowns a winner

Who outwitted and outlasted everyone to take home the $1 million?

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