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Capone's Art-House Round-Up with SAINT LAURENT, WHEN MARNIE WAS THERE, SUNSHINE SUPERMAN, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE III, and THE CHAMBERMAID Read the full article on AICN Hey, folks. Capone in Chicago here, with a few films that are making...Show More Summary

San Andreas, Aloha, Saint Laurent, When Marnie Was There, Sunshine Superman, Human Centipede III & The Chambermaid

5 hours agoUnited States / Chicago : A/C

San Andreas If you think too hard about what's really going on in director Brad Peyton's San Andreas, you'll likely realize just how fucked up the plot is. Dwayne Johnson plays Ray, a L.A. Fire Department rescue-chopper pilot so daring...

Capone completes his own Final Sequence with THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE III writer-director Tom Six

Capone completes his own Final Sequence with THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE III writer-director Tom Six Read the full article on AICN Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. I have a very clear memory of meeting Netherlands-born writer-director Tom...Show More Summary

Dissection of the Human Centipede Trilogy

The Human Centipede has become somewhat of of a horror cult classic. Not in the same class as The Evil Dead or Night of the Living Dead series, but it...

Tom Six Is Going to Try and Shock Us Again (Sigh.)

I’ve always supported Tom Six’s Human Centipede films, understanding exactly what his intent behind the shock value was. And because the first two films carried real social commentary to go along with a unique filmmaking style, they’re both winners in my book. But with Human Centipede 3 it started to feel as if Six was […]

Human Centipede creator Tom Six plans to organize The Onania Club

With THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 (FINAL SEQUENCE) having been released in theatres and on VOD last weekend, series writer/director Tom Six has been making the press rounds. When asked by TheWrap what's next for him, he at first gave the...Show More Summary

Film Review: The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)

The series' conclusion commits the greatest offense of all: being boring.

The 10 Funniest Lines From Reviews Of Human Centipede 3

The Human Centipede 3 reviews are in and…they're bad. In fact, they are, as Jack MacFarlane on Will & Grace might say, Mariah-Carey-in-Glitter bad. Not so much in the way of, if one more word is uttered my heart won’t go on, but more in the “if you hate movies, and you find sexual assault funny,” sort of way. Show More Summary

The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence Review: No. Nope. Uh-uh.

No. Nope. Uh-uh. In case you were expecting director Tom Six’s sicko human-anus-to-mouth-stitching horror saga to suddenly become better, or at least tolerable, by its third installment, let me just shatter your dreams right now. Human Centipede 3 is the worst of the lot. Is that even possible? Apparently, it is. Maybe... More »

Film Review: 'The Human Centipede 3'

Who would have imagined back in 2009 that six years later people would be watching and discussing a third "Human Centipede" movie? Besides the series' writer and director Tom Six, of course. Most viewers would have found it unbelievable that such an absurd premise could be stretched into a viable indie film franchise. Show More Summary

The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)

Note: Roger Ebert didn't give "Human Centipede (First Sequence)" a star rating because "The star rating system is unsuited to this film." Not much has changed, unfortunately. "Human Centipede 3" is gross, though that's not an inherently commendable or noteworthy quality given the previous two "Human Centipede" films. Show More Summary

Human Centipede director proud of achievement

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

The director of the Human Centipede series of films, wherein humans are surgically attached ass-to-mouth to—sigh, you know—is "very proud" of his work: "art should do something to people." In an interview with Vice's Allison Van Siclen, Tom Six adds that everyone can relate to human centipede. Read the rest

'The Human Centipede III' continues down depraved, rancid path

If you hate movies, and you find sexual assault funny, "The Human Centipede III: Final Sequence" should meet your needs.

Human Centipede 3? Makes Me Happy to Announce How Terrible It Is

The tremendously disgusting things gushing like from a volcano out of Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) are not what ruin the movie. The fun of gross-out cinema is to be...

"I Don't Like Human Beings": A Chat with The Human Centipede's Tom Six

When I posted the trailer for The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) earlier this month, I jokingly wrote in the headline that the trailer “proposes a solution to prison overcrowding.” It turns out that maybe that’s not a joke—DutchShow More Summary

The Oral History of the Human Centipede Movies (It’s Pretty Gross)

In the late ’00s, at the height of horror’s lazy regress into found-footage knockoffs, lazy torture porn, and teen-slasher remakes, Dutch writer-director-provocateur Tom Six and his co-producer wife Ilona decided that the genre must die so that he might bring it back to, frankly, disgusting life. The murder weapon? 2009's... More »

Movie Review: As with all trolls, it’s best to ignore The Human Centipede III

Listing the various ways in which The Human Centipede III deliberately provokes its audience by means of racial slurs, offensive stereotypes, and disgustingly detailed rape scenes only plays into director Tom Six’s clear intent to troll critics, so just take it on faith that all that is there. Show More Summary

The Human Centipede III: Final Sequence (Movie Review)

PLOT: Inspired by the odious first two HUMAN CENTIPEDE films, a wicked warden at a fledgling U.S. prison vows to keep his inmates in line, literally, by fusing the entire population into a 500-man centipede. REVIEW: Four years afterShow More Summary

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