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Joe Nye: The American Century Will Survive the Rise of China ---- Evening Must-Read: Michael Strain: How to Cut Taxes and Help the Poor Kenneth Thomas: Wikileaks Releases Trans-Pacific Partnership Investment Chapter Nick Bunker: Risk-Sharing...Show More Summary

Oil sands outlook

On Friday I visited the University of Alberta in Edmonton, where falling oil prices have brought a record provincial budget deficit despite aggressive tax increases and spending cuts. Here I pass along some of what I learned about how the plunge in oil prices is affecting Alberta’s oil sands operations. A couple of factors have […]

PM tips small business tax cut

Abbott offers clear hints the upcoming budget will feature SME tax cuts, better childcare deal.

Tax take can’t keep rising like this

Tomorrow’s tax discussion paper from the Abbott Government makes clear that something must give. There must be tax cuts:…

Why Millions of Obamacare Enrollees Are Cutting the IRS a Check This Year

Obamacare may have helped millions of previously uninsured Americans get insurance, but it could also be stinging their pocketbooks come tax time if they made this critical mistake.

Noted for Your Nighttime Procrastination for March 27, 2015

Must- and Should-Reads: Evening Must-Read: Michael Strain: [How to Cut Taxes and Help the Poor]( Kenneth Thomas: [Wikileaks Releases Trans-Pacific Partnership Investment Chapter]( More Summary

Shell set to shed more jobs despite tax cuts

Royal Dutch Shell was planning further job cuts in its UK North Sea oil and gas business this year, the company said yesterday, just a week after a package of tax cuts from the Treasury aimed at encouraging growth in the industry. ||| Reuters...Show More Summary

Michael Filloon: Failing To Reform The Oil Tax May Have Cost North Dakota A Billion Dollars

The recent failure to adopt a flat oil production tax in North Dakota may have cost the state a minimum of a billion dollars. Initially shot down and sold as a tax cut to oil producers, the same oil price based system exists using triggers to decrease taxes. Oil producers benefit from a lower tax...

Jacqui Lambie tries a third mad tax plan, when she really should be cutting spending

Jacqui Lambie’s latest brainwave, in a nutshell: Who’s been whispering in Lambie’s…

Treasury urges company tax cut

Treasury pushes cut to Aust’s high rate of company tax, saying it would boost foreign investment.

Shell to cut more UK North Sea jobs in 2015

LONDON (Reuters) - Royal Dutch Shell is planning further job cuts in its UK North Sea oil and gas business in 2015, the company said on Thursday, just a week after a package of tax cuts from the Treasury aimed at encouraging growth in the industry. Show More Summary

Company tax cut good for workers: Treasury

Treasury says cut in company tax rate would attract investment but did raise problems.

Republicans Are Still Obsessed With Cutting Taxes for Rich Heirs

Wednesday afternoon, the Paul Ryan–led House Ways and Means Committee plans to make a statement of solidarity with America's wealthy young socialites by voting on a bill to eliminate the estate tax. While mostly symbolic at this point,...Show More Summary

IMF agrees: decline of union power has increased income inequality

Discussions of the causes of income inequality typically focus on financial deregulation and tax cuts for the wealthy as key drivers of the trend. In a new paper, the International Monetary Fund broadens the debate by taking a closer look at the effect of declining union power.

Sanders budget measure fails, but Senate Democrats had his back

Senator Bernie Sanders got all Democrats voting today to support a budget amendment that would fix our crumbling infrastructure by cutting absurd tax breaks for the wealthy. As Congress votes on the federal budget this week, the Senate nixed a measure on Tuesday by Sen. Show More Summary

Cutting Spending to Reduce Deficit Can Boost Confidence, Study Finds

Salim Furth: Researchers found that when governments announce that budget deficits will be closed by higher taxes consumer confidence falls, but when governments announce spending cuts to trim deficits consumer confidence may rise.

Govt mulls SME tax cut extension

Federal budget will see broader tax cut plan amid small business package: report.

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1. What is the relationship between the economics blogosphere and academic economics?, Alex on Quora. 2. There is no great glue stagnation. 3. For fiscal consolidations, tax boosts hurt consumer confidence but spending cuts are more positive (pdf). 4. The Chinese cement comparison. 5. Thais pay tribute to Mexican gangs.

Fore! Regeneron CEO Must Pay for his Own Golf Club Membership

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is cutting back on perks for its top execs, eliminating freebies that covered car allowances, credit card fees, certain tax expenses and even the $18,500 golf membership for ceo Leonard Schleifer.

Marco Rubio Will Replace Obamacare With Obamacare (And Tax Cuts), Can Be Preznit Nao?

Pity poor Marco Rubio, the other young Republican senator with a fascinating story of his family escaping Cuba — legally, like good immigrants, not those moocher scumbags who don’t fill out all the paperwork — so their son could one day grow up to imagine being president of these United States of Jesus. Show More Summary

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