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How The Disaster Artist Cast Recreated The Room, According To Dave Franco

But The Room, which plays Midnight repertories and encourages passionate reactions from its rabid fanbase, has a very distinct look... one that's very, very bad. Because Franco was meticulous in telling the story of how Tommy and his best friend, Greg Sestero, created The Room,...

Oregon Bach Festival Settles With Fired Director For $90,000 (And Non-Disparagement Clause)

"The University of Oregon agreed to pay a $90,000 settlement to fired Oregon Bach Festival Artistic Director Matthew Halls this week, in the midst of a public relations disaster over his abrupt termination in August. Under the terms of the settlement, which the UO released in response to a media request, Halls agreed not to […]

The Disaster Artist Has Screened, Here’s What Early Reviews Are Saying

James Franco directs and stars in The Disaster Artist, a movie about The Room that you don't have to have seen The Room to enjoy.

James Franco’s The Disaster Artist gives The Room its own lazy tribute act

Every night, Peter Kuplowsky, the baby-faced new curator of TIFF’s Midnight Madness program, has a wooden hat rack brought out to the stage of the Ryerson Theatre so he can try and land his king-of-the-geeks fedora on one of the hooks. A carnival game to go with the idea that this is the festival’s midway and… Read more...

Guys – Tommy Wiseau Actually Approves of “The Disaster Artist

Have you seen The Room? Not the Academy Award-winning flick, Room, but THE Room starring Tommy Wiseau (who also wrote, directed, and produced that craziness)? If you haven’t, I feel sorry for you and you should probably find a way to watch it … More » The post Guys – Tommy Wiseau Actually Approves of “The Disaster Artist” appeared first on EveryJoe.

Here’s What Happens When You Call That Phone Number in theDisaster Artist’ Trailer

How did a self-funded, terribly made movie like The Room get such a cult following? By becoming a staple of the Los Angeles skyline. The Room aggressively advertised itself by erecting a massive billboard overlooking Highland Avenue in Hollywood showing simply Tommy Wiseau‘s face and a cryptic phone number. Show More Summary

WATCH: Franco Brothers Are Tortured Artists in ‘Disaster Artist’ Trailer

Following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, the James Franco-starring-and-directed “The Disaster Artist” has released a first raucous trailer. Watch the ensuing silliness below, and keep your eyes peeled for bonus...Show More Summary

How The Room's Tommy Wiseau Feels About James Franco's The Disaster Artist

The Room is one of the most infamous films ever put on a screen. The Disaster Artist is the new movie that will tell the story of just how such an incredible piece of work actually came to be. But what does the man behind The Room think of it all?

The Disaster Artist's Dave Franco Explains Why It Took So Long To Work With James Franco

It's not easy to have a relative who's famous in the field you want to endeavor in. But eventually, if the right project comes along, you kind of have to give in to fate. Read on to see why Dave Franco resisted working with his brother, James, before The Disaster Artist.

The Disaster Artist (Trailer)

(PG-13) “It’s not gonna happen for you. Not in a million years!” “…but after that?” Get a good look at James Franco’s comedy drama about what is widely considered the worst movie ever made. The line between ambition and delusion can sometimes be tricky to pin down.

Oh Hi, Mark. ‘The Disaster Artist’ Trailer has Arrived

By Max Covill James Franco as Tommy Wiseau. The 'Disaster Artist' buzz continues to grow. The article Oh Hi, Mark. ‘The Disaster Artist’ Trailer has Arrived appeared first on Film School Rejects.

Why Tommy Wiseau Approved James Franco’s Portrayal Of Him In ‘The Disaster Artist’ – Toronto Studio

When it came time for James Franco to make a film about one of the most gonzo midnight movies of all-time, The Room,  the pic’s eccentric star-director-writer Tommy Wiseau insisted that only Johnny Depp portray him on the big screen. “But then, he got me. Show More Summary

James Franco’s The Disaster Artist Is a Great Movie About a Terrible One

This piece was originally published during SXSW; we’re republishing in honor of The Disaster Artist’s Toronto Film Festival premiere.No other working actor has been as intent on turning his celebrity into an art project as James Franco. Which is why he’s probably the only actor-director alive who could pull off ... More »

The Disaster Artist Finds Greatness in The Room’s Terribleness

The audiences at the Toronto International Film Festival’s screenings for Midnight Madness, the festival’s genre-focused thread, are typically more like those you’d find at a concert than a cinematheque. When Nicolas Cage turned up for...Show More Summary

James Franco goes crazy, acts badly in first official 'The Disaster Artist' trailer

We laughed at the teaser for The Disaster Artist in July, but now, the first official trailer is here — and there's more bad acting than ever.        

James Franco Becomes a Cult Legend in New Disaster Artist Trailer

James Franco plays notorious Hollywood outsider Tommy Wiseau as he recreates The Room in The Disaster Artist.

James Franco Perfectly Parodies Tommy Wiseau in the Official Trailer for ‘The Disaster Artist

Ahead of its December premiere, A24 has unleashed the first official trailer for James Franco’s The Disaster Room. The film details the making of Polish-American actor and filmmaker Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, which some critics refer to as one of the worst movies ever made. Franco stars as Wiseau in The Disaster Room, in addition […]

James Franco's The Disaster Artist Is Amazingly Absurd — Watch The Trailer!

This is gonna be the greatest bad movie ever. In the first trailer for The Disaster Artist – based on Greg Sestero's tell-all about the making of the cult-classic disasterpiece The Room — James Franco plays writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau, who turned a multi-million dollar budget into the cheapest looking, worst acted, most all-around awful movie quite [...]

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