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Book Review: The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars

Michael Mann has arguably been subjected to more abuse than any other scientist in modern history. For over a decade he has endured an unimaginable torrent of hate and vitriol inflamed by fossil-fuel-funded interests, politicians, and...Show More Summary

Bootstrapped and massively profitable, ZipRecruiter steps out of the shadows to reveal its true might

How do you hide a massively profitable, $50-plus million dollar revenue business with hockey stick growth and more than 130 employees in plain sight? Judging by ZipRecruiter’s absolute dearth of coverage in mainstream tech or business press, the answer is to occupy a classically unsexy category and bootstrap your way to success. The final key may be to not...

First black female student-president at N.J. prep school quits over 'offensive' photos

Maya Peterson resigned from the prestigious position at Lawrenceville School after images of her holding a hockey stick, while wearing L.L. Bean duck boots and a Yale sweatshirt, went viral.

HOCKEY STICK: Spending by the IRS, 1970-2014. Hey, those lame Star Trek videos don’t shoot themsel…

HOCKEY STICK: Spending by the IRS, 1970-2014. Hey, those lame Star Trek videos don’t shoot themselves.

On ‘denying’ Hockey Sticks, USHCN data, and all that – part 2

In part one of this essay which you can see here, I got quite a lot of feedback on both sides of the climate debate. Some people thought that I was spot on with criticisms while others thought I had … Continue reading ?

AT&T Mobility's Mansfield sees steady increase in small cell deployments

Gordon Mansfield, AT&T Mobility's AVP--Small Cell Solutions, who also serves as the chairman of the Small Cell Forum, is sharing his view on small cell adoption. While he does not see the hockey stick ramp some are predicting, he said there "is steady progress, steady increases in volumes of shipments."

Don Boudreaux on the Hockey Stick of Human Prosperity

(June 26, 2014 11:45 AM, by Art Carden) Don Boudreaux of George Mason University and Cafe Hayek offers a short discussion of the explosion in standards of living over the last few centuries, courtesy of Marginal Revolution University:... (0 COMMENTS)

The Hockey Stick of Human Prosperity

We are pleased to announce a brand new course at MRUniversity, Everyday Economics. The new course will cover some of the big ideas in economics but applied to everyday questions. The first section, premiering now and rolling out over the next several weeks, features Don Boudreaux on trade. Tyler will appear in a future section […]

On ‘denying’ Hockey Sticks, USHCN data, and all that – part 1

One of the things I am often accused of is “denying” the Mann hockey stick. And, by extension, the Romm Hockey stick that Mann seems to embrace with equal fervor. While I don’t “deny” these things exist, I do dispute … Continue reading ?

Controlling the faceoff circle is the game within the game of hockey

His hands gripped the hockey stick a little tighter as he glided into the faceoff circle.

Niklas Hjalmarsson throws Dustin Brown's stick down the ice

Niklas Hjalmarsson was fed up with Dustin Brown, so he threw his stick down the ice. That's a penalty. The NHL playoffs have given us some strange hockey the past two nights. After the Canadiens and Rangers played a thrilling -- andShow More Summary

IMF Un-Credibility Watch: Ukraine Edition

The IMF has lied (about 'not' proposing a 71% income tax) and has been shown as a serial over-optimistic forecaster (world growth disappointments and hockey sticks) but the simply incredible hope that Christine Lagarde's PhDs created in their growth expectations for Ukraine make their Greece "Oops" moment look like nothing. Show More Summary

Basketball Is Much Better With The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Casey Jones replaced his hockey stick with a pair of basketball shoes for this one, to join the Turtles and play basketball in this NBA 2K14 mod by MkEliteWorksX. Read more...

Climategate, 'The Spirit Level', the Hockey Stick – and now Thomas Piketty. Lefties sure do have a way with numbers

What are we learning from the row over the statistical methods used by rock-star Leftish economist Thomas Piketty in his new "Tax everyone, everywhere" book? Well: nothing we've not learned before. The first and important point to make is that the FT has done us a service, by subjecting the book to the sort of [...]

Tuesday "Hockey Stick" Humor

"Faith" in America's central planners goes from the sublime to the ridiculous... h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer

Michael Mann Is A Liar and a Cheat. Here’s Why.

(John Hinderaker) Michael Mann is one of the most partisan advocates for the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming theory. He is controversial for several reasons: he invented thehockey stick” graph, which was intended to showShow More Summary

Chicken hockey returns to Lord of the Rings Online

Even Hobbits need to pick on something smaller than they are, which is why the little folk (and the big 'uns too) are glad that they now can smack chickens across a field with a stick in Lord of the Rings Online. Hobnanigans, also known as "chicken ball" and "chicken hockey," is returning to LotRO for a limited time event. Show More Summary

I’ve been waiting for this statement, and the National Climate Assessment has helpfully provided it

The National Climate Assessment report denies that siting and adjustments to the national temperature record has anything to do with increasing temperature trends. Note the newest hockey stick below. h/t to Steve Milloy Source: httpShow More Summary

Rangers capitalize after blown hand pass call

It's not a hand pass if you use your stick to pass it. It's hard to imagine the Pittsburgh Penguins playing a worse period of hockey than they did in the first period against the New York Rangers in Game 1 of their second round series. Show More Summary

Nobody Expects the Climate Inquisition

Josh writes: I thought the National Review article, The Climate Inquisitor posted on BishopHill, was worth a cartoon. H/t Rick Cina in the comments for the peer-reviewed critiques of Mann’s hockey sticks. Cartoons by Josh

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