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Last Week's Top Five Space & Science Headlines --"Before the Big Bang to the Most Awesome Spacetime Event"

"GJ 273b, Come In Please!" --Astronomers Debate Wisdom of Messaging Potentially Advanced Alien Civilizations (WATCH Video) "Attempt No Voyage Here!" Milky Way Harbors 100 Million Black Holes --'There are Tens of Millions of these Dark Enigmatic Objects Each the Size...        

"Seeing Through the Big Bang Into Another Universe" --LIGO Gravitational Wave Discovery May Confirm an Outrageous 'New' Cosmology (WATCH Weekend 'Galaxy' Stream)

"Your theory is crazy, but it's not crazy enough to be true," said the great Danish physicist Niels Bohr. Enter Sir Roger Penrose. Correlated noise in the two LIGO gravitational-wave detectors may provide evidence that the universe is governed by...        

Oh My: Anti-Aging Drug Trials To Begin in Dogs in 2019, and Humans In 2022, if the Dog Trials Are Successful?

What I'd give to be 29 again. Why start with dogs? Interestingly, it's not just that dogs are a big animals with some similarities to humans. It's that if it works on dogs, bang, you have a salable product right...

Thursday's TV highlights: The CW's 'Supernatural' on KTLA

SERIES The Big Bang Theory Sheldon (Jim Parsons) secretly goes to work for the military, without telling Leonard and Wolowitz (Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg). Dean Norris (“Under the Dome”) reprises his guest role. Melissa Rauch, Kunal Nayyar, Kaley Cuoco and Mayim Bialik also star. 8 p.m. CBS...

Close Encounter of Two Titanic Galaxies from the Big Bang Epoch --"Most-Extreme Violent Star Formation Ever Observed"

"Finding just one hyper-luminous starburst galaxy is remarkable in itself. Finding two of these rare galaxies in such close proximity is truly astounding," said Dominik Riechers, an astronomer at Cornell University and lead author on a paper appearing in the...        

Two Monster Galaxies From Big Bang Epoch Are About to Collide in the Most Extreme Merger Ever Seen

The hyper-luminous galaxies are located 13 billion light years away when the universe was in its infancy.

Genesis Noir is a surreal voyage through the Big Bang

Genesis Noir explores a mysterious liminal space that somehow feels both small yet expansive. The protagonist, No Man, travels through the history of the universe, and it’s all for the sake of saving the love of his life. It’s the debut from two-person studio Feral Cat Den, and it will soon be launching a Kickstarter […]

Last Week's Top 5 Space & Science Headlines --"Life in Cosmos May Be 13 Billion Years Old to Zombie Gene That Prevents Cancer"

Colossal Mystery Object Observed at Milky Way Center --"A Failed Star or Unknown Planet?" Last Week's "Planet Earth Report" --The Zombie Gene, Antarctica's Super Volcano to 1st Alien Contact -Extinction or Salvation? The Big Bang Was a Cosmic Mirage --"Of...        

How Young Sheldon Explained Why Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Doesn't Like To Drive

Young Sheldon offered up an answer to one of The Big Bang Theory character's long-running quirks.

The Big Bang Was a Cosmic Mirage --"Of a Collapsing Star in a Universe Profoundly Different Than Our Own" (Video/Weekend Feature)

The problem with the Big Bang hypothesis, is that it has our relatively uniform and predictable universe arising from the physics-destroying insanity of a singularity, which seems unlikely. So perhaps something else happened. Perhaps our universe was never singular in...        

Supergirl Just Added Roseanne Vet Laurie Metcalf For A Sweet Role

Supergirl is casting a TV veteran for an interesting guest role: Laurie Metcalf, known for appearing on Roseanne, The Big Bang Theory, and Getting On.

The Big Bang Theory: Leonard and Penny's Most Romantic Moments

Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) are The Big Bang Theory's core couple. Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) may have more going on right now, what with...Show More Summary

Young Sheldon Revealed Why Sheldon "Never" Learned to Drive

Every now and then The Big Bang Theory tells a story from Sheldon's (Jim Parsons) past to explain why he is the way he is (last year it explained why he always knocks three times), but the spin-off prequel Young Sheldon is in even better...Show More Summary

Thursday's TV highlights: 'Scandal' on ABC

SERIES The Big Bang Theory Sheldon (Jim Parsons) doesn’t want others to know he’s teaming with Bert (Brian Posehn) on a research project involving geology. Also, Raj (Kunal Nayyar) gets pointers from Penny and Bernadette (Kaley Cuoco, Melissa Rauch) on navigating a relationship with Ruchi (Swati...

Stephen Hawking Explains What Existed Before the Big Bang In New YouTube Film

last weekNews : Newsweek: US

Stephen Hawking suggests that time and space were separated before the Big Bang, and therefore time did not even exist.

A galaxy almost as old as the Big Bang itself was just discovered

Using one of the world’s most powerful telescopes, scientists Monday announced the discovery of a distant galaxy that’s about 12.8 billion years old.        

One of the First Galaxies in the Universe Observed --"These Objects are a Class of Mythical Beasts in Astrophysics"

"The Big Bang happened 13.7 billion years ago, and now we are seeing this galaxy from 12.8 billion years ago, so it was forming within the first billion years after the Big Bang," says astrophysicist Min Yun at UMass Amherst....    ...

Kaley Cuoco On Boyfriend Karl Cook: 'He's Totally the Guy'

Kaley Cuoco is gushing about her boyfriend Karl Cook! “He is totally the guy,” the 31-year-old Big Bang Theory star said of the 26-year-old equestrian (via ET) while hitting the red carpet at the 2017 Stand Up For Pits event held at the Avalon on Sunday (November 5) in Hollywood. “I think the common denominator [...]

TV Ratings: 'Young Sheldon' Returns Strong, 'SWAT' Opens Well

CBS easily won the night, also thanks to returning comedies 'The Big Bang Theory,' 'Mom,' and 'Life in Pieces.' read more

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