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War Rocket Ajax #14: Dark Horse Editor Rachel Edidin on Breaking in to Comics [Podcast]

This week on ComicsAlliance's official podcast, we're pleased as punch to welcome Rachel Edidin, the Dark Horse Comics editor responsible for the print collections of Axe Cop, Finder and The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, as well as the newly... Read more Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments

Recipe Finder’s Search Engine Entering the Portal Niche announced on Friday that it publicly entered the recipe portal niche this month. The recipe portal niche has been fairly competitive over the past few months, with other sites such as Foodily and Supercook. Recipe Finder, however, has features that allow social sharing and menu planning simple and easy. There’s over 1 million recipes [...]Show More Summary

This iPhone Jailbreak Theme Needs To Be Seen To Be Believed (AAPL)

OS X Lion Ultimatum is simply the most impressive jailbreak theme we've ever seen. Click here to see pictures > If you've ever wanted an OS X clone on your iPhone, this is it. Check out the Finder windows, Mission Control functionality, Dashboard, Dock, and everything else that makes your Mac a Mac. Except now it's on your phone. Show More Summary

Recipe Finder, The Largest Recipe Search Engine, Launches Today

Facebook and Google+ may be the biggest things online today, but there is no doubt that there are a lot of other niches catching the attention of the masses. Of those niches, portals that focus on lifestyle – cooking, health, fitness, etc. – continue to draw considerable traffic. No surprise there, considering that the online [...]

Books Set Free

The Guardian will unleash 15,000 books on the Brits in a Book Swap to kick off their six-week autumn books season. Readers and writers can also give away their favorites with an embedded message for the finder. If you are in the UK, keep your eyes open, since this weekend the books “will be left [...]

Parallels Desktop 7 Update Fixes File Fault & Full Disk Encryption Problems – Get It Now!

Late yesterday I reported that Parallels Desktop 7 users were experiencing a mysterious problem that required them to log into and restart their Mac notebooks twice before being able to use the Finder Desktop. Parallels has released an update that resolves this really annoying problem. So if you haven’t installed it yet launch Parallels Desktop 7 [...]

How To Find Cheap Airfare Tickets & Save On Your Travel Costs With Bing Price Predictor

When it comes to travel, Microsoft Bing gives us a better deal than Google. Google has a cool tool in the experimental Google Hotel Finder. You can also use Google to do a quick flight search by typing in something like flight New York to London and get a scheduled flight list. Show More Summary

50 new exoplanets discovered by HARPS

The HARPS spectrograph on the 3.6-metre telescope at ESO's La Silla Observatory in Chile is the world's most successful planet finder [1]. The HARPS team, led by Michel Mayor (University of Geneva, Switzerland), today announced the discovery of more than 50 new exoplanets orbiting nearby stars, including sixteen super-Earths [2]. Show More Summary

Fixing Finder Annoyances In OS X Lion [Video How-To]

Ever since the switch to OS X Lion, there’s been a few little tweaks in the Finder that have annoyed me. Perhaps it’s just that I don’t like change, but either way, I went about looking how to fix these problems. In this video, I’ll show you how to fix little annoyances you may have [...]

BlackBerry App of the Week: Bar Finder Guides You to the Best Watering Holes in Town

Bar Finder is a simple app that does one thing, and does it well. It finds you places where you can get a pint and take the edge off, anywhere you are. The app claims to find the best and most famous bars in whatever city you happen to find yourself, and provide you with [...]

PriceBlink, The Best Automatic Coupon Finder?

6 years agoTechnology :

You can save lots of money with coupons. As a webmaster, I have to buy and renew domain names and web hosting on a regular basis. Take the popular domain registrar Godaddy for instance. A registration at the registrar sets you back $9.99 currently. If you use a coupon, you can register the [...]

Will Recargo’s iPhone App Relieve EV Range Anxiety?

Will Recargo’s iPhone App Relieve EV Range Anxiety? Battery-powered cars’ marketplace success may depend on a solution. Herman K. Trabish, July 5, 2011 (Greentech Media)The electric vehicle (EV) charging station finder provided through...Show More Summary

Consolidate A Group of Files And Folders Into A New Folder in Lion [OS X Tips]

Today the tip is for all you neat freaks out there. I get pretty sloppy when I’m working on a project and I tend to leave a bunch of different files on my Finder desktop. I tend to gather all these up after I complete the  project and later I throw them into a folder. I [...]

Three ways to fix OS X Lion's Finder sidebar

Tired of Devices being relegated to the bottom? Regain control of Lion’s Finder sidebar by tweaking the sidebarlists.plist file in XML.

Google Hotel Finder Rocks The Boat For Kayak, Priceline

While the online travel industry was watching out for Google's next flight search product leveraging the recently acquired ITA software’s flight search data, the leading search engine threw in a surprise with the launch of a hotel search tool called Hotel Finder.

ANiMiX Finder no Hyoteki DVD News

The b-boy website has announced hot news on Friday (with emphasis on the word HOT)! The very long wait for the ANiMiX "Finder no Hyouteki” DVD looks to finally be over with a projected release at the end of this year. Note that this is not an anime film of Ayano Yamane’s popular yaoi series. Show More Summary

Reveal The Finder Dock and App Menus in Full Screen Apps In Lion [OS X Tips]

I like the full screen mode that apps can run in on Mac OS X Lion, but if you are just now experimenting with this new feature you may feel a little lost. The reason you might feel lost is because while apps run in full screen mode a lot of navigations elements are missing. [...]

Hurricane Irene: Magic Lines

The city’s Hurricane Zone Finder brings you to a map with a different color for each zone, and parts of town look like a patchwork quilt. My building is Zone C—not a big problem. Directly...

The Radar: Girl’s Guide to India, Google Hotel Finder, Noise Canceling Headphones

The Radar: Top travel news, stories, trends, and ideas from across the web. Got Radar? Follow us on Twitter @NatGeoTraveler and tag your favorite travel stories from the web #ngtradar. Check back the next day for our daily roundup.

"Relative Finder" and Show the Future of Social Genealogy

Family History, or Genealogy as it is also known, is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. There's something fascinating about learning whom your ancestors are and where you come from. In a way, we all want to figure out how we're linked together as a world. Show More Summary

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