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Germany’s twin euro-martyrs tell Merkel to put up or break up

Thilo Sarrazin is not everbody’s cup of tea. The ex-Bundesbanker and shock-jock critic of Islam in Europe loves to make mischief. But his latest broadside against monetary union in the Frankfurter Allgemeine is spot on. The Maastricht Treaty 20 years ago was a wild lurch into strategic incoherence. Europe’s leaders fell into the trap of Goethe’s [...]

The dark flip side of European technocracy

3 years agoNews : The Great Debate

How many countries will Germany need to bail out before it has erased the guilt of the Holocaust? That is the provocative question posed by Thilo Sarrazin in a new best seller that has sent jittery markets into panic. He is a narcissistic self-promoter, but his views on Europe tell us a lot about how the euro’s political travails have come about and are likely to unfold.

German ex-banker’s book stirs controversy

A former central banker whose musings on Muslim immigrants sparked outrage in 2010, has sparked fresh controversy. ||| BERLIN - Former German central banker Thilo Sarrazin, whose musings on Muslim immigrants sparked outrage in 2010,Show More Summary

German interior minister says Thilo Sarrazin's racist book opened up a necessary debate on Islam

Spiegel Online interviews Germany's interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich. SPIEGEL: Where is the boundary between legitimate discourse and racist or right-wing extremist agitation? Friedrich: The boundary is set by our constitution....Show More Summary

From The Bolt Report today

Thilo Sarrazin on Muslim immigration, me on Tim Flannery’s hypocrisy and my dog on global warming.

Thilo Sarrazin told he's not welcome in Kreuzberg

"Get lost!" and "Nazis out!" were among the epithets lobbed at controversial author Thilo Sarrazin during a recent trip to Berlin's Kreuzberg district, according to newspaper reports on Monday.

Sarrazin controversy throws SPD into turmoil

Germany's opposition Social Democrats were thrown into turmoil yesterday when a prominent Jewish party member resigned from the party in disgust over its refusal to expel the anti-Muslim author Thilo Sarrazin from its ranks. Sergey Lagodinsky,...Show More Summary

Sarrazin pardon sparks fierce SPD backlash

There was mounting resentment Tuesday among centre-left Social Democrats against the party’s decision not to expel Thilo Sarrazin over his incendiary statements on immigration. Prominent Social Democratic Party (SPD) politicians across...Show More Summary

SPD fails to expel Sarrazin

Controversial former politician Thilo Sarrazin has held on to his membership in the center-left Social Democratic Party, overcoming efforts by party leaders to get him expelled for his inflammatory remarks on race. Thilo Sarrazin's book...Show More Summary

Independent profiles Thilo Sarrazin

Sarrazin's work is a long and divisive essay, based on questionable statistics, about what he considers to be the combined ill-effects of continued Muslim immigration and an accelerating decline in the birth rate of intelligent white...Show More Summary

Anti-fascists slam LSE’s invite to 'Islamophobe' Thilo Sarrazin

Critics have slammed a decision by the London School of Economics to allow a German banker accused of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism to speak at a debate on…

Die Linke politician faces jail for insulting Sarrazin

A regional politician has been fined €1,500 or 50 days in jail for allegedly calling Thilo Sarrazin, the author of a controversial book criticizing Muslim immigrants, an "ass." Helmut Manz, 43, the deputy spokesman of the oppositionShow More Summary

Thilo Sarrazin and Muslim Integration

A friend of gave me a copy of Thilo Sarrazin, Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab (Germany Does Away With Itself), but I haven't had time to read it. So I found this summary of some of Sarrazin's points useful. I cannot...

The German Geert Wilders

A former member of Chancellor Merkel's Christian Democrats has formed a party to attract voters enthralled by Thilo Sarrazin and disappointed by Germany's existing parties. Berlin politician René Stadkewitz's new Freedom Party aims to leverage fear of Islam for political ends. Spiegel Online profiles Germany's answer to Geert Wilders.

Tunç’s Picks

By Tunç Iyriboz Tea party, à l’allemande: New York Times article on Germany’s right wing pundit Thilo Sarrazin’s new controversial book: Deutschland schafft sich ab: Germany Does Away With Itself. Angela Merkel’s related statement that “ Multiculturalism has utterly failed ”. Show More Summary

'Man Who Divided Germany' Forced Out of Bank

The author of a new book that is critical of Muslim immigrants and speculated about a "specific gene" that "all Jews share" has resigned from the board of Germany's central bank, Bundesbank, under "massive pressure." Thilo Sarrazin, the " man who divided Germany," resigned just one week after the bank asked...

German Banker Quits After Saying Muslims Making Country Dumber

German Central Banker Thilo Sarrazin is now quitting his position at the Bundesbank over comments he made in his new book Germany Abolishes Itself, according to the AP. Sarrazin claimed in an interview that, "All Jews share a certain gene. Show More Summary

Bill Black: Band of Bigots – Dr. Sarrazin, Herr Henkel, and the Bank of America

. Dr. Thilo Sarrazin’s verbal assault on Arabs, Turks, and Muslims (and bizarre gratuitous claims about Jews) prompted my letter. Henkel issued a manifesto endorsing Sarrazin’s claims. Henkel chose as his title for his manifesto a phrase...Show More Summary

the political thought of 1890 with the genetics of 1890, in 2010

There’s been a great deal of fuss about the Bundesbank director Thilo Sarrazin’s book, in which he argues that the “upper layers” of German society ought to be encouraged to breed for fear of Muslims, etc, etc. The SZ points out here that he confesses to just making up his numbers: Es ging um die [...]

Book Sets Off Immigration Debate in Germany

Thilo Sarrazin, a former official who has been criticized as espousing racist views, has set off a discussion about Germany’s immigration policy.

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