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From Model T to Tesla: The Evolution of Driving Safety

Find out if automotive innovations are really making us safer.

10 Nagging Mysteries Of The Tesla Model X

Originally published on TeslaMondo. 1. Why do the falcon doors look slightly ajar in most photos? 2. Why is the nose still veiled while everything else is exposed? What’s behind that veil? 3. How does the windshield manage to seamlessly become the roof? A mere illusion, or a real Tesla feat? 4. Show More Summary

Tesla Model X Hauling Trailer, 2016 Chevy Volt Pics, Solarizing Greece, + More (Cleantech Link Drop)

In need of some more solar, Tesla, EV, wind, energy storage, energy efficiency, and other cleantech news & commentary? Check out the stories below from around the internet. Solar Gas2 Exclusive Interview: SunEdison & NASCAR Launch Hi-Tech...Show More Summary

Tesla’s updated Model S autopilot mode will make long road trips even better

As if the Tesla Model ‘S’ wasn’t already cool enough with its semiautonomous autopilot mode, now it’s even cooler. The autopilot mode is already equipped, according to Engadget, with ultrasonic radar so that the system can sense obstacles, avoid

Top 10 CleanTechnica Stories of the Week

Check these top solar, EV, storage, and energy efficiency stories out if you missed them, and be sure to dive into the comments, too! New Tesla Model 3 Rumors (via Gas2) Butterfly Flaps Its Wings, Could Spark Solar Energy Progress Jaw-Dropping...Show More Summary

Orders Are Open For Tesla Model X In Australia

Australia, where the Labor Party is pledging to attempt 50% electricity from renewables by 2030, also recently got Tesla stores. Miss Phryne Fisher would surely be driving a Tesla Model S P90DL to ensure being first at the crime scene she is investigating in Melbourne,  if she was in service today instead of in 1928. Show More Summary

The Tesla Model S P85 Is Regular Car Reviews' New Benchmark To Beat

16 hours agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

The Tesla Model S P85 is simply the best car Regular Car Reviews has driven so far this side of a mysterious Volkswagen we all know doesn’t really exist. Too bad the Tesla is not a regular car. Read more...

Concept Of Tesla Model X-Rivaling Audi Q6 Leaks Out Ahead Of Frankfurt Debut

19 hours agoVehicles / Cars : Motor Authority

Audi recently confirmed plans to launch an electric crossover in 2018. The vehicle won’t be a dedicated electric car but a variant of a new crossover with coupe-like styling to be called the Q6. While the electric Q6, likely to be called a Q6 e-tron, won’t arrive until 2018, versions with other, more conventional powertrains may appear...

The Week That Was: Mitsubishi Challenger, BMW M3 & M4, Tesla Model X

Mitsubishi lifted the covers from its all-new Challenger SUV this week at the 2015 Bangkok International Grand Motor Sale. The third generation of the rugged 4X4 family wagon, the new Challenger is no ‘city-SUV’ poseur as it continues the formula of the old. Show More Summary

This Week In (Marginal) Tesla News: Model S Clone For $32,000

Youxia X. (Credit: Youxia Motors) Surprise, surprise a Chinese start-up has come up with a cheap Tesla Motors Model S clone. Production of the Youxia X is slated to start in 2016 with deliveries in 2017 -- so says (via Green Car Reports). And the price range? From 200,000 to 300, 000 yuan [...]

It's Now Just Barely Possible To Get A Free Tesla Model X

3 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

If a wild, crazed South African runs up to you, screaming about visions of the future, tubetravel, and a free Tesla Model X, we’re hear to tell you that you should believe him. Maybe. Hopefully. But in all seriousness, Tesla’s said it’s actually prepared to give you a free Model X, if you meet the right conditions. Read more...

Whoa, Don’t Get Amped About Your Free Model X Just Yet

Yesterday, we reported that in a sales call, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk announced a referral program that could, possibly, maybe net one free Model X for someone who referred 10 new buyers. The qualifications for getting the free car: Refer 10 buyers by Oct. Show More Summary

Used Tesla Model S Buyers Show Expansion Of Tesla’s Market

Originally published on Gas2. Edmunds has conducted a little study of Tesla’s certified pre-owned (CPO) program and has come up with some interesting findings. Edmunds looked at registration data for 1,600+ Tesla already bought through the program. Show More Summary

Tesla Australia launches referral program, free Model X SUV up for grabs

3 days agoVehicles / Cars : Car Advice

The Australian arm of Tesla Motors has confirmed today that it will participate in the company’s new Referral Program for existing owners and new customers. Announced by founder Elon Musk overnight, the experimental program kicks off early next week and will run until October 31. Up for grabs is a haul of discounts for new customers […]

Tech Five: Elon Musk announces incentive program, Tesla shares up

Elon Musk announces a social-referral program for the Tesla Model S.        

Tesla's autopilot technology is about to get even better

Tesla's evolving autopilot technology is close to getting a key update. Right now, the feature makes Model S cars semiautonomous. Autopilot-equipped models can detect vehicles and obstacles ahead, read speed-limit signs, and detect pedestrians. Show More Summary

Tesla Model S gets torched by a McLaren 650S in a drag race… and it’s not even close

When it comes to raw acceleration relative to price, you’d be hard pressed to come up with a car as impressive as the Tesla Model S P85D. With a push of a button, Tesla’s upper-tier model can go from 0-60 mph in just 3.2 seconds flat. Show More Summary

How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Tesla Model S?

Surely owning an all-electric Tesla Model S is cheaper than powering your car on expensive liquefied dinosaurs, right? Just how much will it cost you to charge a Tesla in your garage every night? More »      

Buy a Model S, get a friend to buy one, and Tesla will give you $1,000 each

Tesla’s electric cars are by no means a cheap purchase, but the thinking is you’ll eventually get the cost of the car back by not having to regularly shell out for gas. Now […]

Refer 10 New Tesla X Buyers, Get Your Tesla Model X for Free

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk told press Wednesday that people who refer 10 people to buy the company’s new Model X would get one for free, Mashable is reporting (via Car and Driver). The caveats: You need to be the first in your region...Show More Summary

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