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The Biggest and Grimmest

Ash Carter has worn many hats. He is a scientist (having earned his doctorate in theoretical physics from Oxford). He is an academic and professor (spending his career at Harvard). He is a defense official (serving in government, periodically, from Reagan onward). Show More Summary

Engineering electron pathways in 2-D-topological insulators

(Elhuyar Fundazioa) In a recent article published in Physical Review Letters researchers from CIC nanoGUNE, the Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics of Oxford, together with colleagues from Wuerzburg and Stanford UniversityShow More Summary

Frustrated magnetic skyrmions and antiskyrmions could enable novel spintronic applications

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three theoretical physicists for their discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter, which highlights the role and significance of topology in understanding the physical world. Show More Summary

Blast From the Past: Theoretical Tea

3 weeks agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

There’s a theory in theoretical physics that explains and links all known phenomena.  It is rather aptly called “the theory of everything,” and is sometimes also known as the final theory.  In fact, it is sort of along the lines of the whole “a butterfly flapping a wing in China … Continue reading ? The post Blast From the Past: Theoretical Tea appeared first on T Ching.

Theoretical physics: Quarks fuse to release energy

last monthAcademics : Nature

In nuclear fusion, energy is produced by the rearrangement of protons and neutrons. The discovery of an analogue of this process involving particles called quarks has implications for both nuclear and particle physics. See Letter p....

Synopsis: Connecting Higgs to Dark Matter

New theoretical work places more stringent constraints on dark matter properties derived from particle physics experiments. [Physics] Published Tue Oct 31, 2017

Opening the Van der Waals' sandwich

(American Institute of Physics) Eighty years after the theoretical prediction of the force required to overcome the van der Waals' bonding between layers in a crystal, engineering researchers at Tohoku University have measured it directly. They report their results this week in the Journal of Applied Physics.

Theoretical physicists get closer to explaining how NASA’s ‘impossible’ EmDrive works - CNET

The EmDrive propulsion system might be able to take us to the stars, but first it must be reconciled with the laws of physics.

Viewpoint: The Relentless Hunt for Dark Matter

Author(s): Dan Hooper The latest results from two dark matter searches have further ruled out many theoretically attractive dark matter particle candidates. [Physics 10, 119] Published Mon Oct 30, 2017

Synopsis: Explaining Mysterious Cosmic Emissions

A theoretical study shows how hydrocarbons with structural defects might produce unexplained peaks in the cosmic infrared spectrum. [Physics] Published Mon Oct 23, 2017

Active sieving could improve dialysis and water purification filters

(American Institute of Physics) Physicists have proven theoretically that active sieving, as opposed to its passive counterpart, can improve the separation abilities of filtration systems. This research on how active sieving could improve systems such as water purification and dialysis were reported this week in The Journal of Chemical Physics. Show More Summary

Focus: Modeling Imperfections Boosts Microscope Precision

Author(s): Philip Ball A theoretical model of light spreading and scattering improves precision of position and size measurements made with an optical microscope by as much as 100 times. [Physics 10, 113] Published Fri Oct 13, 2017


2 months agoAcademics : Nature

The Books & Arts article 'Final ascent of physics' (Nature549, 331–332; 2017) incorrectly stated that Special Relativity and Classical Field Theory is the last book in the Theoretical Minimum series, and described it as “historical” instead of

"What Sparked the Big Bang?" --The Black Hole at the Beginning of the Universe (WATCH Today's 'Galaxy' Classic)

The Big Bang poses a big question: if it was indeed the cataclysm that blasted our universe into existence 13.7 billion years ago, what sparked it? Three researchers at Canada's Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics propose that the Big Bang...        

Theoretical physics: When the doer met the dreamer

2 months agoAcademics : Nature

Graham Farmelo applauds a study on the productive friendship of two very different physicists.

Gravitational twists help theoretical physicists shed light on quantum complexity

(University of Oxford) Oxford University scientists address the problem of quantum complexity, identifying Monte-Carlo simulations as a particular physical phenomenon that cannot be captured by any local quantum. The work looks at the challenging 'sign problem.'

Special Relativity and Classical Field Theory

For quite a while Leonard Susskind has been giving some wonderful courses on physics under the name “The Theoretical Minimum”, pitched at a level in between typical popularizations and standard advanced undergraduate courses. This is a great idea, since there … Continue reading ?

On top of the top quark—new ATLAS experiment results

Physicists from the ATLAS Experiment at CERN have presented exciting new results at the 10th International Workshop on Top Quark Physics (TOP2017), held in Braga (Portugal). The conference brought together experimental and theoretical physicists specialising in the heaviest known elementary particle: the top quark.

Synopsis: Tackling Electronic Correlations

A new “first principles” simulation method could broaden the range of strongly correlated materials whose properties can be theoretically predicted. [Physics] Published Thu Sep 21, 2017

New Quantum Gravity Theory of the Big Bang --"We Need Another Picture of the Early Infant Universe"

The beginning of our universe – if there is one – is one of the big open questions in theoretical physics. The big bang is one of science’s great mysteries, and it seems the plot has thickened thanks to new...        

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