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'The Gallows' Trailer #2 Unleashes a New Horror Icon

From Blumhouse and Warner Bros. comes 'The Gallows', a new experience in terror coming to theaters this summer.

[Interview] Tim Kirk Talks ‘Terror of Frankenstein’ & His Unique Approach to Films

Like I said in my review out of the Stanley Film Festival, Director’s Commentary: Terror of Frankenstein is a truly bizarre experience. It takes the existing film from 1977 and reimagines it in an entirely bold and darkly humorous way. Have you ever watched a director’s commentary in a packed theater before? It’s very weird. Tim Kirk’s film […]

[SFF ’15 Review] ‘Director’s Commentary: Terror of Frankenstein’ Is a Bizarre Cinematic Experiment

Trust me when I say you’ve never seen anything like Director’s Commentary: The Terror of Frankenstein. Like he did (as a producer) with Room 237, director Tim Kirk gets the audience to watch a film in a whole new context – warping our sense of what we’re seeing on screen by placing a commentary over […]

5 unmissable Tanzanian experiences for 2015

Misinformed fears about the threat of Ebola and the spike in terrorism in neighbouring Kenya have both taken their toll on Tanzania?s tourism so far this year, with tourist arrivals in 2015 down considerably from 2014. But with Ebola...Show More Summary

A tale of two surgeons: Which would you choose?

Let’s face it, residency is no picnic. A combination of on the job training and trial by fire, no physician who has gone through it and survived will ever forget the experience.  The emotions run from jubilation to sheer terror. It is inevitable that some of the people you interact with will leave a lasting […]

Exclusive Clip from Nightlight experiences terror in a cave!

Tomorrow sees the release of Scott Beck & Bryan Woods' found footage horror flick NIGHTLIGHT, and to help prepare you for what's in store we're debuting a brand spankin' new exclusive clip from the film, which finds our camera-wielding heroes trapped with a monster in a very ominous cave. Show More Summary

Millennials Less Worried about Terrorism Than Their Elders — WSJ/NBC Poll

Youngsters of the millennial generation are much less fearful of a terrorist attack than their elders. Bloomberg News Millennial Americans, for whom the Sept. 11th attack was an early formative experience, are far less worried than their elders that the U.S. will face another terrorist attack, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll has found. [...]

Veterans' new fiction adds needed perspective on war zones

There is no such thing as "the veteran experience," particularly in a war on terror waged across multiple countries for more than 10 years. The experience of a Marine deployed to invade Iraq in 2003 is different from that of an Army chaplain in the Green Zone nine years later is different...

Nightmare Fuel of the Day: Five Nights at Freddy’s is Becoming a Terrifying Reality

3 months agoHumor / odd : The Daily What

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a pretty scary game, and soon you might be able to experience the terror IRL. YouTuber “Dr.Creepypasta” has created a real-life version of the main character, Freddy Fazbear, which will haunt your nightmares,...Show More Summary

Walker: Protesters Prepared Me to Confront Terrorism

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Thursday that his experience taking on thousands of protesters in his state helped prepare him to take on terrorists across the world. The likely Republican presidential contender sparked pointed criticism...Show More Summary

This compilation of babies getting terrified in tunnels will almost make you want to scare a baby.

4 months agoHumor : Happy Place

How quickly their smiles turn to terror when once again these babies are confronted with their old nemesis: the tunnel. Is it the orange lighting? Or the reminder of their first and most harrowing experience as they were ushered into...Show More Summary

Watch As Babies Ride Through Tunnels, Terrified And Hilarious

The horror...the adorable horror. Chance are you don't remember what it was like going through tunnels as a wee baby. But judging from this video, we're guessing the experience landed somewhere between "abject terror" and "hopeless confusion." Read Full Story

Eyes In The Dark: The Sasquatch Experience

In 1975, five-year-old Todd Partain is terrorized along with his family members when an unknown creature attacked their trailer on a dark Arkansas mountainside. Now as an independent film maker, he brings you the stories of others who have had...The Sasquatch Experience. In the dark, there are some things we are afraid to see.

Teens Scream in Terror While Playing Oculus Rift Horror Experience [Video]

There is NO WAY I’d play an horror game on the Oculus Rift. I already hate horror movies, just imagine how scary being immersed in one must be. [REACT] The post Teens Scream in Terror While Playing Oculus Rift Horror Experience [Video] appeared first on Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

Jeremy Scahill Calls Cable News Terror Experts ‘Frauds’

In an interview with CNN’s Hala Gorani, journalist Jeremy Scahill called terror experts appearing on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC “frauds” without any real experience–saying the cable networks were engaging in the “terrorism expert industrial...Show More Summary

SF vs. NY: This BuzzFeed post comparing New York...

This BuzzFeed post comparing New York with San Francisco has all the usual listicle-type stuff about fog and hoodies and hyper-designed coffee experiences. But when it comes to the sheer terror of trying to rent an apartment in either town,...

[Exclusive Comic Preview] “Silent Hill: Downpour: Anne’s Story” # 4

There is a certain brand of terror that comes with Silent Hill experience. “Silent Hill: Downpour: Anne’s Story” proves to be no different it’s a lovely transition of the feeling of isolation created by the video game onto the page. You’ll be haunted by the end of the series and I’m happy to report we’ve got your first […]

Experience Future Terror with the Alien Outpost Trailer

5 months agoFilm / New Releases : Coming Soon

The IFC Midnight release is directed by Game of Thrones' visual effects supervisor Jabbar Raisani, The post Experience Future Terror with the Alien Outpost Trailer appeared first on

Bill mandating a community banker on the Federal Reserve board nears passage

5 months agoNews : The Raw Story

When the U.S. House of Representatives approved a terrorism insurance bill last week, it contained a little-noticed provision that would require at least one member of the Federal Reserve’s board to have community banking experience. That provision appears destined to become law in what would...

Actor spouting Islamophobia gets punched in the face and shouts "It's a social experiment! It's a social experiment!"

"A social experiment that ended with an actor posing as an Islamophobe getting punched in the face has shown that Canadians are prepared to defend Muslims in the face of overt racist abuse in the wake of a recent terror attack."

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