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One Direction Differences Between Harry Styles And Zayn Malik: Why Z Is Not Really ‘Slamming Anything’

One Direction was based on different thought patterns perhaps from the very beginning. Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, for example, are very different people, but they both brought joy to fans lives, in part because of those differences. Show More Summary

'No Man's Sky' is being investigated for false advertising

After No Man's Sky hit shelves in early August, complaints arose around bugs and oversights made by its small studio Hello Games. But as the weeks wore on, a new uproar struck out at the differences between concept videos and the released game, which noticeably lacks many features promised in its early promotional material. Show More Summary

The Big Difference I'm Noticing Between Raising a Daughter vs. Raising a Son

They told me. They all told me. Having a daughter is different than having a son. You’ll feel differently about her. To be frank, I thought they were full of it, and was a bit insulted. I already loved my two existing sons deeply. Who’s to tell me that I might have more spring in my step when a daughter entered the picture? Then, she was born. Show More Summary

Fox News Tells Hannity To Knock It Off Citing Bogus Insta-polls

Most adults know the difference between a simple website poll that lets visitors to that site vote for whatever the question posed is, and another type of online poll that actually tries to gauge public opinion, and gets more involved...Show More Summary

Video Shows the Violent Difference Between All Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter Supporters

Salads goes into a predominately black neighborhood holding an "All Lives Matter" sign. That's when things get a little violent. The post Video Shows the Violent Difference Between All Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter Supporters appeared first on RedState.

Daniel Radcliffe explains the major difference between Trump and Lord Voldemort

Since Donald Trump came on the political scene, there have been endless comparisons between the real estate mogul running for president and Harry Potter's Lord Voldemort

Presidential Debate Highlights Differences Between Energy Philosophies and Government’s Role

While energy and the environment got relatively short shrift at the presidential debate, the candidates' positions nonetheless came shining through.

WATCH: ‘Harry Potter’ star Daniel Radcliffe explains the key differences between Trump and Voldemort

12 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is something of an expert on Voldemort, the bigoted wizard who wants to permanently place non-magical humans in a position of servitude. Mashable notes that in an interview with the U.K.’s Sky News, Radcliffe explains that while there are similarities...

The Difference Between True Revival and False Fire

As believers, we are to discern truth from err, light from darkness, and right from wrong … but how?

Free Will Astrology

12 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

For the Week of September 28 by Rob Brezsny ARIES (March 21–April 19):.What's the difference between a love warrior and a love worrier? Love warriors work diligently to keep enhancing their empathy, compassion, and emotional intelligence. Show More Summary

It's Time You Learned The Difference Between Hash Browns And Home Fries

13 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

Breakfast potatoes might feel like an afterthought on your plate, but they are in fact a very important dish. They are the unsung warriors of your hearty morning meal. Simple, crisp and tender, they’re accepting of every other element on the plate. Show More Summary

Study compares CV risk reduction of statin vs nonstatin therapies used for lowering LDL-C

Scientists evaluated the association between lowering low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) and relative cardiovascular risk reduction across different statin and nonstatin therapies.

Do you know the difference between grass fed, pasture raised, organic and free range?

A new survey finds that animal welfare labels affect buying decisions, but few people actually know what they mean.

How to switch between Apple Music Individual and Family plans

Want to add more devices (or people) to your Apple Music subscription? Here's the deal. Apple Music offers two different plans for its users—a $9.99 individual plan and a $14.99 family plan that supports up to six Family Sharing accounts...Show More Summary

Synopsis: Doubling Up with Superfluids

Researchers mixed two superfluids of different atoms together and observed that vortices in one affected those in the other—evidence of mutual interaction between the two species. [Physics] Published Tue Sep 27, 2016

Why Nobody Wins With Post-Debate Polls

Last night's debate approached "Super Bowl status" in terms of viewership. But there's one big difference between a debate and the Super Bowl -- at the end of the Super Bowl, everybody knows who won. Not so with a debate. Which means it's up to the media to pick a winner. Show More Summary

Clinton Made Me Proud; Trump Made Me Scared

[Content Note: Misogyny; assault; fat hatred.]I've got a new piece at Shareblue about the debate last night, and the stark difference made evident once again between the two candidates on issues of concern to women (and anyone who doesn't hold women in contempt):Monday's presidential debate opened with a question about jobs. Show More Summary

A Recipe for Dealing with Stress & Depression

The post A Recipe for Dealing with Stress & Depression appeared first on Sober Nation. Recovery for me is the space between what happens in life and the breathing space to deal with it. It’s that place of reflection. It’s the difference between response and reaction. Show More Summary

Trump And Clinton Sounded As If They Were Talking About Two Different Countries

Sure, the post-debate buzz is more about tone than substance — who looked more presidential, whether Hillary Clinton got “under Donald Trump’s skin.” But in between the barbs and interruptions, there was plenty of policy to chew over in Monday’s night’s presidential debate. Trump and Clinton tangled over trade, taxes, criminal justice and foreign policy, […]

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