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Designing Batgirl To Fit Chris Nolan's Batman Movies

Serg Souleiman is a freelance concept artist who has worked on games like Wolfenstein: The New Order, Mortal Kombat X, Forza 5, The Elder Scrolls Online and the Fallout series. Read more...

Before Elder Scrolls, Bethesda Created...Madden

Bethesda is a developer famous for its work on the Elder Scrolls and (more recent) Fallout games. It's also now a successful publisher. Over twenty-five years ago, though, it started small, playing an important—and controversial—part in the creation of the...Madden series. Read more...

Grab 22% off The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (now with no monthly fee)

The Elder Scrolls Online did a reboot of sorts earlier this week and the game is now subtitled Tamriel Unlimited. Gamers interested in the buy-to-play, no-subscription-fee version of the game can grab any old retail copy and auto upgrade...Show More Summary

The Elder Scrolls V Metro System Map: Cities: Skyrim

How’s this for a possible Skyrim mod? Redditor Marcus Hynes aka sylpheed made a map of the region in the style of the London Tube map. There appear to be a few impractical routes – how…

Elder Scrolls Plush is Not Poisonous, Just Cute

Netch are basically giant land jellyfish, domesticated in the region of Morrowind for their hide and jelly. They also have huge, strong tentacles, and are quite vicious when you come at them with a sword. So why wouldn't you want one? Read more...

Tamriel Unlimited Coming Soon: What To Expect

I don't know about you, but I've got a goodish portion of June lined up for the upcoming launch of "Tamriel Unlimited." Formerly known as just "The Elder Scrolls Online," and formerly just limited to PC gaming--a field of gaming I don't...Show More Summary

Elder Scrolls Online No Longer Requires A Subscription

Nearly a year after Elder Scrolls Online's launch, ZeniMax has removed the subscription requirement from the MMORPG. PC and Mac gamers who own the game can now play it for no additional charge.Click To Continue Reading

After nearly a year of fooling itself, The Elder Scrolls Online is now subscription free.

After nearly a year of fooling itself, The Elder Scrolls Online is now subscription free. Lapsed players can now log into their account, download 17gb worth of MMORPG and pick up where they left off, while new players can purchase a copy for $59.99 with no need to hand over payment details for a monthly sub. The Xbox One and PS4 version will be out in June. Read more...

Snuggle a Cuddly Bull Netch Plush From Elder Scrolls

The Morrowind area's docile floating jellies are available for preorder.

The Elder Scrolls Online goes unlimited

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited has arrived on PC and Mac today. Existing accounts should have been updated. It contains besides the original game all six content updates and of course the removal of subscription fees. The console versions will be out in June.

The Elder Scrolls Online no longer requires subscriptions starting today

Bethesda Softworks is announcing the official launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited on both PC and Mac. As the publisher announced earlier this month, the Tamriel Unlimited edition of The Elder Scrolls Online features all six major content updates since its launch, including the new Justice and Champion systems. Show More Summary

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - PC Launch Trailer

As of today, the PC version of the MMO no longer needs a subscription fee. Here's some of the other big changes.

The Elder Scrolls Online goes subscription free today on PC

The Elder Scrolls Online hasn't made many headlines since its launch, but it certainly went back into the spotlight recently after the news that it would be dropping its subscription fee requirement. Like Guild Wars 2, users can play...Show More Summary

A Goofy Exploration of a Modded Version of ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ Featuring Tommy Wiseau as a Horse

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

“Ultimate Skyrim” is a recently released video by Jason Gastrow (VideoGameDunkey) that explores a modded version of video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that features Tommy Wiseau as a horse, Thomas the Tank Engine as a destructive dragon, and more. via reddit

The Elder Scrolls Online Buy-to-Play Launch Celebrated With New Trailer

For those of you who want to adventure through Bethesda's latest game without having to fork over a monthly subscription, your time has nearly come. Prepare for The Elder Scrolls Online's new ?pay once? model with a brand new trailer celebrating the impending relaunch.Click To Continue Reading

Joel Burgess Talks Horse Armor, A Failure That Keeps Bethesda Going

It's easily one of the the lowest points of all downloadable content (DLC) points out there; more specifically, it's the Horse Armor found as part of Bethesda's "The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion." But recent word from Joel Burgess--Bethesda...Show More Summary

Theft, Murder and Burglary Arrive in The Elder Scrolls Online - IGN News

The Elder Scrolls Online has just received its Update 6 patch, adding the long-awaited Justice and Champion Systems to the game.

Elder Scrolls Online Justice And Champion Systems Now Live

Are you a righteous hero or a sneaky criminal? The choice is yours in Elder Scrolls Online with the newly implemented Justice system, which has officially gone live for Bethesda?s epic MMO.Click To Continue Reading

Theft, Murder and Burglary Arrive in The Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax is getting everything in place for the game's buy-to-play conversion in little under two weeks.

The Elder Scrolls Online - Justice System Trailer

Justice comes to Tamriel at long last, with the ability to steal, murder and burgle all added to the game.

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