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Keep It Simple, Stupid: The Enterprise Version

Back in 2009, my colleague MG Siegler wrote a brilliant piece titled 'Keep It Simple, Stupid,' which delved into how having a simple and easy to use product is a key formula for winning in the consumer tech space. A few days ago, Greylock Partner John Lilly echoed MG's thoughts, explaining that simplicity is quite simply very hard to beat. Show More Summary

Chinese Deflation and Currency Depreciation Coming Soon

On Friday, an economist with the State Council’s Development Research Center issued a warning that consumer prices could fall in the second half of this year.  “China has corrected its excessive monetary policy tightening in the last quarter of 2011, but the speed and effort of turning-around are not sufficient,” wrote Wu Qing in a [...]

Supply, Demand, and Outcomes

(February 5, 2012 06:02 PM, by Arnold Kling) Reihan Salam has had a number of interesting posts recently. Here, he discusses Kevin Carey's analysis of how subsidies to college education ultimately benefit not the consumers but the suppliers. Suppose that you want people to have more high-quality education... (0 COMMENTS)

Switched On: New World Recorder

Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On, a column about consumer technology. When it comes to time-shifting television viewing, the conversation almost always comes back to premium streaming services -- namely, Netflix and Hulu Plus. Show More Summary

Windows 8 UI is dropping the ‘Start’ button

Microsoft has removed the “Start” menu button from its upcoming Windows 8 operating system, according to a consumer preview released earlier this week. The Start button. which made its debut in the Windows 95 version of the OS, sits on …

Super Bowl Advertisements: Companies That Don't Yank Consumers' Chains Will Boom

We've seen companies diddle with various marketing strategies throughout the years, but products sell best when they aren't crammed down consumers' throats. Headed into the Super Bowl, otherwise known as "The Big Game" for advertisers, we've seen companies try a comedic approach or a bottom-line plan of attack. Show More Summary

A Tale of Cat Prints and Consumer Capitalism: Did You Stand in Line for Jason Wu’s Target Collection?

For someone who is more often than not a dog person, I have an odd history when it comes to showing up at brick-and-mortar stores for designer collaborations with cheapie brands. The first collab I got up early in the morning for was Hello Kitty + Forever 21 (no one was in line and I [...]

How to attract or repel consumers with color

The psychology of colors Color is a critical choice for all product designers to make, whether the product is a website or flyer, or a bottle of shampoo, a clothing line, or software. Color choice plays a tremendous role in how consumers connect with a product and many studies have been done to address the different human responses to each [...]Show More Summary

White House Pushes Green Button To Liberate Your Energy Data

The future of easy home energy monitoring may be a little bit closer, thanks to a government initiative designed to allow consumers direct access to their energy consumption data. The White House's new Green Button gives utilities a way to simplify and standardize sharing usage statistics with their customers via a one-click download. Show More Summary

Putting the Electrical Patterns Created by Brain Waves to Use

Ariel Garten, the CEO of InteraXon, a company working to make EEG a useful consumer tech for computer interaction, speaks at TEDx.

Designing for Mobile: 7 Guidelines for Startups to Follow

As an investor, I’ve seen hundreds of mobile application pitches. And as a consumer, I’ve downloaded hundreds more – some out of curiosity and others in the hope that I’ll find something so useful and exciting that I’ll make room for it on my iPhone’s home screen. From both perspectives, I am rarely excited by download numbers. Show More Summary

Did Hyundai pull MPG claims from Super Bowl ad due to watchdog group pressure? [w/video]

Hyundai has been targeted by Consumer Watchdog, a non-profit advocacy organization, over the automaker's 40 mpg fuel efficiency claim on the Hyundai Elantra. The group says Elantra owners have seen fuel economy averages of 18 and 19 mpg instead of the the 29 mpg city and 40 mpg highway reported by Hyundai and the Environmental Protection Agency. Show More Summary

A Bunch Of Cool Things I Just Learned About The Commercialization Of Space...

I went to the DLD conference in Munich a couple of weeks ago. One of the cool things about the DLD conference is that they throw in speakers and panels on topics other than the latest buzzy consumer web feature. Like space. Before I got to the conference, I got an invitation to a special breakfast seminar about space. That sounded cool, so I went. Show More Summary

BLAX News: The Black Progressive-Fundamentalists' Plan For Human Trafficking Of Black Orphans For Continued Molestation

(I am a Black man who cries inside when I consume the messages that are streamed to Black people by the Embedded Confidence men. Regardless of the food poisoning that our people receive after consuming their rancid meat - they are always...Show More Summary

Overdid It on the Chili, Wings, and Beer? How to Get Heartburn Relief

4 years agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

In terms of calories consumed in one day, the Super Bowl Sunday spread is only bested by the Thanksgiving feast. Being that the game comes but once a year, many sports fans go all out, consuming a variety of spicy snacks - chili, buffalo wings, salsa - along with beer, pizza, and dips. Show More Summary

The White Progressive Cheshire Foxes Praise Police Chief Obama In Killing People Of Color - All Without Offending The Negroes

It is important for me to remove myself from all that is happening in the world BUT suspiciously absent from the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press". If you consumed certain media sources exclusively you'd have no clue that the American Imperialists are itching for war with Iran and Syria. Show More Summary

Super Bowl Prop Bets: 10 Ways to Lose Money Betting on Stuff That Doesn't Matter

There are few ways in the world to become utterly consumed by minutiae than gambling on sports prop bets. And there are no better sporting events to make prop bets on than the Super Bowl. lists over 350 different prop bets for the Super Bowl. Click through the slideshow for 10 of the most enticing Super Bowl prop bets. Begin Slideshow

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs From Website Advertising Risky For Purchasers

A new study published in the journal Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety reveals that internet sites selling prescription statins directly to consumers are widespread, and that most websites advertising statins for sale to the general public contain very poor levels of information relevant to safe use of the medicine and side effects. Show More Summary

10 Hottest Links of the Week

The worst polar expedition ever and nine warmer links, including a church consumed by nature, and eleven more such places of worship given a new lease of life... read more This is just a brief summary, please visit Environmental Graffiti to see the full, formatted version of the article

Robot Godzilla to Invade Coachella, Excrete Recyclables

T-Rex to consume recyclables at Coachella. Prize offered for best use of the dino droppings. Really.

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