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Backchannel: computers can talk to each other with heat

3 days agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

A paper by Ben Gurion University researchers to be presented at a Tel Aviv security conference demonstrates "Bitwhisper," a covert communications channel that allows computers to exchange data by varying their temperature, which can be detected by target machines within 40cm. Read the rest

A new twist on predicting U.S. hurricanes – watch African thunderstorms two weeks in advance

Predicting which African storms will intensify into hurricanes Tel Aviv University researcher finds hurricanes ravaging US and Canada originate as disturbances in western Africa’s atmosphere Hurricanes require moisture, the rotation of the earth, and warm ocean temperatures to grow from a mere atmospheric disturbance into a tropical storm. Show More Summary

Teachers unintentionally turn girls away from math and science, study finds

However unintended these biases may be, they help to shape women's career paths for years to come, said Edith Sand, an economist at the Bank of Israel and economics professor at Tel Aviv University. Continue reading ? The post Teachers unintentionally turn girls away from math and science, study finds appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

Skull discovery suggests location where humans first had sex with Neanderthals

Views of the human skull, with missing jaw, found in western Galilee, northern Isreal and estimated at 55,000 years old. Photograph: Tel Aviv University and University of Vienna An ancient skull found in a cave in northern Israel has cast light on the migration of modern humans out of Africa and the dawn of humanity’s colonisation of the world. Show More Summary

Partly wrong with a chance of being right: Weather forecast

The inaccuracy of weather forecasts has personal implications for people around the world. New research from Tel Aviv University prioritizes, for the first time, the reasons for forecasting failures across different regions of the planet, quantifying the causes -- man-made and natural -- for weather prediction inaccuracies.

The weather forecast for today is partly wrong with a chance of being right

The night before the Israel Defense Forces' 1976 mission rescuing over 200 hostages from hijackers in Entebbe, Uganda, Tel Aviv University's Prof. Pinhas Alpert, then head of an Israel Air Force base forecasting unit, provided intelligence...Show More Summary

Why Does Uncle Sam Hate American Expats?

Wall Street Journal op-ed: Why Does Uncle Sam Hate American Expats?, by Neil Gandal (Tel Aviv University, Department of Economics): It’s not easy to be an American living abroad these days, and some are even giving up U.S. citizenship. The reason is ill-considered legislation most people never heard of: the...

"To Publish or Not to Publish?"

Urgggh."Extensive Recent Looting Revealed" reads the text by ASOR. Underneath we get this:Robert Deutsch · Tel Aviv University | ?????????? ??-????As such crimes against humanity/science are frequently committed in conflict areas, where...Show More Summary

Even in our digital age, early parental writing support is key to children's literacy

Children of the Information Age are inundated with written words streaming across smartphone, tablet, and laptop screens. A new Tel Aviv University study says that preschoolers should be encouraged to write at a young age -- even before they make their first step into a classroom. read more

Aiming high: Tel Aviv University research leads to historic comet landing

For the first time in history, a spacecraft has landed on a comet. The momentous event represents the culmination of 35 years of research on comets by Prof. Akiva Bar-Nun of Tel Aviv University's Department of Geosciences and other scientists working for the European Space Agency. read more

Artificial Semiconductor Wireless Retina Already Proving Itself in Lab Study

4 months agoIndustries / Medical : medGadget

Researchers from Tel Aviv University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and Newcastle University have created a proof of concept artificial retina that may one day help treat a number of eye diseases, including age-related macular degeneration. Show More Summary

Liberals are more emotion-driven than conservatives

Emotions are powerful motivators of human behavior and attitudes. Emotions also play an important role in guiding policy support in conflict and other political contexts. Researchers at Tel Aviv University and the Interdisciplinary Center...Show More Summary

Slowing the biological clock

Difficulty in conceiving a child is a major challenge for one in seven heterosexual couples in America, especially for those over the age of 35. Now a new discovery by researchers at Tel Aviv University and Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer could boost the chances of conception in women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. read more

The 'cyberwar' against cancer gets a boost from intelligent nanocarriers

Two years ago, Prof. Eshel Ben-Jacob of Tel Aviv University's School of Physics and Astronomy and Rice University's Center for Theoretical Biological Physics made the startling discovery that cancer, like an enemy hacker in cyberspace, targets the body's communication network to inflict widespread damage on the entire system. Show More Summary

Gold Nanoparticles in Hybrid Cardiac “Patch”

6 months agoIndustries / Medical : medGadget

There is often a shortage in organ donations, and hearts themselves do not contain many stem cells to regenerate once injured or diseased. Researchers Dr. Tal Dvir and his graduate student Michal Shevach at Tel Aviv University’s Department...Show More Summary

To life! Practicing Judaism could protect against suicide, study finds

In 1897, Emile Durkheim, the father of sociology, speculated that religion could protect against against suicidal impulses. A study conducted by Tel Aviv University researchers has now confirmed for the first time that religious Jewish teens exhibit 45% less suicide-risk behavior, including attempted suicide, than their secular Jewish peers.

A heartbeat away? Hybrid 'patch' could replace transplants

Because heart cells cannot multiply and cardiac muscles contain few stem cells, heart tissue is unable to repair itself after a heart attack. Now Tel Aviv University researchers are literally setting a new gold standard in cardiac tissue engineering. read more

Of course, BDS supporter hijacks ALS ice bucket challenge to bash Israel

Meanwhile, groundbreaking ALS research takes place at Tel Aviv University which is subject to the BDS academic boycott.

You can steal data from a computer by touching it

Normally, breaking a PC's security involves either finding security exploits or launching brute force attacks, neither of which is necessarily quick or easy. However, a team at Tel Aviv University has come up with a potentially much simpler way to...

Survey: .4% of Israeli Jews Believe Israel Should Accept All Hamas Ceasefire Demands

JERUSALEM - The results of the latest Israeli Peace Index--a monthly survey conducted by Tel Aviv University and the Israel Democracy Institute--reveal that just.4% of Israeli Jews believe that Israel should concede to all of Hamas' demands for a lasting ceasefire. Show More Summary

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