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Limbaugh: The Pollsters Are Not ‘Showing the Race as It Is’ Yet, But They Will Soon

5 days agoNews : Mediaite

Rush Limbaugh believes the pollsters are not yet reflecting reality, but they will...

Rush Limbaugh: Hurricanes Are A Liberal Plot To Perpetuate Global Warming Myth

As millions of East Coast residents fled their homes this week, Rush Limbaugh went on the air to declare hurricanes a liberal plot designed to perpetuate the myth of global warming. On The Rush Limbaugh Show, the conservative talk show host suggested the National Hurricane Center was “playing games” with hurricane forecasting so the liberal... Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh Thinks Hurricanes Are Part Of A Left-Wing Conspiracy

2 weeks agoNews : Huffington Post

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh suggested this week that the National Hurricane Center was “playing games” with its forecasts to cause false alarms and scare people into believing in climate change. “It’s in the interest of...Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh: ‘As a Citizen, I Was Embarrassed’ by the VP Debate

2 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Rush Limbaugh went on a massive rant on his radio show today about how "embarrassed" he was by the VP debate last night.

Glenn Beck On Cruz Endorsement Of Trump: 'Disappointment Does Not Begin To Describe'

Senator Ted Cruz was the embodiment of everything conservative talk show hosts like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh had hoped for. Sen. Cruz had been working his entire career to be president and they believed Cruz was channeling the spirit...Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh shames 'conservative intellectuals' for 'holier-than-thou attitude' about Donald Trump

Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday devoted a large portion of his nationally syndicated radio show to shaming conservative media “intellectuals” for refusing to support Republican nominee Donald Trump. The king of conservative talk radio praised...Show More Summary

New T-Shirt Shows Solidarity With Lesbian Farmers

The shirt was inspired by Rush Limbaugh's assertion that the Obama administration is flooding conservative rural areas with liberal lesbians.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Who knew Trump would be the one to convert GOP base to supporting amnesty?

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh on Thursday noted the irony in Donald Trump being the person to persuade the Republican base into supporting amnesty. "Could you imagine what it's like to be Jeb Bush today? Who knew? Limbaugh said, pausing to laugh. Show More Summary

Lesbian farmers are taking over the country, if you believe Rush Limbaugh

The frothy-mouthed radio personality painted a dystopian picture of our agricultural future on his show last week. (Actually, it sounds OK.)

Limbaugh: CNN’s Losing Viewers Because It’s ‘All Trump Bashing’ All the Time

2 months agoNews : Mediaite

Rush Limbaugh went after CNN on his radio show today and started out by saying, "Hey, CNN, you're falling to third place for a reason."

Limbaugh Cites NewsBusters Post, Reflects On How His Show Went National

One of NewsBusters’ most prominent readers, Rush Limbaugh, gave us a shout-out Monday during his radio program as he reflected on his success and longevity (next Monday, The Rush Limbaugh Show marks its 28th anniversary in national syndication). Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Is A ‘Bigot’ Who Tried To Stop a Black Guy and A Jewish Guy From Becoming President: Rush Limbaugh

Commenting on the Wikileaks #DNCLeaks controversy, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh today joked that Hillary Clinton was a bigot because of the political campaigns that she waged against Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders. Today...Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh Fantazies About Left Wing Violence If Trump Wins

Last week, Rush Limbaugh used the violent events that occurred immediately after President Obama was elected president and rewrote them to fit his conservative narrative on his talk show. In our book, "Over The Cliff," David and I chronicled...Show More Summary

Limbaugh: Lynch Meeting Shows ‘We Are Being Played’ by the Clintons

4 months agoNews : Mediaite

Rush Limbaugh today said that the Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton meeting shows that the American people are once again being played by the Clintons.

Limbaugh: Hillary as Nominee Shows Democrats ‘Don’t Care How Corrupt Their Leaders Are’

4 months agoNews : Mediaite

Rush Limbaugh said today that Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee is proof that the entire party has stopped caring about whether their leaders are corrupt.

Rush Limbaugh: Evolution is False Because That Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Never Turned Into a Human

Rush Limbaugh, whose science degree I assume is lost in the mail somewhere, announced on his show yesterday that evolution must be false because Harambe, the gorilla who was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo over the weekend, never turned into a human.

Confused Rush Limbaugh thinks evolution is a hoax because Cincinnati gorilla never became human

5 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh suggested this week that evolution was a hoax because a gorilla that was recently killed at the Cincinnati Zoo never “became one of us.” On his Tuesday radio show, the conservative host opined that PETA activists opposing the capture of animals...

Are Rush Limbaugh and Talk Radio in Trouble?

Politico Magazine has a story right now that purports to show that Rush Limbaugh’s business model is in financial trouble. I am no expert on the radio business but I suspect that the article points out a real phenomenon that exists but gets the cause all wrong. Show More Summary

Limbaugh: Why Not Legalize Rape?

Rush Limbaugh is weirdly obsessed with rape and bathrooms, have you noticed? In his Friday show, he went off on a rant about how rape should be made legal since bathrooms are no longer just for one gender or the other. We begin with the caller, who is terrified that his wife or daughters might be terrorized by a bathroom predator. Show More Summary

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