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Most precise measurement of reactor Antineutrino spectrum reveals intriguing surprise

Members of the International Daya Bay Collaboration, who track the production and flavor-shifting behavior of electron antineutrinos generated at a nuclear power complex in China, have obtained the most precise measurement of these subatomic particles' energy spectrum ever recorded. Show More Summary

Daya Bay discovers a mismatch

The latest measurements from the Daya Bay neutrino experiment in China don’t align with predictions from nuclear theory. A new result from the Daya Bay experiment has revealed a possible flaw in predictions from nuclear theory.  “Nobody expected that from neutrino physics,” says Anna Hayes, a nuclear theorist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Show More Summary

Hong Kong - Daya Bay Yacht Race

A yacht race from Hong Kong to Daya Bay in the Mainland will take place on 30 October 2015 (Friday). About 60 yachts are expected to participate in the race.

Best precision yet for neutrino measurements at Daya Bay

Physicists have announced new findings on the measurements of neutrinos, paving the way forward for further neutrino research, and confirming that the Daya Bay neutrino experiment continues to be one to watch.

The Mystery Of The Vanishing Chinese Neutrinos

11 months agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Four of the eight neutrino detectors at Daya Bay in China. Nuclear reactors are best-known as power plants, generating electricity. However, they're also important physics laboratories, producing exotic atomic nuclei and particles that are useful in other contexts. One byproduct is antineutrinos: the antimatter version of neutrinos, some of the [...]

Daya Bay places new limit on sterile neutrinos

The Daya Bay experiment, famous for studying neutrino mixing, is branching into a new area of neutrino physics. The experiment that produced the latest big discovery about ghostly particles called neutrinos is trying its hand at solving...Show More Summary

14 Immense Scientific Instruments You Won't Believe Are Real

3 years agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Science is awesome. And thanks to the internet age, it's easy to be witness to that fact. For example? This beautiful image of the photomultiplier tubes in the Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment detectors, which mesmerized millions when it appeared online this week. Read more...

New results from Daya Bay

The international Daya Bay Collaboration has announced new results about the transformations of neutrinos - elusive, ghostlike particles that carry invaluable clues about the makeup of the early universe. The latest findings includeShow More Summary

High-precision measurement of subatomic shape shifting and new result on differences among neutrino masses

New results about the oscillation of neutrinos -- elusive, ghostlike particles that carry invaluable clues about the makeup of the early universe -- have been announced by the Daya Bay Collaboration, an international experiment taking place outside of Hong Kong.

Korean experiment confirms groundbreaking neutrino measurement

Hot on the heels of the Daya Bay experiment's completion of one of the most difficult measurements in neutrino physics, a Korean experiment has produced its own measurement confirming the earlier results.

Neutrinos in the News

A little more tab clearance, here, this time a few recent stories dealing with those elusive little buggers, neutrinos. In roughly chronological order: The Daya Bay experiment in China has measured a key parameter for neutrino oscillation...Show More Summary

Daya Bay experiment makes key measurement, paves way for future discoveries

An international collaboration of physicists working on a neutrino experiment in southern China announced today they have made a difficult measurement scientists have been chasing for more than a decade. The results of the Daya Bay neutrino...Show More Summary

Daya Bay observes theta13 at 5 sigma!

Too many news these days, so just a brief note on something that deserves a long article. TheDaya Bay experiment just announced the measurement of one of the last unknown fundamental parameters in the Standard Model (understood as the old Standard Model extended by the neutrino mass operators). Show More Summary

Daya Bay: Discovery of new kind of neutrino transformation

The Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment collaboration has announced a precise measurement of the last of the unsolved neutrino "mixing angles," which determine how neutrinos oscillate among different types. The ground-breaking collaboration is the most sensitive reactor neutrino experiment in the world. Show More Summary

Announcing the first results from Daya Bay: Discovery of a new kind of neutrino transformation

BEIJING; BERKELEY, CA; and UPTON, NY – The Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment, a multinational collaboration operating in the south of China, today reported the first results of its search for the last, most elusive piece of a long-standing...Show More Summary

The Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment Begins Taking Data

The Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment has begun its quest to answer some of the most puzzling questions about the elusive elementary particles known as neutrinos. The experiment's first completed set of twin detectors is now recording...Show More Summary

First data from Daya Bay: Closing in on a neutrino mystery

The international Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment in southern China has just begun collecting data on the elusive final measurement needed before the masses of the different kinds of neutrinos can be determined.

Daya Bay: New neutrino detection experiment in China up and running

Deep under a hillside near Hong Kong, a pair of new antineutrino detectors are warming up for some serious physics. Twin detectors recently installed in the first of three experimental halls in the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment...Show More Summary

Slide show: Daya Bay on the brink

Within the past few weeks, the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment in China has made rapid strides toward completion of the first of three underground experimental halls for collecting data on the last unknown neutrino “mixing angle,” denoted ?13 (pronounced theta one three).

Frustration when a government does not provide the necessary health care

by Yann Meunier, MD Year: 1988 Setting: Electricite de France clinic at Daya Bay, China Position: Resident physician A Japanese encephalitis epidemic has struck southern China and I am in its midst at Daya Bay where Electricite de France is building a nuclear plant for the Chinese government. As the resident physician for the company, [...]

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