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Another Death Blow to Conspiracy Theories About the Steele Dossier

Former national security advisor Susan Rice took a sledge hammer to the ones being developed by Senators Grassley and Graham.

Rice 'Justifiably Concerned' Sharing Intel with Trump Administration

A lawyer for President Barack Obama's national security adviser, Susan Rice, told Congress late Friday that the outgoing administration was fearful of sharing classified intelligence with members of the incoming Trump team, especially Rice's successor, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

The silence of Susan Rice

(Scott Johnson) By letter to Susan Rice dated February 8, 2018, Senators Grassley and Graham posed 12 numbered questions. I posted the Graham/Grassley letter in “Rice papers the file.” By letter dated February 23, 2018, attorney Kathryn Ruemmler has now responded to the Grassley Graham letter. Show More Summary

Susan Rice responds, sort of

(Scott Johnson) Barack Obama installed Susan Rice as his National Security Advisor in recognition of her service to him as knave and fool in the matter of Benghazi. As National Security Advisor she sent an email on Obama’s last day in office shortly before President Trump inauguration. Show More Summary

Susan Rice documented a January 2017 meeting with Obama and senior officials because they were 'justifiably concerned' about Trump-Russia ties

Susan Rice, the former national security adviser, said through her attorney Friday that she documented a controversial January 2017 meeting she had with senior Obama administration officials because they were "justifiably concerned"Show More Summary

Susan Rice’s Lawyer Responds to Grassley Inquiry About Bizarre Email She Sent Herself on Trump’s Inauguration Day

Last week, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley uncovered an unusual email former NatSec Advisor to Barack Obama, Susan Rice sent herself on January 20th 2017–Donald Trump’s inauguration day. Susan Rice sent herself an unusual email...Show More Summary

Susan Rice Wearily Replies Yet Again to Republican Party Interrogators

A couple of weeks ago, Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham took yet another shot at Susan Rice, one of the Republican Party’s favorite punching bags. They got hold of a memo that Rice wrote during her final days in the White House, recounting a meeting with FBI director James Comey related to the Trump-Russia […]

Susan Rice calls BS on Senate GOP for claiming she discussed Steele dossier with Obama and Comey

3 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Former national security adviser Susan Rice on Friday responded to Republican allegations that she and former President Barack Obama discussed the infamous “golden showers” dossier just before the end of his administration. The Atlantic‘s Natasha Bertrand reported that...

Did Obama Mislead Trump on Russian Collusion Investigation?

Susan Rice's email is very revealing. The post Did Obama Mislead Trump on Russian Collusion Investigation? appeared first on RedState.

Senate Republicans obtained Susan Rice's email 8 months before they sent her a letter about it

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley obtained a copy of former National Security Adviser Susan Rice's email memorializing a January 2017 meeting on June 16, 2017. But Grassley and committee member Lindsey Graham didn't raise...Show More Summary

The Little Bureaucrat Who Could: Why Does Sally Yates' Name Figure So Prominently in the RUSSIAGate Hoax?

Paul Sperry likens her to a "blackmailer." [I]n late December or early January, someone working under Obama's own national security adviser, Susan Rice, unmasked routine NSA intercepts of the Russian ambassador. Was it to spy on Flynn, Rice's replacement? Just...

Andrew McCarthy: Susan Rice's Email-to-Self Was Really an Email for the Record

John Hindraker of Powerline was discussing this yesterday; Andrew McCarthy seems to agree. The Rice email outlines Obama's strategy to withhold key details of the Russia investigation. On her way out the White House door and out of her job...

Nervous? Deafening Silence From Crooked Comey After Bizarre Susan Rice Email Raises New Questions About His Testimony

Crooked cop Comey may be a little nervous these days because he hasn’t said a peep on his social media in over a week. James Comey recently became fairly active on Twitter and Instagram yet deafening silence from the fired FBI Director since Susan Rice’s bizarre email surfaced which raises new questions about Comey’s testimony. Show More Summary

Why Did Susan Rice Write Her Transparently Self-Serving Secret Memo to Self?

I assumed she wrote it to cover Barack Obama's ass -- but John Hindraker of Power Line says no, she wrote it to protect herself, and throw Obama under the bus, if the need arose. And maybe that need is...

"But [Susan] Rice did not write her email to cover Barack Obama’s rear end."

"If she or anyone else had wanted to document the claim that Obama said to proceed 'by the book,' the appropriate course would have been an official memo that copied others who were present and would have gone into the file... [S]he was C’ing her own A. Show More Summary

Andy McCarthy explains significance of Susan Rice's email

last monthNews : The Cutline

Why did Susan Rice email herself on the last day of the Obama administration to emphasize everything was 'by the book'?

DEBRA HEINE: Susan Rice Email Suggests Comey ‘Seriously Misled’ Senate Regarding Meeting With Obama….

DEBRA HEINE: Susan Rice Email Suggests Comey ‘Seriously Misled’ Senate Regarding Meeting With Obama.

Newt Gingrich on Obama officials under fire

last monthNews : The Cutline

Fox News contributor and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on new developments involving James Comey, Susan Rice and John Brennan.

JOHN HINDERAKER: Why Susan Rice Wrote An Email To Herself.. “Susan Rice is far from the brightest b…

JOHN HINDERAKER: Why Susan Rice Wrote An Email To Herself.. “Susan Rice is far from the brightest bulb on the tree, but she was well aware that by concealing facts ostensibly relating to national security from her counterpart in the new administration–General Michael Flynn–she was, at a minimum, violating longstanding civic norms. If she actually […]

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