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When Doctors Tell You Your Baby May Have Down Syndrome, That Info May be Misleading

In a previous article, I spoke about the pressure that doctors often put on the parents of disabled unborn babies to abort. One study cited in that article found that: … [d]espite the shock and grief they may experience upon hearing the news of a fetal anomaly, the pregnant woman and her partner are usually […]

Amotivational Syndrome and Marijuana Use

Overall, the symptoms of the amotivational syndrome are very similar to the symptoms of depression. Long term use of marijuana may, depending upon many factors such as genetics and age, ultimately produce a condition in the brain that is very similar to that produced by long term use of Acomplia, leading to the condition known as amotivational syndrome. read more


A listener who wished to remain anonymous asked if I knew the name of the syndrome in which a person sneezes when suddenly exposed to light. I didn’t, but I found it online. It’s called photic sneeze reflex. There’s some confusion about its cause, but here are links to a couple of articles that take a stab at an explanation. Show More Summary

Massive Starfish Die-off Linked to Sea Virus

Millions of starfish along the western coast of North America have been dying off from the destructive “sea star wasting syndrome,” whose previously unknown cause has now been discovered, researchers say. Researchers have identified the Sea Star Associated Densovirus as the cause behind the massive numbers of dead sea stars. Show More Summary

Scientists Solve the Mystery of 'Melting' Starfish

Scientists think they finally know what causes sea star wasting syndrome, the disease that's killing off starfish in massive numbers. In a new study, researchers from a number of universities have linked the devastating disease—which causes starfish to rip off their own arms and dissolve into piles of goo...

Dem Jellyfish Syndrome

The 2012 Democratic convention, with its ringing calls for economic populism and commitment to civil liberties, had me persuaded that Dems had finally grown spines. But now, reflecting on the midterm loss, it seems they’re reverted to being invertebrates again. After the midterms a great many people pointed out that the Dem candidates who lost […]

Researchers report way to target hard-to-hit site in disease pathway

CINCINNATI - Researchers have successfully targeted an important molecular pathway that fuels a variety of cancers and related developmental syndromes called "Rasopathies." Reporting their results Nov. 20 in Chemistry & Biology, scientists...Show More Summary

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

In 1989, my favorite television show was "Life Goes On" starring Chris Burke, an actor with Down syndrome. It portrayed an all-American family dealing with issues of everyday life. The character Corky was a member of the family who had...Show More Summary

Why Tip-Of-The-Tongue Syndrome Terrifies Me

For the past few years, my husband and I have been engaged in a sort of memory-loss Olympics. We are constantly keeping track of who forgets more. We even apply categories of weight -- degree of difficulty if you will -- to the things we forget. Show More Summary

Drexel 3L With Asperger's Syndrome Sues Philadelphia Law Firms For Relying on U.S. News Rankings in Hiring Decisions

Dave Hoffman (Temple) blogs lawsuits by William Hanrahan, a Drexel 3L with Asperger's Syndrome ranked #4 in his class, claiming that three big Philadelphia law firms discriminate against disabled candidates by unduly relying on the U.S. News ranking of a job candidate's law school: I’m not an expert in this...

Chuck Todd Thinks The President Is A "Stranger" Because Both Sides

Chuck Todd went on the Steve Malzberg show to promote his new book, The Stranger: Barack Obama In The White House. It was a shameful Obama-bashing, Obama Derangement Syndrome catharsis for both men, who are obviously threatened by the president. Chuck Todd (re. Show More Summary

3 Things I Want You to Know About Asperger’s Syndrome

Matthew Rosza shares his experience and perspective to help "neurotypicals" understand high-functioning autism. The post 3 Things I Want You to Know About Asperger’s Syndrome appeared first on The Good Men Project.

'Smart' baby monitors don't protect against SIDS: professor

Smart baby monitors don't protect little ones from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, according to a new editorial in the journal BMJ.

The Importance of Someone "Like Me" in the Movies

After a screening of the live action short film Menschen, Sarah Lotfi was approached by a young woman who exclaimed, "That's me!" The young woman with Down syndrome referred to her resemblance to the costar of the film, Connor Long.Show More Summary

Establishment of induced pluripotent stem cells from Werner syndrome fibroblasts

Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from Werner Syndrome fibroblasts have been established, scientists report. The therapeutic methods for this disease are very limited. It is expected that patient-derived iPS cells can be used for the development of innovative therapies. Show More Summary

Study: Staring at your phone while texting is like putting a 60-pound weight on your spine

Workers have carpal tunnel syndrome, retirees have tennis elbow, and now mobile phone addicts have their own painful affliction: "text neck." But what, exactly, causes the pain and discomfort chronic texters experience? A new study in the journal Surgical Technology International may provide the answer: Staring at one's phone can add up to 60 lbs. Show More Summary

Investigational drug may offer another option to treat Marfan syndrome

A new treatment for Marfan syndrome, a rare genetic disease that can lead to heart problems, works as well as the currently recommended medical therapy, beta blockers, according to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine. Angela...Show More Summary

Swiss March for Life Draws 2,500 to Protect Babies With Down Syndrome From Abortion

In spite of growing anti-life opposition, about 2,500 pro-life faithful mobilized for the March for Life in Zurich on September 20, 2014, drawing attention to the right to life of every unborn child, especially those with Down Syndrome. Such public pro-life marches require police protection in German-speaking countries. Over recent years, threats by anti-life demonstrators […]

Blax News: If Marcus Garvey Came Back Today With A "Luxury Black Star Line Cruise Ship" The Americanized Negro Would Would Refuse To Board - Yes I Am Listening To Chicago's WVON And Need To Vent My Frustrations

I Am Slowly Getting Past My Belief That The PAIN FROM PHYSICAL INJURIES Can't Be Transmitted From Generation To Generation As I Adopt The "Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome" As An Accurate Diagnosis Of What Ails "The Americanized Negro"...Show More Summary

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