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Under Obamacare, Does Everyone Drive A Cadillac?

It is looking more and more as if the Cadillac tax is not a tax on very rich and excess health plans but on everyman plans, and cuts are coming to many.

Tax cuts?! Government abandons economic reality

The Abbott Government has committed to income tax cuts without damaging the budget while reducing carbon emissions without increasing energy prices. Abbott says it's down to the Coalition's DNA. But voters may think it's more like DNTA - Do Not Trust Abbott.

Why Cutting Public Funding for PBS Harms Poor Americans More than Rich

Last fall, rich Americans got billions of dollars of taxpayer-funded tax cuts. Now, House Republicans want to cut public funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (NPR, PBS) to help balance the budget. How is it fair to cut basics for the poor while giving unnecessary handouts to the rich?

Monday December 13, 2010 | North Carolina Economic Forecast

President Obama has just come to an agreement with Republican leaders on a Bush-era tax cut extension that he says is necessary to aid the recovery of our economy. The deal includes extension of unemployment benefits as our jobless rate continues to be high. Despite record holiday spending in the last couple of weeks, many […]

Marco Rubio’s trickle-down nonsense: Tax cuts for the rich make sense because his father was a bartender!

His tax plan will make the rich richer and worsen inequality, but his dad was working-class so it's okay

Marco Rubio: Eliminating the capital gains tax will help bartenders like my father

It’s widely assumed that most of the GOP presidential candidates will eventually roll out tax plans that cut taxes across the board, including at the very top. Yet the GOP candidates have also signaled that they see a greater need than in previous cycles to have an agenda to address inequality. How Republicans reconcile these […]

Hockey hits back at tax cut critics

Treasurer says he has form on tax cuts after delivering $5bn to small business in May budget.

Why employers are really cutting healthcare (it's not Obamacare's Cadillac tax)

For employers, the big ogre still lurking in the mists of the Affordable Care Act is the so-called Cadillac health plan tax, a levy on employer-sponsored health insurance plans valued above a certain threshold.

Tax cuts will mean more GST: Greens

Bandt says treasurer will need to extend GST in order to pay for promised income tax cuts.

U.S. tax cuts don’t pay for themselves: Republican-appointed official says

3 days agoNews : The Raw Story

The new Republican-appointed director of the Congressional Budget Office delivered some bad news on Tuesday to the party’s “Reaganomics” devotees: Tax cuts don’t pay for themselves through turbocharged economic growth. Keith Hall, who served as an economic adviser to former...

Unfunded Pension Debts of U.S. States Still Exceed $3 Trillion

It’s well-known that there’s a huge financial hole in state-sponsored retirement plans for public employees, a hole that states will eventually have to fill with tax increases and spending cuts. There is, however, still considerable debate as to the size of this government debt owed to public employees. In July 2015, [...]

'The Politics of Income Inequality'

I have a new column: The Politics of Income Inequality: f the policies favored by some Republicans seeking the nomination for president turned into reality, we’d roll back or eliminate our social insurance programs, cut taxes on the wealthy, cut...

Fox Uses Stock Market Turmoil To Shill For Donald Trump

From the August 24 edition of Fox News' On the Record with Greta Van Susteren: Previously: Fox Exploits Stock Market Turbulence To Push GOP Policies, Major Tax Cuts Fox Host Thinks It's "Thrilling" That Trump "Says Exactly What He Thinks," Like Using the Slur "Anchor Baby" Fox News' Relentless Promotion of Donald Trump CONTINUES

Buying Hockey's Myths Would Plunge Economy Lower Than The Treasurer's Own Standing

The Treasurer’s thought bubble on income tax cuts relies on long debunked economic furphies. No wonder no one takes him seriously anymore.

Don't count on income tax cuts any time soon

Neither party will deliver income tax cuts in the next five years and it's time they stopped pretending otherwise.

Fox Exploits Stock Market Turbulence To Push GOP Policies, Major Tax Cuts

On Monday, August 24, major stock markets in the United States opened their trading sessions with significant declines and sustained losses of 3 to 5 percent throughout much of the morning. Fox News used the event to advocate on behalf...Show More Summary

Fox Host Exploits Dow Drop To Push For Dramatic Tax Cuts And GOP Policies

From the August 24 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom: Related: Stocks Off Sharply As Market Upheaval Grows Previously: Fox's Doocy Literally Applauds Rand Paul's Flat Tax Proposal Fox Misleadingly Suggests Obama's Tax Plan Will...Show More Summary

Hockey pledges income tax cuts

Treasurer says present tax rates a 'structural handbrake' on jobs and growth.

Business pushes for corporate tax reform

BCA, AIG call for lower corporate tax as well in addition to personal income tax cuts.

Kasich’s claims about his budget and economic record in Ohio

“As governor of Ohio, we have gone from $8 billion in the hole to a $2 billion surplus. We have grown 350,000 jobs. We have cut taxes more than any sitting governor in the country.” –Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R), PBS NewsHour interview, Aug. 19, 2015 “Well, my approach is let people know what I’m […]

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