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Chris and the pirates

9 hours agoArts : Parterre Box

Back when I was a good boy, I told my parents that my goal in getting my first job was to earn money for college; however, my real motive was to make my secret wish come true—to be able to consort with “pirates.”

Guess That Explains the Spiked Collar

Six-year-old boy: Can I pet your dog? Hot girl: Sure, but she’s a little crazy.Six-year-old boy: Ahhh, so is my sister [points to four-year-old]. Maybe they’re related!Four-year-old sister: Grrr…–14th & 7thOverheard by: dan finnegan

Another PPFA video – “Another boy!”

In my previous post on the string of Center for Medical Progress videos documenting Planned Parenthood for America (PPFA) doctors trafficking in the body parts of aborted babies, I had said that Josef Mengele would be proud of these people. However, this latest video makes me wonder if even Mengele would be getting squeamish watching […]

Amiibo, Skylanders, Disney Infinity – What’s The Difference?

Nintendo has a habit of producing different kinds of hardware to experiment and see what people really like. That can make for some great devices (I’m pretty fond of my Wii U), and some more questionable ones (oh, hello, Virtual Boy). Show More Summary

What Matters Is Unsayable

The challenge of poetry is that the only things worth saying are those things that are unsayable. The joy of such work is that whatever we come up with is more than enough. What Matters Is Unsayable As a boy, my father introduced me to the sea. Show More Summary

Should we worry about this little boy being chased by dogs? Or envy him?

last weekHumor / odd : Happy Place

I both want this to be me, and find it terrifying. My friend had an old golden retriever that would follow us everywhere, even though he had arthritic hips. They made it difficult for him to do much besides sit in the middle of our basketball games and bark in everyone's face. Show More Summary

Wednesday One-liners and the Boy Parts

Chick: …and I was like, “Suck my dick!” Fuck that! –Thompson between Prince & Spring Overheard by: heidi joy schmid

My Second Involved a Stripper and the Emergency Room

Professor: In this court case the Kitty Kat Lounge challenged a state law demanding that dancers wear pasties and a G-string while dancing.Queer: What is a pasty exactly?Professor: Who here has experience with pasties?Frat boy: They are minuscule little stickers that cover the areolae.Professor, laughing awkwardly: I’ve encountered these before. Show More Summary

#TBT: The King of the Grate

Nearly every time a particular trick on a particular spot is mentioned on a particular website, the responses are the same: “My boy from Wisconsin already did that.” “Didn’t some guy on Habitat Australia do that in a Slam four years ago?” “That Canadian with the guages and the DCs did it switch.” “Greg Lutzka […]

This baby sea lion keeps trying to kiss this guy on the mouth.

last weekHumor / odd : Happy Place

All the other divers are lined up like, "When's it my turn?" "I don't know if you're a boy or a girl but that wetsuit is bangin'" This video was recently posted to the Facebook community Ocean Reality, which may now be my favorite place to go mellow out and watch seahorses swim around. Show More Summary

The Anguish of Being a Mother

If someone were to ask me to describe myself, the first thing that comes to mind is: "I am a mother of two boys." I would not say I was a wife. I would not say I was a friend or daughter. I would not describe my hobbies or interests....Show More Summary

Commentary: If You Want To Date My Daughter, You’re Going To Have To Date Me First

2 weeks agoHumor : The Onion

As a father, I’ve always been very protective of my daughter. She’s the center of my universe, and I would do just about anything for her. And that means making sure that she only spends time with boys who treat her the way that she deserves to be treated. Show More Summary

Op-ed: Breaking My Silence as a Trans Man Who Attempted Suicide

Boys Do Cry: An out trans Army sergeant shares his story of childhood pain so that others do not feel alone. read more

Have Skirts Gotten Too Short? Discuss.

Girl #1: I think my tampon is stuck in my v-j-j.Girl #2: I that happened to me once.Little boy, walking by: Mommy whats a “v-j-j?”Mom: Your father will buy you one when you're 21.Girl #1: Can you have a look for me?Girl #2, looking: Damn, it looks like a mouse!–47th St

Dad Cartoon of the Week — That’s Not a Real Dad!

That dad is nothing like MY dads! Little boy in the burbs wants a little more accuracy in how dads are portrayed. The post Dad Cartoon of the Week — That’s Not a Real Dad! appeared first on The Good Men Project.

For U.S. Economy, Education and Opportunity Gaps are Costly

When we launched My Brother's Keeper Alliance (MBKA) in May, we made it clear that closing opportunity gaps for boys and young men of color is an imperative not just to help the disadvantaged, but a necessary step to boost our nation's economy as a whole. Show More Summary

Boy band members team up for post-apocalyptic zombie western Dead 7

News has come out of last week's Comic-Con on a project that is only on my radar because one of my favorite people is a devoted follower of the Backstreet Boys and of BSB Nick Carter's other musical endeavors. I don't share...Show More Summary

Are We Enabling Scott Walker?

For my part, Scott Walker's attempted walkback of his comments about the Boy Scouts' ban on gay leaders as having "protected children" is ridiculous on its face. He now claims what he meant was that it protected children from "the political and media discussion about it." Um. Show More Summary

Blaziken joins the Pokken Tournament roster in August

As we await the full lineup for Pokken Tournament, I can rest easy knowing that my boy Gengar is in. Gardevoir, too. The latest character announcement isn't so much a reveal as a reiteration. Long before we knew the Pokémon fightingShow More Summary

‘He was my princess boy': Watch proud Texas mom shut down crusade to ban LGBT kids books in Hood County

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Religious conservatives descended on the Hood County Commissioners meeting in Texas on Tuesday demanding that LGBT books be censored or banned from the local public library, but ultimately lost out to those who argued for freedom of speech and tolerance. After a local Tea Party chapter began...

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