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Denver Adopts A Kinder, Gentler Post-Tenure Review Policy: Development, Not Punishment

Following up on my previous posts on the lawsuit by female law profs against the University of Denver Law School (links below): Chronicle of Higher Education Special Report, A More Upbeat Approach to Post-Tenure Review: The University of Denver is instituting a program focused not on punitive measures but on...

Higher Education Is Headed For A Supply And Demand Crisis

Washington Post, Higher Education Is Headed For a Supply and Demand Crisis: Already, we’re beginning to see the impact of demographic changes in higher education. A survey released last week by the Chronicle of Higher Education found that 52 percent of private colleges and 44 percent of public colleges didn’t...

Leiter: The Immorality And Illegality Of 'Hidden' Faculty Hiring Criteria Like Gender And Race

Chronicle of Higher Education op-ed: Academic Ethics: ‘Hidden’ Hiring Criteria, by Brian Leiter (Chicago): Any seasoned academic who has been involved with job searches knows there are two sets of criteria for some positions: the ones in the published ad and the "hidden" ones. "The dean says we must hire...

Henderson versus Caplan on Responding to Bored Students

(January 31, 2018 03:21 PM, by David Henderson) In his interview with The Chronicle of Higher Education, co-blogger Bryan Caplan stated: In order to make my subject relevant, I would actually have to learn a lot about the occupations the students are doing and just teach, really, a... (0 COMMENTS)

My Interview with The Chronicle of Higher Education

(January 30, 2018 01:51 PM, by Bryan Caplan) When the typical professor deals with the media, he has a litany of complaints. "They're not accurate!" "They're not fair!" "They made me look stupid!" My experience is precisely the opposite. Virtually everyone in the media treats me well. Case... (0 COMMENTS)

Why the Academic Left Fears and Loathes Dr. Jordan Peterson

Less than a week ago, we got a stormy weather alert in an article that appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education titled "What's So Dangerous about Jordan Peterson?" There are good reasons why they are scared.

Survey on Sex Abuse in Academia Gets 1,800 Responses

Karen Kelsy, The Chronicle of Higher Education: I've set aside the usual job-search questions from readers to talk in today's column about the Sexual Harassment Survey I created on November 30. It quickly went viral and gathered -- in...Show More Summary

New Tax Law Takes Aim At Higher Education’s Millionaires Club

Chronicle of Higher Education, New Tax Law Takes Aim at Higher Education’s Millionaires Club: [The new tax law imposes] a 21-percent tax on annual compensation in excess of $1 million paid to the five highest-paid employees of a nonprofit group — including college presidents, chancellors, and coaches. For medical professionals,...

VIRGINIA POSTREL: There’s More Than One Kind of Workplace Civility: The sexual harassment scandal …

VIRGINIA POSTREL: There’s More Than One Kind of Workplace Civility: The sexual harassment scandal is changing social norms. Let the new ones respect human variety. In a provocative essay in the Chronicle of Higher Education, evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller argues that campus speech codes penalize people with Asperger’s syndrome, who have trouble reading social cues […]

The Impact Of The GOP Tax Bill On Higher Education: Taxes On Large Endowments, $1 Million Compensation Are In; Taxes On Tuition Remission And Logo Licensing, Private Activity Bond Restrictions Are Out

Chronicle of Higher Education, Final Tax Bill Would Spare Some Higher-Ed Worries, but Could Lead to State Budget Cuts: The Republican-backed tax overhaul is headed for final floor votes in Congress without some of the measures that would directly target higher education. Notably, a proposed tax on tuition waivers for...

How A Dean Got Over Impostor Syndrome

Chronicle of Higher Education, How a Dean Got Over Impostor Syndrome — And Thinks You Can, Too: Almost anyone would say that Valerie Sheares Ashby is in the midst of a successful academic career. After more than a decade on the chemistry faculty at the University of North Carolina at...

List Of 140 Colleges With Endowments Greater Than $100,000 Per Student That Would Be Subject To GOP's Proposed 1.4% Tax On Investment Income

Chronicle of Higher Education, If House Republicans Get Their Way, These Colleges Would See Their Endowments Taxed: In a sweeping plan to rework the tax code unveiled on Thursday, Republicans in the House of Representatives floated a new strategy for raising revenue: Tax college endowments. Some college endowments, that is....

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: University cancels play accused of criticizing Black Lives Matter. …

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: University cancels play accused of criticizing Black Lives Matter. “The play, a work of fiction, chronicles the pushback stemming from a student’s plan to perform a controversial comedy bit on the Brandeis campus. It was written by famous playwright and Brandeis alumnus Michael Weller. The playwright researched and drafted the play’s […]

University Of Arkansas To Change Tenure Policy To Permit Firing Of Faculty For Lack Of Collegiality

Chronicle of Higher Education, U. of Arkansas System Considers Changes to Ease Tenured-Faculty Firings: The University of Arkansas system is considering proposed changes in its tenure policy that could make it easier to fire professors and, faculty members say, chip away at academic freedom. A key concern, they say, is...

What’s the Matter with Digital Humanities?

Last week an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education by Timothy Brennan created a good bit of buzz in my social media world. The author declares, after a bit of muddled argument, that digital humanities is largely bust after carefully setting aside certain common digital tools like the “Moodles” and podcasts. In short, he suggests… Read More ?

How Faculty Can Publicize Their Research And Increase Their Scholarly Metrics And Reputation

Chronicle of Higher Education, Publicize Your Research: Legislators and the public are often skeptical that higher-education tax dollars are being put to good use. Colleges see it as more important than ever, then, for academics to be able to explain their research in lively, accessible ways. At Michigan State University,...

"I worry that there is a narrative that is being suggested — that is a false narrative — that campuses are not places that respect free speech and the rights of people to engage with and listen to speakers."

Said Peter McDonough, vice president and general counsel of the American Council on Education, quoted in a Chronicle of Higher Education article about the Justice Department, under Jeff Sessions, intervening in campus free-speech cases. Show More Summary

Clothes and Professionalism

There was a neat little article in the Chronicle of Higher Education yesterday on academic fashion, clothes, and professionalism. I’ve posted from time to time on clothes: what to wear when’s cold outside, what I wear on survey archaeology projects, the confluence of tools that makes archaeology work, and even wrote an earlier meditation on… Read More ?

How Clothes (Un)Make the (Wo)Man

I read a wonderful piece this morning in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the ways in which some black academics use fashionable clothing to signal identity. This academic fine dressing is described as part of the black dandy movement, the … Continue reading ?

mental health and graduate school: personal reflections

A few weeks ago, The Chronicle of Higher Education ran an article about the effects of graduate school on mental health. On my Facebook feed, I saw some of the normal contrarian response: “If you think graduate school is bad, wait till you are a professor.” I wrote back, “For me, the tenure track was […]

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