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Paint Your Way to Glory With 'Passpartout: Starving Artist'

Have you always felt you are an underappreciated artist, one severed ear from becoming a Van Gogh? A few cubes away from a Picasso? Then maybe Passpartout: Starving Artist [$4.99] is the game for you. The just-released game is a port of the PC game with the same name, but it looks like it was

'Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers' Just Had the Best Reward Challenge Ever

For the Survivor castaways, reward challenges are an incredibly important part of the game. A good reward can give a starving player the boost they need, physically or mentally, to keep going in the game. When it comes to watching the rewards as viewer, it's almost always a dud. Show More Summary

How Valve released five of its greatest games in a single day

The year is 2007. Console owners tap their fingers in barely contained impatience. For years they have been starved of Valve's delicious, full-bodied courses, forced to watch from the bleachers as Valve mixes a unique blend of kinetic first-person with extraordinary tech. Show More Summary

Klei looking into a version of Don't Starve for Switch with all the DLC

We are looking in to it but we're not sure if it's possible just yet. Will update if we can do it! — klei (@klei) September 13, 2017 I had a lot of fun with Don't Starve on Wii U. It would be nice to jump back into the game and give it another go with all the DLC. Let's hope things work out and Klei makes it happen! Thanks to MonNintendo for the heads up!

Don't Starve Together launches on Xbox One this week

Don't Starve Together: Console Edition is coming to Xbox One on 13th September. According to the Microsoft Store, the standalone multiplayer expansion of wilderness survival game Don't Starve will be available on Xbox One from Wednesday and is currently available to pre-order for £11.99. Show More Summary

Download public beta of ‘Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked’ for Android

Initially released exclusively for iOS earlier this year, the game is now available in the Google Play Store for $3.99.

Will The Hound's Vision Come True on 'Game of Thrones'?

The Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere had The Hound finally learn the truth about the White Walkers. Looking into the flames of the cabin where he'd left a father and daughter to starve to death, he saw The Wall, the Army of the Dead and a mysterious arrowhead-shaped rock. Show More Summary

Angelina Jolie Refutes 'False and Upsetting' Claims of Child Cruelty on Set  

7 months agoEntertainment / Film : Moviefone

Angelina Jolie is understandably "upset" that her new Vanity Fair interview left readers believing she tricked starving orphans in a twisted money game to cast her new Netflix film. The truth, Jolie said in a statement to The Huffington...Show More Summary

Oxygen Not Included: How to Fix Blocked Pipes

Make sure clean water is included in this space colony survival game, made by the developers who brought you Don't Starve.

'Don't Starve' studio's sci-fi RPG looks like a gritty cartoon

Klei Entertainment has been putting out quality indie games like Don't Starve, Mark of the Ninja and Incognita for many years now. The developer has a reputation for solid, well-made titles with distinctive art styles and more than a little dark humor. Show More Summary

Don’t Starve creator blends D&D with Guardians of the Galaxy in Griftlands

8 months agoTechnology : Venture Beat

Klei Entertainment announced its new sci-fi role-playing game Griftlands at today’s PC Gaming Show before the Electronic Entertainment Expo tradeshow in Los Angeles. Klei previously developed Don’t Starve and Oxygen Not Included, and its new RPG has the same signature hand-drawn, Johnny Quest-esque aesthetic. Show More Summary

Oxygen Not Included

From Klei Entertainment (Don’t Starve, Mark of the Ninja, Invisible Inc.) comes a 2D life simulation game set in space. Your colonists are inside an asteroid, but they’re just like earthbound folks: they need rest and relaxation just as much as oxygen.

Cricket-Revenue share is 'starving' grassroots - Cricket Australia

SYDNEY, May 27 (Reuters) - Cricket Australia chief James Sutherland believes the revenue-share model which the body is trying to dump in its ongoing pay negotiations with players is "starving" the grassroots of the game of funding.

Battlegrounds Will Add Loot Crates And Skins, But Not Until After Early Access

With over two million copies sold, I think it’s fair to say that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is doing alright, money-wise. The developers hopefully will not starve. They do, however, have plans to make more money off the game in the future. But not until it’s “done.” Read more...

Video: Everybody's Taking A Long Walk In First 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Promo

Production for the penultimate seventh season of Game Of Thrones pushed the show's usual start date from spring to summer, leaving Thronesheads (Westerosifolks?) starved for all that Lyanna Mormont content we crave. But they've thrown...Show More Summary

The Weekend Was Filled With Exciting Information Nuggets for Patient Game of Thrones Fans

Game of Thrones still appears to be riding high from that ice block–melting stunt. Over the weekend, more promotional nuggets for the HBO fantasy series were provided to starving fans who continue to eagerly await the show’s delayedShow More Summary

The Oscars Air Drop Food To Celebrities In The Ultimate Hunger Games

Unlike the Golden Globes, the Academy Awards confine celebrities to their seats — pretty much ensuring that everyone is starving throughout the three-hour-plus telecast. So, host Jimmy Kimmel decided to take a page out of Ellen DeGeneres’ book and please the people with some good old-fashioned movie theater food during the show. Show More Summary

One of the best smartphone games right now is a cross between Tinder and 'Game of Thrones'

Your people are starving following a harvest, and your adviser begs you to lower taxes, even if it means damaging your nation's finances — do you do it? A mysterious explosion has rocked the capital city — do you close your gates? Your...Show More Summary

'Don't Starve: Shipwrecked' Review - Sail the Ocean, Don't Die

The original Don't Starve [$4.99] started a revolution of sorts in my house. My wife, who typically doesn't enjoy punishing or permadeath games, took to it for weeks on end, and started a revolution of sorts in terms of her gaming habits. She's spend days trying to perfect a certain run, learning new ways to

Write Computer Games In Python

Ah yes, I remember it well. “Hammurabi, Hammurabi, I beg to report to you, In Year 1, 0 people have starved. 101 people came to the city The population is now 124 We harvested 4.5 bushels per acre We planted 998 acres of wheat But rats at 300 bushels of wheat You now have a…

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