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Sometimes, the best way to reboot a relationship is to take a break

I went to my girlfriend's home one Saturday to hang out, a typical weekend. We went into her room, and I expected her to put on her copy of "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" and show me all the things she figured out in her obsession with the game while I congratulated her passion with kisses. To me, I...

5 Fascinating Places We Might See In Elder Scrolls 6

The Elder Scrolls series has taken us to many interesting locations, such as the snowy mountains of Skyrim and the bleak Ashlands of Morrowind. Still, we've only seen a fraction of the world these games take place in.Click To Continue Reading

Mjoll the Lioness Jumps Right Out of the Screen With This Skyrim-Inspired Cosplay [Pics]

Cosplayer April Gloria looks absolutely stunning as Mjoll the Lioness, a Nord vigilante that is part of the Skyrim/Elder Scrolls universe. The costume was entirely created by April and her husband using Volpin Props‘ Wonderflex tutorial. Show More Summary

Skywind: See new Morrowind voice acting in Skyrim's engine

The fascinating community project to recreate beloved Elder Scrolls game Morrowind in Skyrim's engine has progress to share. This time it's videos of voiced character performances, which are something the team has had to come up with itself, owing to Morrowind using a limited amount of voiceovers. Show More Summary

Morrowind characters come to life in latest Skywind update

The Skywind team has recruited some great amateur voice actors for its Morrowind remake. Skywind is a total conversion Skyrim mod rebuilding earlier Elder Scrolls game Morrowind. Every time we get a look at it we’re impressed, but most of the footage we’ve seen so far just shows off how the environments are coming along. […]

Bethesda re-release some classic games on GoG

Bethesda have joined the GoG bandwagon by releasing some of their older, classic RPGs and some other games inherited from other companies onto the service. Of interest to fans of Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls Online will be the older games in the Elder Scrolls series. Show More Summary

Bethesda Thinks Fallout 4 Could Top Skyrim Sales

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Ubergizmo

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim was a huge hit amongst gamers, spawning all kinds of memes and mods that turned the game into more than what it was. However with Fallout 4 on its way, Bethesda seems to be pretty certain that the game could potentially top the sales of Skyrim, which would be impressive if it were to happen. Show More Summary

Bethesda aims to build toward 'three or four big titles a year'

While Bethesda’s VP of Marketing Pete Hines recently said it would be "a very long time" until the next Elder Scrolls -- Skyrim's follow up -- would be announced, it seems the publisher also wants to avoid a blackout similar to the period...Show More Summary

A Beautiful ‘Skyrim’ Mod That Turns Tamriel Into an Animated Cartoon Wonderland

2 months agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

“Toon Skyrim” is the name of a beautiful mod, currently being created by UniqueUses, that makes Bethesda‘s popular video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim look like an animated cartoon wonderland. UniqueUses’ mod basically simplifies the graphics of the game and smooths them out, making everything seem super basic and cartoonish. UniqueUses is working on […]

'Toon Skyrim' mod looks bonkers

Every so often, I'm compelled to install total conversion mods and replay an entire game over again. I might be doing that for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the future, if this early build of Toon Skyrim is any indication. While it's...Show More Summary

Bethesda says not to expect a new Elder Scrolls games for a very long time

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets :

The last Elder Scrolls game to release was The Elder Scrolls Online MMO in April 2014, and before that we had the offline experience of Skyrim released in November 2011. The Elder Scrolls […]

Oblivion in the Skyrim engine: new videos show good Skyblivion progress

The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion remade in the The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim engine? Skyblivion is a voluntary project that fans of The Elder Scrolls games have been plugging away at for a while now. A clutch of new videos show how the project is coming along. Here is one showcasing the new-look weapons in the game: Read more…

Skyrim engine does wonders for Oblivion’s Cyrodiil

Skyblivion is the lesser-known cousin of Skywind, bringing a graphical upgrade to The Elder Scrolls’ fourth major outing. The Skyblivion team has released new footage of the mod project, showing off how the Imperial province of Cyrodiil looks in Skyrim’s engine. The project is still in the early stages, so what you’re looking at here […]

The Resounding Whimper of the 'Elder Scrolls Online' Release

3 months agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

VideoWhen it comes to fantasy RPGs, one name stands out above the rest, The Elder Scrolls. In 2011, Skyrimthe fifth installment to the series, sold over 18 million copies. The title before that, Oblivion which was released in 2006, sold over 7 million copies. That is a fantastic jump, doubling sales in just [...]

Skyrim: The Forgotten City Mod Adds Time Travel And An Entire City

Modder The Modern Storyteller is finishing up a rather large-scale mod for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The mod is called The Forgotten City and it features 30 different interactive NPCs, time travel and an all new city to explore.Click To Continue Reading

Elder Scrolls Online feels fine on consoles, but it doesn't fix the core game

To my surprise, The Elder Scrolls Online works pretty well on a console. In fact, it feels almost identical to my experiences with Morrowind and Skyrim on the Xbox and Xbox 360 respectively (first-person mode helps). I was able to copy my character over almost instantly, log in, and pick up right where I left off on PC. Show More Summary

Skyrim x Dark Souls

YouTuber Tyroine used a variety of mods to make Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim look like Dark Souls, from the gothic architecture to the giant boss monsters. And also fog. Lots of fog. Check the video’s description for the mods used.

The Skyrim Library: Volume 1 The Histories Book Review – History Homework? Ugh.

Hands up those of you who actually stopped and read the majority of books contained within Bethesda’s vast Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? And no, briefly skimming some of them really doesn’t count. I’m more than willing to bet that the majority of players, myself firmly included among them, […]

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited review

PS4, Xbox One; Bethesda; £49.99 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was a game so titanically vast you could lose yourself in it for hundreds of hours and still stumble across new places. The fact that Skyrim is just one region of Tamriel tells...Show More Summary

Fallout 4 Devs Have 'No Plans' For Paid Mods

When Bethesda and Valve announced paid mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the reaction was negative, and it was quickly retracted. Some have suspected the idea would come back with Fallout 4, but as of right now, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Read more...

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