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The China-Panic Trade Is Back

Once again the fears over China's slowdown, global growth faltering, and the fallacy of US analyst hockey sticks are biting at the ankles of fiction-peddling talking heads. With copper plunging and the USD Index resurgent, as Bloomberg's...Show More Summary

More Frogs Boiling—–Why Trillion Dollar Deficits Are Coming Back Soon

Yesterday I noted that the frogs of Wall Street linger in the boiling pot because they are under the delusion that stocks are cheap based on the sell-side hockey sticks that always show $135 per share of S&P earnings and a 15X multiple in the next year ahead. Show More Summary

Jay Beagle Got Hockey Sticks Stuck In His Helmet And Skate

last monthSports : Deadspin

Capitals center Jay Beagle found a way to get a hockey stick stuck in his equipment on two separate occasions in Thursday’s game against the Penguins. The first was a remarkable fluke; the second was a beneficial one. Read more...

Capitals player tries everything to get a rogue stick out of his visor, fails miserably

Hockey equipment fails are the best. Visors are so great for hockey players. They catch almost every puck that gets fired or deflected right at your eyeballs! Unfortunately, they sometimes catch sticks too. Washington Capitals forward...Show More Summary

LTE Market Status, the Tie-In to VoLTE, and the Importance of 3G Interoperability

On March 7, the GSA put out a press release confirming that 2015 ended with over 1 billion LTE subscriptions. This is a hockey stick unlike other mobile hockey sticks. And if you want to see the GSA LTE subscription hockey stick, you can get it if you register at the site. Show More Summary

How to hustle your way to growth

With the advent and proliferation of “growth hacking”, many products are launching with hopes of leveraging data, A/B tests, and viral loops to manufacture a hockey stick growth curve. It’s easy to think you can growth hack your way into an overnight success, but in practice it rarely works out that way. Show More Summary

Kris Letang Tried To Chop Viktor Stalberg's Head Off With His Stick

last monthSports : Deadspin

Kris Letang is clearly excited for Game of Thrones to come back this weekend, because he used his hockey stick like a goddamn battle ax here and went straight for the jugular. The Penguins beat the Rangers 3-1 on goals and 1-0 on attempted decapitations. Read more...

A Wall Street Witches Brew——Hockey Sticks And Financial Engineering Games

In a nearby post Jeff Snider makes a clean kill of the sell side hockey stick. Just 22 months ago (June 2014), Wall Street projected GAAP earnings of $144.60 per share for the S&P 500 in 2015. Needless to say, that was off by a country mile. Show More Summary

A financial hockey stick

Yesterday I was at the 31st annual NBER conference on macroeconomics (along with fellow blogger Mark Thoma). Among the many interesting contributions was development of an extended data set on 25 different indicators for 17 advanced economies going back to 1870 by Jorda, Schularick and Taylor (2016). The authors described one of their findings as […]

Duncan Keith Ejected For Swinging Stick at Charlie Coyle’s Face (Video)

2 months agoSports : Total Pro Sports

You can commit many violent acts in the game of hockey without getting ejected, but swinging your stick at someone’s face is not one of them. Chicago Blackhawks all-star defenseman Duncan Keith was reminded of this very lesson on Tuesday night, when he was assessed a match penalty and ejected from the Hawks’ game against Minnesota after […]

Jonathan Quick just made the best stick save you'll see in hockey

Holy moly, you guys. We may have a winner for save of the year, folks. Jonathan Quick just did the equivalent of a goaltending mic drop in the dying seconds of a 2-2 tied second period against the Sharks. Quick completely does the splits...Show More Summary

Eric Staal doesn't need both hands on his stick to score a goal

The Rangers newest acquisition is asserting himself early. Normally hockey players get the best results when they use both hands on their hockey stick. Not Eric Staal, who scored his second in a Rangers uniform since being traded toShow More Summary

Michael Mann bemoans Lack of Interest in Climate Change

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Michael Mann, inventor of the climate Hockey Stick, is dismayed that despite the best efforts of Democrat candidates to promote climate issues, nobody seems to be interested. Climate change may be a burning issue – but election campaign tells another story As Alaskans choose their Democratic nominee after a winter…

Claim: Human-driven carbon release rate unprecedented in past 66 million years

From NSF and the 66 million year old mud department comes yet another hockey stick making proxy. So far, the reliability of proxies has been questionable at best, and it seems to me they found exactly what they expected to find. They are using climate models to estimate lead/lag times, so the obvious question is,…

Market Price Risk, The Hockey Stick PPA, & Corporate Renewable Energy

Originally published on RMI Outlet. By Paolo Natali, Ph.D., Luke Marriott, and Scott Shander In November 2015, more than 140 participants in the corporate renewable energy market gathered in New York City. They came together under the...Show More Summary

Pentagon Funds Human-Sized Walking Robot

Todd Krainin, Reason: In what could be the last time that a human taunts a robot with a hockey stick and lives to brag about it, the latest demonstration of the Atlas Robot has prompted renewed fears about the future of intelligent machines. Show More Summary

Idaho Defends Crucial Parental Right To Let Own Kids Die For Funsies

3 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

Oh, Idaho. Poor, sad, desperately WTF Idaho, the Florida of the part of the country you always forget exists. What the H-E-double hockey sticks are you up to now? Oh, just protecting the right of parents to let their children die, out of the most batshit possible interpretation of the words “religious freedom.” No big. Idaho’s long

A response to being Mann-handled

Full Disclosure – by Tim Ball and Anthony Watts In a recent set of Tweets (seen in the image above)  Dr. Michael Mann of ‘hockey stick’ infamy, accused Tim Ball and Anthony Watts of supporting the theories of Immanuel Velikovsky. He based his claim on an article about scientific elitism I wrote that Anthony Watts…

NHL Thursday: Rangers try to salvage a frustrating game in Pittsburgh

The Penguins are poised to gain some valuable ground in the Eastern Conference with a win on Thursday. Stick gripping in hockey is fundamental. If you grip your stick too tightly in hockey you lose some control. If your grip is too loose...Show More Summary

Sabres winger gets his stick knocked high into the air but catches it anyways

Reflexes like a cat. Stick gripping in hockey is fundamental. If you grip your stick too tightly in hockey you lose some control. If your grip is too loose you leave yourself open to hilarious stick lifts. Calgary Flames defenseman Jyrki...Show More Summary

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