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Councilman Awarded $30,000 In Settlement With NYC Over OWS Arrest

A City Councilmember who was roughed up and wrongfully arrested when police cleared the Occupy Wall Street camp in 2011 has been awarded a $30K settlement. [ more › ]

Milne & Miller: Taxation's Troubling Toxicity

Janet E. Milne (Vermont) & Jack Miller (Vermont), Taxation's Troubling Toxicity: Occupy Wall Street spurred cries of indignation, including calls to reform the tax code. This article examines the difficulty of raising taxes in the United States at a time when the federal government faces many needs and new taxes...

Exploring theOccupy’ Protest

A new Occupy Wall Street tour led by Michael Pellagatti will include stops at Zuccotti Park, Bowling Green and Foley Square.

Activists think they found a way to convince Democrats to stay away from 'toxic' hedge fund money

A group of liberal operatives in Washington and New York are trying to convince the Democratic Party that it has a hedge fund problem. A new effort backed by teachers' unions and Occupy Wall Street is trying to make a case that the unions have long sought to make: Charter schools are a wolf — or, in this case, billionaires — in sheep's clothing. Show More Summary

“I found myself turning into an idiot!”: David Graeber explains the life-sapping reality of bureaucratic life

The activist-academic and Occupy Wall Street champion tells Salon about his new book on the bureaucratic state

High-Ranking Counterterrorism Cop Sued For Randomly Arresting Protester

Three years ago, a small group of Occupy Wall Street protesters stood in Zuccotti Park shortly after midnight and watched the NYPD handcuff eight demonstrators for no apparent reason. None of the arresting officers would tell us why the protesters were being singled out, but that night NYPD Inspector Salvatore DiPace, Jr. Show More Summary

The Illegitimacy of Student Loan Debt

This past week Strike Debt, an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street that has focused its energy and resources on debt relief and resistance, announced a student debt strike by the Corinthian 15, a group of former students of the for-profit...Show More Summary

Veronique De Rugy on the Young Getting Screwed by Seniors

last monthNews : Reason

Remember Occupy Wall Street, when thousands across the country took to the streets, sleeping in tents to protest the ultra-rich 1 percent? The occupiers' frustration was real, but their ire was misdirected, writes Veronique de Rugy in...Show More Summary

2nd Cir. Panel Reverses Itself on Occupy Wall Street Arrests

A peculiar bit of appellate procedure attended the issuance of an amended opinion in Garcia v. Does, the "Occupy Wall Street" case in which Occupy protesters claimed they were escorted onto the Brooklyn Bridge by police, then arrested when they were halfway across. Though the protesters won in federal district......

I’ll still be so pissed if student loans are forgiven.

Back in the Occupy Wall Street hayday, Circa 2011, I wrote my 8th most popular post ever. It was simply titled “I’ll be so pissed if Student loans are forgiven“. Yesterday I read an article by the New Yorker titled “A Student-Debt Revolt Begins“. Here’s a snippet from the article, but make sure to click […]

“More than just Wall Street”: How the Occupy movement penetrated America — and what it means today

Michael Gould-Wartofsky tells Salon about his new in-depth history of the Occupy phenomenon's history -- and future

Court Dismisses Occupy Wall Street's Brooklyn Bridge Lawsuit

last monthNews : Huffington Post

NEW YORK -- In a surprising about-face, a federal appeals court has dismissed a lawsuit brought by Occupy Wall Street demonstrators against the New York City Police Department over mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge. Many of the more than 700 marchers arrested said they were essentially tricked onto the iconic span by police in October 2011. Show More Summary

'Age of Acquiescence' examines America's second Gilded Age

Remember Occupy Wall Street? Steve Fraser does — he opens his book on our current state of popular political paralysis by recalling the "millions of 'occupiers' in a thousand cities" who in fall 2011 chanted "We are the 99 percent." His question is not what Occupy wanted or why it...

Remembering Occupy Wall Street: America’s Favorite ‘Terrorists’

There is a reason these terrorists are no longer obstructing commerce in your local financial district. Occupy Wall Street exposed a flaw in the American system, a system allegedly designed for the tired, the poor, the huddled masses “yearning to breathe free.”

If Israel ceased to exist would antisemitism suddenly disappear?

Antisemite attacks Jew at Occupy Wall Street rally We’ve all heard the refrain from anti-Israeli protesters. “Jewish people yes! Zionists no!” As if there’s a difference. Now, a judge in Germany of all places, says one is the same as the other. Show More Summary

Income Inequality Is Irrelevant: North Dakota Has 6th Highest Threshold For “1%”

Fargo Forum reporter, and Occupy Wall Street enthusiast, Patrick Springer has an article today about income inequality in North Dakota, noting that the state has the 6th highest income threshold for inclusion in 1 percent. The maligned 1 percent, according to Springer: Membership in the much-maligned top 1 percent of income earners in North Dakota would...

Occupied By Wall StreetThe Latest TARP Taxpayer Screw-Job Is Revealed

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, The Treasury-created market has benefited a few savvy investors, while saddling taxpayers with a loss. Three private funds, which the report didn’t name, have won almost half the...Show More Summary

Occupy Wall Street, Distributive Justice, and Tax Scholarship

Patrick Crawford (Crawford Tax Law Group, Los Angeles), Occupy Wall Street, Distributive Justice, and Tax Scholarship: An Ideology Critique of the Consumption Tax Debate, 12 U. N.H. L. Rev. 137 (2014): This Article argues that the pro-consumption tax literature is wrong to claim that no legitimate fairness objections to the...

Occupy may be about to win its first national election — in Greece

Occupy Wall Street petered out here, but the fight against neoliberalism's "tough luck" attitude lives on in Greece

OWS Protesters Score $142,500 Settlement From NYC

Three Occupy Wall Street protesters have netted a sizable settlement from the city after filing a lawsuit saying they were brutalized by police officers. [ more › ]

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