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How to Drive the Left Insane, Part 12,895

(Steven Hayward) Wanna drive the left out of its mind? Just invite Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and their girlfriends to the Oval Office, and then release the pic: The sit back and let liberals throw a snit: Really? Less dignified than what Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office? Less dignified than this: Or this?

Exhibition of early photographs of Bob Dylan opens at Steven Kasher Gallery

last weekArts : Artdaily

Steven Kasher Gallery presents Ted Russell: Bob Dylan NYC 1961-1964, an exhibition of exceptionally early photographs of the 2016 Nobel Laureate in Literature. Russell, a New York based photographer still living in Forest Hills, depicts Dylan at key moments that established him as one of America?s greatest artists. Show More Summary

Move Over, Series Of Tubes, The Internet Is Now A Bridge Over A Creek For A Dozen People?

2 months agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

What is it about Senators and their awful internet analogies around net neutrality? It's been just over a decade since the late Senator Ted Stevens gave his infamous "series of tubes" analogy in which he tried to explain the internet and net neutrality. Show More Summary

Gmail now lets you receive 50MB attachments

If you need to send a file from point A to point B, it’s email – not DropBox or Google Drive – that you tend to use. But this isn’t great for large files. As Senator Ted Stevens once pointed out, the Internet is a series of tubes, and most providers have rules to stop you from them clogging up. Show More Summary

EIGHT YEARS AGO ON INSTAPUNDIT: HMM: Justice Department Lawyers Held in Contempt: “An angry fed…

EIGHT YEARS AGO ON INSTAPUNDIT: HMM: Justice Department Lawyers Held in Contempt: “An angry federal judge held Justice Department lawyers in contempt yesterday for failing to deliver documents to former senator Ted Stevens’s legal team, as he had ordered.... ‘Isn’t the Department of Justice taking court orders seriously these days?'” I am, […]

About that “Mnuchin’s bank foreclosed on widow over 27 cents” tale

3 months agoIndustries / Law : Overlawyered

Last month Politico reported that Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin’s bank “filed to take a 90-year-old woman’s house after a 27-cent payment error.” Ted Frank writes that four minutes of fact checking would have shown the story wrong. Show More Summary

WELL, THEY GOT MCAULIFFE IN, SO MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: DOJ decides not to retry former Virginia Gov….

WELL, THEY GOT MCAULIFFE IN, SO MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: DOJ decides not to retry former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. So we have Ted Stevens, Tom Delay, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, and this... and the GOP does nothing.

D.C. Circuit: DOJ Can Keep Prosecution Manual a Secret

Several years ago, Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska was criminally indicted on corruption charges but managed to slip by a conviction on what many consider a technicality. The case against him produced much debate about whether or not government lawyers were being properly trained in their ethical duties of disclosure.......

Ted Cruz Just Ate THIS Liberal Alive And Spit Out His Bones! [VIDEO]

You would think these Marxists would learn to never ‘poke a displeased Ted Cruz’ as Steven Crowder so eloquently put it. But no… an arrogant Jeh Johnson tried to disparage

Please Donate To C&L's 2016 Summer Fundraiser Day II

We are in our twelfth year of service to the all powerful High Lord of the Intertubes, or as the former Republican Senator from Alaska, Ted Stevens coined, "a series of tubes" and we'd like to continue doing so, but we need your help...Show More Summary

How to Say Nothing, With Style!

(Steven Hayward) I’m pretty sure I have previously shared the splendid send-up of the overwrought TED talks by comedian Will Stephen (it’s the first one below), but two days ago someone named Pat Kelly, speaking at a conference in Canada, has added to the corpus with a talk on how to imitate a “thought leader.” Good stuff. Show More Summary

PREVIEWS: "Joyride," "Steven Universe" & More BOOM! Comics On Sale May 25, 2016

"Bill & Ted" finish their journey to Hell, "Welcome Back" says goodbye, "Joyride" and "Jonesy" continue plus "Munchkin" and more!

Ted Leo working on new songs, hosting the A2IM Libera Awards in NYC

Kamasi Washington, Courtney Barnett, Against Me!, Julien Baker, Sufjan Stevens, Beach House, Run the Jewels and more picked up nominations for the A2IM Libera Awards. Continue reading…

Ted Olson’s Bad Idea, Take 2

(Steven Hayward) Further to Paul’s point below on “Ted Olson’s Bad Idea,” just take in the dreams of Erwin Chemerinsky, writing a couple weeks ago in The Atlantic about his ideas for what the Supreme Court could do with a durable liberal majority. Show More Summary

Breaking: Cruz’s 4 pm Announcement

(Steven Hayward) Ted Cruz is making a “major announcement” at 4 pm eastern time today in Indiana, and speculation is turning to whether he may name a running mate—perhaps Carly Fiorina. Possible, but more likely he’s finally borrowed...Show More Summary

Bloomberg profiles Ted Frank

Ted Frank, who directs the Center for Class Action Fairness and was long a co-blogger here at Overlawyered, is the subject of this Bloomberg/BNA profile from Steven Sellers of Class Action Litigation Report. A master key to Ted’s analysis...Show More Summary

Robert Reich Endorses Ted Cruz

(Steven Hayward) Of course he hasn’t—Reich is foursquare behind Bernie Sanders. But this two-minute video making the case for why Cruz is more “dangerous” than Trump presents the best case for Cruz that I can think of. Cruz “believes...Show More Summary

Jimmy Carter Endorses Ted Cruz!

(Steven Hayward) Well not really, but as with Damon Linker’s article attacking Marco Rubio, it reads like high praise of Cruz indeed. Speaking earlier today in London, old peanut brain said that if he had to choose, he preferred Donald...Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Impersonates Great Politician, and Does Impression of JFK Too

last yearNews : Mediaite

Republican presidential frontrunner-up and Canadian Usurper Ted Cruz loves to show off his pop culture acumen and skills at mimicry whenever he can let up on his Steven Colbert-like devotion to his passive/aggressive conservative dick character.

Immigration on Cruz Control

(Steven Hayward) Ted Cruz’s campaign is out today with a well-produced and effective ad about immigration that I think works on several levels—especially at puncturing the elite insulation from the issue. Indeed, once upon a time liberals...Show More Summary

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