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Teaching the World for Free

Crossposted to Teaching Thursday. This week the Chronicle of Higher Education's technology blog featured a short article on two faculty members who offered a course to the public for free and attracted over 2,000 non-credit earning students. The article argues...

See How Magazines Rate Colleges in a Side-by-Side Comparison [Graphics]

High school seniors and their parents can turn to a ton of special magazine editions and books ranking U.S. colleges. How do those rankings actually get made? The Chronicle of Higher Education shows you, and offers a mix-and-match graphic illustration. More »

Professors who reject technology

From the Chronicle of Higher Education, an article by Jeffrey Young: "College 2.0: Teachers Without Technology Strike Back." I think that the article confuses matters by lumping together people with many different aims. Which I guess is sort of the point of all "technology in college" conversations. Show More Summary

The Today Show looks into VQR and the death of Kevin Morrissey

The Hook also has a follow up story with more details about the journal’s current situation, as does the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Chronicle on Marc Hauser

Big update on the Marc Hauser affair, and the seriousness of the research misconduct allegations and the irony of this from the author of Moral Minds. The Chronicle for Higher Education has a piece out today which sheds light on the internal investigation and the assertions by research assistants in Hauser’s Harvard lab of misconduct. [...]

Hauser update

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on an "internal document" from the Marc Hauser investigation: "Document Sheds Light on Investigation at Harvard". The Chronicle story begins by detailing how discrepancies in coding monkey behavioral responses first came to light, but stops short of giving fuller insight into the investigation. Show More Summary

More details on the Marc Hauser case

Tom Bartlett, "Document Sheds Light on Investigation at Harvard", Chronicle of Higher Education 8/19/2010: Ever since word got out that a prominent Harvard University researcher was on leave after an investigation into academic wrongdoing, a key question has remained unanswered: What, exactly, did he do? […] An internal document, however, sheds light on what was [...]

Editor's suicide exposes turmoil at Virginia Quarterly Review

Chronicle of Higher Education | VQR managing editor Kevin Morrissey (left) had been complaining to the University of Virginia about workplace bullying by editor Ted Genoways, but, according to Morrissey's friends, the institution did virtually nothing to help. Show More Summary

What does Kevin Morissey’s suicide mean for the Virginia Quarterly Review? -- Poetry News

The Chronicle of Higher Education explores the recent suicide by Kevin Morissey, managing editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review, and what it might mean for the prestigious literary journal. The Chronicle’s account gives an overview of the magazine’s rise from relatively staid academic journal to National Magazine Award winner, and follows up on allegations [...]

Media: Memphis Higher Ed Reporter's Colorful Past

Richard Morgan is the newish higher education reporter at The Commercial Appeal where he's landed after spending most of his 20s freelancing for fancy magazines (and the Chronicle of Higher Education). He writes about the experienceShow More Summary

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION offers a rather sympathetic account of Michael Bellesiles’ career….

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION offers a rather sympathetic account of Michael Bellesiles’ career.

It’s All Cat Videos

If I was teaching a class in logic, I would frequently use the Chronicle of Higher Education as a rich resource– of faulty logic. Hardly a day passes in the feed reader without some preaching headline that one cannot get from point A to B without a psychic leap of thinking. Try this one on. [...]

On Beyond Tenure

The above chart comes from a recent widely circulated article in the Chronicle of Higher Education entitled “Tenure, RIP: What the Vanishing Status Means for the Future of Education.” Similarly, the New York Times asked “What if College Tenure Dies?” on its Room for Debate blog. In response, Amardeep Singh asks whether the actual numbers [...]

Is tenure dead? -- Obituaries

The Chronicle of Higher Education has posted a story this month about the soon-to-be released Department of Education report that “documents the death of tenure”: Over just three decades, the proportion of college instructors who are tenured or on the tenure track plummeted: from 57 percent in 1975 to 31 percent in 2007. The [...]

Chronicle Review Admits Bellesiles’s Story is False — Blames Student, not Bellesiles

(Jim Lindgren) The Chronicle of Higher Education confirms my research that Michael Bellesiles’s story published in the Chronicle Review was false. There was indeed no soldier injured in Iraq or Afghanistan who fit Bellesiles’s story.  As the Chronicle reports the facts (which are a bit sketchy), the student lied to Bellesiles, whom they clear of fabricating the [...]

Michael Bellesiles: Gullible, But Not a Serial Fabricator

How and why the student made up an Iraq war story Michael Bellesiles - Iraq - Chronicle of Higher Education - James Lindgren - Education

Professor Of Military History Weighs in on the Implausibility of the Bellesiles’s Story

(Jim Lindgren) The Chronicle of Higher Education has not yet revealed the results of its investigation of the veracity of Michael Bellesiles’s story about a dying soldier and his student brother. One can only speculate why it is taking more than a day or two to verify a story that should have been easy to verify [...]

facebook won’t hurt your gpa

College students rest assured: the Chronicle of Higher Education reports that spending time on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace won’t tank your grades. Researchers at Northwestern University found no connection between time spent on social-networking sites and academic performance. Show More Summary

Inside the Risky World of Drug-Trial 'Guinea Pigs' - The Chronicle of Higher Education

via The Professional Guinea Pig: Big Pharma and the Risky World of Human Subjects (Duke University Press, August). The book's primary purpose is to offer a detailed description of medical volunteering and its contexts, not to weigh in on the ethics of clinical trials. Show More Summary

THINGS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED THIS WEEKEND: Job-loss and government-created uncertainty. Stephe…

THINGS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED THIS WEEKEND: Job-loss and government-created uncertainty. Stephen Kruiser on LeBron James and Chris Matthews. Questions about Michael Bellesiles and the Chronicle of Higher Education. Extremist rhetoric produces violence. Show More Summary

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