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Fear Not, Outraged Maine: The Lobster Emoji Is Getting Fixed

After an outcry, the organization that controls the release of emojis has added two more legs to the forthcoming lobster emoji to make it correct. The Portland Press Herald reports that soon after the Unicode Consortium released proposed images of 157 new emojis, Maine residents took umbrage at the lobster...

Finally, at Long Last, Redhead and Afro Emoji Are Confirmed to Be On Their Way

It’s that time of year! The Unicode Consortium, whence all emoji come, have sifted through the proposals and rendered judgment — the new emoji for 2018 have been set in stone. We’ve got 157 new ones this year, building on the list of 67 that was proposed in August of last year. Show More Summary

How the new mozzie emoji can create buzz to battle mosquito-borne disease

Mosquitoes are coming. The Unicode Consortium has just announced that alongside your smiling face – or perhaps crying face – emoji you'll soon be able to add a mosquito.

We're Getting A DNA Emoji, But It's Twisted The Wrong Way

This month the Unicode Consortium, the strange and little-known organisation that decides which new emoji appear in our lives, announced some good news for science. Among the 157 new emoji being added to the emoji keyboard in 2018 is a DNA double helix. More »      

The Unicode Consortium Unveils 157 New Emojis For 2018

TechCrunch reports that after months of debate, the Unicode Consortium published their emoji list for 2018, which adds 157 new characters to the list. This brings the total number of approved emojis to 2,823. Now Apple, Microsoft, and Google will be able to tune them up to their specifications. Show More Summary

Here's every single new emoji we're getting in 2018

Another year means another set of new emojis. After months of deliberation, Unicodethe consortium responsible for choosing the new emojis across all platforms — has approved 157 new emojis, which will arrive on phones sometime later...Show More Summary

157 New Emoji Coming to iOS and Android

Summary: The Unicode Consortium -- a nonprofit that sets the global standard for emoji -- announced on Wednesday 157 new emoji options would be coming later this year.

Unicode Knows Its New Skateboard Emoji Is Bad And Is Asking Tony Hawk For Help

Emoji 11.0 is fixed and prepped for delivery in June. Some of them look promising - useful even. But Anthony Hawk, long-time purveyor of fine video games, has taken umbrage with the Unicode Consortium's depiction of his stock and trade. He's also been given the opportunity to fix it. More »      

Here Are Some Of The New Emoji, Ranked From Most To Least Useful During Sexting

Great news. On Thursday, the Unicode Consortium released the final version of its 11.0 emoji set, with approximately 77 new emojis being added to the list. There's a lot of new content, including a few new faces, various organs or body parts, animals, foodstuffs, and science equipment including petri dishes and lab coats. More »      

There Are 157 New Emojis. These Ones Are Actually Useful.

New emojis, again? I haven’t even gotten around to using the last batch yet! On Wednesday, the Unicode Consortium, the organization responsible for the standardization of emojis, added 157 new ones to the emoji keyboard, bringing the total number of emojis to 2,823, which is frankly more emojis than any human can keep track of. Show More Summary

Get ready for a bunch of new emojis (yes, including a partying face)

The world needs more emojis. Ever since emojis became a cultural phenomenon, tech companies have been working together to add new smileys, animals and objects. And the Unicode consortium just published this year’s list of new emojis....Show More Summary

Bagel Emoji Finally Added to the List for 2018

Lobster, salt, and moon cake emoji are also on the way The Unicode Consortium has released its list of the 157 emoji that are being introduced to the world later this year, and among them are a few tiny characters that will make texting...Show More Summary

Redheads Have the Most Triumphant Reactions to Getting Their Own Emoji

Redheads are positively thrilled to be getting emoji of their very own. The Unicode Consortium, which oversees emoji selection, announced the 157 new characters for its new Emoji 11.1 collection Wednesday. And with this fresh new batch comes a key addition: the long-awaited redhead emoji in a range of skin tones. For phone-carrying customers who…

Unicode 11 to Include Swappable Hair Styles and Women Heroes

The emoji that will appear in Unicode 11.0 have been finalized, according to the Unicode Consortium, and new options will be available for hair, skin, and gender. Some 157 new characters are included in Unicode 11.0. With the core characters set, operating system developers and device makers can adopt the base code ahead of their own customizations. Show More Summary

Here's a Look At The 157 Emojis Arriving This Year

The Unicode Consortium approved a batch of superhero and supervillain emojis, along with new animal icons.

These are the 33 best new emoji coming to the iPhone and Android this year ????

I know you’re dying to see what new emoji are in the works for this year, and the good news is that the Unicode Consortium, the ultimate emoji custodian out there, has finally revealed the final list of new emoji for 2018. We’re looking...Show More Summary

Pirate flags, female superheroes, lobsters: Here are the new Emoji coming to your phone in 2018

One hundred and fifty-seven new Emoji are bound for smart phones this year, thanks to Unicode Consortium.

Redheads, rejoice: 77 new emojis are coming, and they include new hair options

Redheads and curly-haired people, the Unicode Consortium has heard your pleas. Those are just a couple of the 77 new characters approved to be added to Unicode's next emoji update — 157 new characters if you count the variations in skin tones. Bald people and people with white hair are the other...

Superheroes, supervillains among 157 new emoji coming to iOS later this year

The Unicode Consortium on Wednesday revealed a finalized list of 157 emoji due to arrive as part of Unicode 11 standard, offering iOS users a glimpse at the new characters they will likely have access to later this year.

Here’s every single new emoji coming to iPhone and Android this year

Emoji 11.0, the latest and greatest list of tiny characters that will define your online communications for the next year, has been finalized. Internet arbiter of teen cool The Unicode Consortium has published the new list, which contains...Show More Summary

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