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Earth's Magnetic Cocoon Mapped in Extreme Detail

Satellites have provided a detailed view of the small but vitally important magnetic signals emitted by Earth's outer shell, known as the lithosphere, the European Space Agency (ESA) said.

danskjavlarna: New Scientist reported that an article in London...

danskjavlarna: New Scientist reported that an article in London newspaper The Daily Telegraph about the first images from the European Space Agency’s orbiting Planck observatory ended with the paragraph: ‘The telescope is looking at the heat left behind by the big bang. Show More Summary

Comet 67P full of surprises, says study led by CU Boulder

(University of Colorado at Boulder) Images returned from the European Space Agency's Rosetta mission indicate the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko was a very active place during its most recent trip through the solar system, says a new study led by the University of Colorado Boulder.

Before and after: Unique changes spotted on comet 67p/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

(University of Maryland) A study published March 21, 2017 in the journal Science summarizes the types of surface changes observed during the two years that the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft spent investigating comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Show More Summary

Hubble spies distant spiral galaxy NGC 1448

4 days agoNews : The Raw Story

Nearly 50 million light-years from Earth, in the faint constellation of Horologium (also known as the Pendulum Clock), lies a spiral galaxy named NGC 1448. On Monday, NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) released an image of a section of the galaxy — one that shows it from a unique vantage...

BRB, Going Into (Virtual Reality) Space With NASA

Mission. ISS is the result of a collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency. Described as a "true-to-life simulation", as long as you have an Occulus Rift VR headset, you too can explore space and "experience the sensation of microgravity". More »      

Oculus Rift can now take you to the International Space Station

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Oculus has partnered with NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency to create an educational simulation of what it's like to be aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Mission: ISS allows you to virtually conduct...Show More Summary

Europe launches fourth Earth monitoring satellite

Europe launched a fourth satellite Tuesday for its Copernicus Earth-monitoring project to track changes in forest cover and air pollution, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced.

How ESA’s Sentinel-2B Will Deliver Unprecedented Earth Views | Video

The European Space Agency satellite is equipped with a high-swath, high-resolution and multi-spectral imager will provide a “a new perspective of our planet”, according to ESA. It is scheduled to launch atop a Vega rocket on Mar. 6, 2017.

Meet NGC 5907 X-1, the brightest and the farthest known pulsar

last monthNews : The Raw Story

Astronomers using the European Space Agency’s (ESA) XMM-Newton space telescope have discovered a pulsar nearly 50 million light-years from Earth. In a study published Monday in the journal Science, a team of researchers stated that not only is this pulsar the farthest one ever detected, it is also...

European Space Agency just gave away a bunch of space media for use

Quick — think about the planet you live on. What does Earth look like from above? Probably, some very clear imagery just popped into your head – iconic Apollo-era photography, or perhaps the more contemporary view of the planet from the orbit of the International Space Station. Show More Summary

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BASF and the European Space Agency to cooperate

European space agency to help NASA take humans beyond moon

The European Space Agency says it will contribute key components for a future NASA mission to take humans around the moon within the next few years.

Mars' Northern Ice Cap Looks Like a Gigantic Cinnamon Bun

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Using satellite data, the European Space Agency has produced a glorious new image of the swirling spirals at the north pole of Mars. The Red Planet has never looked more delicious. Read more...

ESA Announces Plans to Build a Temple on the Moon

While a group of college students is figuring out a way to brew beer and get drunk on the Moon, the European Space Agency is planning a place where repentant astronauts will be able to confess their sins of drunken debauchery. The ESA’s artist-in-residence (does NASA have...

ESA's "Moon Temple" -- Artist in Residence Designs Spiritual Center on Peaks of Eternal Light for Future Lunar Base (VIDEO)

The European Space Agency (ESA) has been very vocal about its intentions to create a 3D printed base on the moon, and the Shackleton Crater is one location that has been pinpointed as a promising one for a future settlement...      ...

Tim Peake set for return mission to International Space Station – video

British astronaut Tim Peake announces his plan to return to the International Space Station with the European Space Agency. Speaking at the Science Museum in London on Thursday, Peake says it is ‘only natural’ to want to return for a...Show More Summary

Lunar temple would make contemplation a truly far-out experience

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

The European Space Agency's artist in resident Jorge Mañes Rubio has released the conceptual design for a vast lunar temple. The 50 m (164 ft) tall dome-shaped temple would be a place of contemplation for future moon-dwellers... Continue...Show More Summary

Hawaiian Road Cut Off By Lava Flow Seen From Space | Video

The volcanoes of Big Island, Hawaii have been imaged by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Sentinel-2A satellite. A road along the coast line has been “discontinued” by a lava flow according to Kelsea Brennan-Wessels of ESA’s Earth From Space series.

Europe's Galileo satellites hit by anomalies

The European Space Agency says it has opened an investigation into anomalies that have affected five of the first 18 Galileo satellites in orbit.

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