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Small Town Monsters: Casefiles – The Mothman’s Lair

In 1966 and 1967 a red-eyed, winged being was seen over 100 times near the town of Point Pleasant, WV. Many of the most infamous sightings occurred in and around an abandoned munitions manufacturing facility known as the TNT area. Now, learn about the truly bizarre history of this location; from it's hidden native burial sites to its ties to Area 51!

Mothman: From ’66 to the ’67 Bridge Collapse

In just a few days from now, it will be fifty years since the Silver Bridge of Point Pleasant, West Virginia crashed into the cold waters of the Ohio River, drowning dozens of people. It’s an event that many researchers and locals have suggested was connected to the presence of the legendary Mothman. There can... Read more »

Terror Films Releasing Two Mythical Creature Documentaries: ‘Boggy Creek Monster’ and ‘The Mothman of Point Pleasant

Terror Films, in association with documentary filmmaker Seth Breedlove, is widening the platform availability of two creature myth documentaries. The documentaries are titled: Boggy Creek Monster and The Mothman of Point Pleasant. Both films will begin their release expansion on Tuesday, November 21st. Boggy Creek Monster documents the legend of the Fouke Monster – a […]

Two Famous Creatures Return to VOD: Boggy Creek Monster and The Mothman of Point Pleasant

3 weeks agoGenres / Horror : 28DLA

Terror Films is re-releasing Seth Breedlove's: Boggy Creek Monster and The Mothman of Point Pleasant through Video-on-demand. These two documentaries cover strange creatures, who have been sighted or encountered by locals. Some say one of these monsters still exist, to this day. Show More Summary

The Chicago Phantom: Signs of the Times?

By Albert S. Rosales - Back in the late 60’s, 1966-67 to be exact, Point Pleasant, West Virginia had its winged humanoid, or the 'Mothman' as it was named by the great Fortean researcher John Keel (John Alva Kiehl).The encounters of this winged anomaly were accompanied by other strange phenomena, UFOs, mutilations, MIB’s, etc. Show More Summary

The Other Monsters of Point Pleasant

Make mention of Point Pleasant, West Virginia to people with an interest in the paranormal and the field of cryptozoology, and it will almost certainly provoke images and tales of the legendary Mothman. It was a red-eyed, winged beast that haunted the town and its people from late 1966 to December 1967. But, did you... Read more »

Mothman, The Silver Bridge, And A Terrible Anniversary

In less than two months we’ll see an anniversary of tragic proportions. It was on the evening of December 15, 1967 that Point Pleasant, West Virginia’s Silver Bridge plunged into the churning waters of the Ohio River. Forty-six people lost their lives when their vehicles plummeted into the water. Forty-four bodies were recovered; two were... Read more »

The Mothman of Point Pleasant Film Premieres at Mothman Festival Event

This weekend The Mothman Festival once again descends upon downtown Point Pleasant. While the town is no stranger to large crowds of paranormal enthusiasts and fun-seekers alike, this year's event might push the attendance to record heights. Show More Summary

Maine’s first International Crypto Con. Dogmen? Check. Bigfoot? You bet.

It starts bright and early with lake monsters and wraps up more than 12 hours later with the first New England screening of "The Mothman of Pleasant Point."

The Invasion on Chestnut Ridge

A new film titled Invasion on Chestnut Ridge (from the creators of the just-released documentary, The Mothman of Point Pleasant) now has a trailer. “Invasion” tells the true story of one of the more bizarre places in America, and the unusual activity that has taken place there for decades. Show More Summary

Weekend 2 Cents: 'The Mothman of Point Pleasant' Live-Stream at -- 'Chicago Phantom' Update

OK folks...Small Town Monsters' production of The Mothman of Point Pleasant is now available for live-streaming at I have seen the film, and I highly recommend it. Seth Breedlove and his crew have created a remarkable documentary...the best I have seen on the subject of Mothman and the flying humanoid phenomenon. Show More Summary

Learn What Locals Think of theMothman’ in This New Doc

One of the craziest true stories is that of the Mothman, an entity that talked the small town of Point Pleasant, WV, ending with a horrific disaster. There have been various movies about the creature, including the excellent Mothman Prophecies. But the biggest angle that’s omitted from the majority of them is that this Mothman […]

The Mothman of Point Pleasant Released Today!

The Mothman of Point Pleasant is a new documentary examining one of America's most notorious urban legends. The film hits DVD, Amazon and Vimeo OnDemand TODAY.

Daily 2 Cents: Bizarre Entity Attachment Observed -- 'The Mothman of Point Pleasant' -- Arcane Radio...'PA. Bigfoot Camping Adventure' Review

Bizarre Entity Attachment ObservedI recently received the following account:Hello,I was at a Korean community grocery store in Sept 2015. I went to buy some items and as I was approaching the counter to pay, I noticed this twitchy small woman (young in mid twenties I'm guessing) but she looked like she was in the DT's in need of a fix. Show More Summary

The Mothman of Point Pleasant’ Reviewed

Whether you’re a Mothman aficionado or you don’t know Point Pleasant from a porch light, a new documentary about the famous flying cryptid, the city and the people it profoundly changed, the tragedy it is forever linked to and the 50-year quest to solve the many mysteries...

The Mothman of Point Pleasant reviewed by Loren Coleman

The Small Town Monsters film production group delivers another outstanding documentary film about cryptozoology at the ground level, in the nonfiction countryside of America.

The Mothman of Point Pleasant’ Trailer Suggests Close Encounters with the Third Kind (Exclusive)

I’m obsessed with theMothman”, a winged creature with beaming red eyes that typical appears before a major disaster. They once made an excellent movie about it, The Mothman Prophecies, which starred Richard Gere as a reporter who is drawn to a small West Virginia town to investigate a series of strange events, including psychic visions […]

Point Pleasant: More Than Just Mothman?

I trekked to Point Pleasant in 2013, fully expecting to be following the path of the legendary Mothman, but I ran into something I was not expecting.... As my co-researcher/co-author and me were crossing the bridge into Point Pleasant, I had my camera going as I steered and she was filming too. Show More Summary

Last Call for Small Town Monsters Mothman and Kecksburg Kickstarter

The Mothman of Point Pleasant details a thirteen month span of time that kicked off in November of 1966 with the first sightings of a bizarre, winged, man-like creature in the small town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia and ended in 1967 with the collapse of the Silver Bridge. Show More Summary

The Mothman of Point Pleasant Is Revealed

The Mothman of Point Pleasant will tell the truly bizarre story of thirteen months that changed the town of Point Pleasant forever. It promises the first in-depth, chronological look at not just the Mothman-creature encounters but all...Show More Summary

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