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No Trump tax returns? No GOP tax cuts

Over the past week, the White House has been completely overwhelmed by the Trump administration’s mushrooming medley of Moscow outrages. But to what Vox labeled the “3 Trump-Russia Scandals”—potential Trump collusion with Russia against...Show More Summary

Barclays: "Equities Rushed To Price In The Reagan 1986 Tax Cuts Before Crashing In 1987"

With concerns rising that the market has gotten well ahead of itself over the practical reality of Trump tax cuts - most recently voiced by Goldman which over the weekend said that "we are approaching the point of maximum optimism and...Show More Summary

Analysis: 'Bathroom bill' could upend Arkansas session

Two years ago, a bill blasted by critics as anti-LGBT upended the final days of a legislative session that Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson had hoped to focus on tax cuts … Click to Continue »

Team Trump ordered faked-up rosy economic forecasts

This is how a republic is undermined: have the underlings cook up lies. lies, lies. As the White House staff tries to put together a budget for President Donald Trump, they face a fundamental problem. Trump has promised to cut taxes, increase spending on the military and infrastructure, and avoid cuts to Social Security and [...]

Boeing shares flying high as Trump pays a visit

Investors are bullish on aerospace and defense companies amid expectations for tax cuts and increased federal spending

The Russia story roars back to life — Reviewing Week 4 of the Trump saga

Eight years ago today, President Obama signed the economic stimulus bill into law, marking a major legislative triumph for his new administration.  Sixteen years ago at this point, President George W. Bush had submitted his tax cut plan to Congress and was negotiating what would become the No Child...

Paul Ryan’s Dream of Tax Cuts for the Rich Will Not Be Denied

A quest to repeat the Bush tax cuts, but without the fatal weakness.

You Cannot Artificially Create Demand

By EconMatters We discuss the fact that the market could get all three of its wishes in tax cuts, an infrastructure spending plan, and deregulation and still go into a recession because the natural course of the business cycle trumps all of these on the margin policy growth drivers. Show More Summary

The Crazy Goes Back to Tax Cut Jeebus

I’ve now watched the Trump presser yesterday three times. Not because I am a masochist who enjoys inflicting as much pain as possible on himself, but because I don’t think I appreciated the full madness of it the first time. The surreality of it all just overloaded my senses and I really couldn’t take it […]

Stormwater fee hike to allow property tax cut, officials say

The City Council is raising the stormwater fee by 50 percent but lowering the Sioux City property tax rate at the same time. The Sioux City Journal reports ( ) … Click to Continue »

London to tax old cars to combat air pollution

Motorists in London who own old polluting vehicles are to be hit with a new charge from October, Mayor Sadiq Khan said on Friday, two days after the EU ordered Britain to cut air pollution.

Liberal Pundit Charles Pierce: Republicans Don’t Care If Trump’s ‘Crazy’ As Long As They ‘Get Their Tax Cuts Through’

John McCain’s 2008 campaign slogan, “Country First,” does not describe the worldview of Republicans, suggested Pierce on Monday. For them, the Esquire blogger implied, it’s more like “GOP über alles.” The peg for the post was chit-chat...Show More Summary

Proposal would cut tax penalty on forgiven student loans

Maine Sen. Angus King is among a group of lawmakers backing a proposal to eliminate a tax penalty that is currently levied on student loans forgiven for families after the … Click to Continue »

Lawmakers disagree with suggestion to cut business taxes

State lawmakers on Thursday disagreed with a Reagan-era economist who urged them to cut more business taxes instead of the sales tax on groceries to offset a gas tax hike … Click to Continue »

Governing is hard

The Republican Party has an ACA problem.  The ACA is deficit reducing.  Most of that was because it raised taxes on upper income families and cut back Medicare reimbursement rates for Medicare Advantage.  The Republicans are ideologically indifferent to cutting back Medicare Advantage reimbursement rates especially as Medicare Advantage has continued to grow in popularity so […]

Trump's Rookie Mistake

Submitted by Kevin Muir via The Macro Tourist blog, The last couple of weeks have been wild. Egged on by Trump’s talk of “yuuugeeee” tax cuts, the stock market has propelled upwards in an unrelenting march to record highs. ZerohedgeShow More Summary

New Mexico Democrats rally around tax plan to fix budget gap

Democrats in the New Mexico House of Representatives are rallying around a package of tax and revenue measures designed to shore up state finances and stave off spending cuts to … Click to Continue »

Putin Orders Russian Media To "Cut Back" On Positive Trump Coverage

Trump's honeymoon with capital markets is on the rocks, kept alive only by the occasional soundbite about "massive" or "phenomenal" tax cuts; it now appears that the US president's - until recently - amicable relationship with Russia...Show More Summary

Trump scandals are really hard on Republicans trying to destroy America

Republicans have made it clear that they’ll put up with a lot from Donald Trump because they expect him to hand them their agenda of kicking people off their health coverage, cutting taxes for the wealthy, and weakening environmental and job protections. Show More Summary

Samantha Bee Explains How Paul Ryan Abandoned His Principles and Became the Taylor Swift of the Republican Party

Paul Ryan has big plans. He wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, privatize Medicare, and cut taxes, and to do so, he’ll need to stay in the good graces of Donald Trump—whatever the cost to his integrity. Samantha Bee dedicated aShow More Summary

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