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What You MUST Do If You’re Co Parenting With A Toxic Ex

These 6 tips will help you become a better co parent despite how poisonous your ex is. The post What You MUST Do If You’re Co Parenting With A Toxic Ex appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Tips for Visiting New York City

Colin Stokes warns tourists to avoid taking car trips with their parents from the airport, and to watch out for heavy-metal bands in Times Square.

5 Tips for Swimming Pool Safety this Summer

Growing up, my favorite summer activity was swimming. My parents said I couldn’t be bothered to change into a swimsuit most days; swimming in my underwear was a regular occurrence. I grew up with a pool and learned to swim early on, always assuming when I had my own home that I would have a […]

Yes, There Is Right Time to Have "The Talk" With Your Kids

Deciding when and how to talk to your kids about sex is tricky. Lori Beth Bisbey of YourTango shares her tips for making this conversation as painless as possible. Now it can be a lot less awkward. Parenting is HARD. One minute you're...Show More Summary

Tips to Remember Your Kid's in the Car - Even If You Don't Think You'll Forget

When the topic of a hot-car death is brought up, most parents have an initial jerk reaction that says, "How could any parent ever let this happen?" Although it seems like such an impossible mistake to leave your child in the back of a hot car, when this happens, it usually is just that: a mistake. Show More Summary

What DJ Khaled learned about parenthood from Jay-Z and Beyoncé

last weekNews : The Cutline

Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric spoke with DJ Khaled about touring with Beyoncé and the parenting tips he picked up from Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

6 Tips For Being More Free Range During the Summer

The Summer months offer parents a chance to break routine and try something new. Whether you already consider yourself to be a free-range parent during the school year or want to test out this parenting style before you reset for the...Show More Summary

How to Talk to Your Children About Your PTSD Symptoms

Children can misinterpret a parent's emotional distance or moodiness; a UCLA expert's tips provide a roadmap to good communication

The 3 Toxic Parenting Styles That Turn Kids into Narcissists

Our friends at YourTango share some tips and tricks about raising empathetic kids. Be aware. When talking about a narcissistic person, we most likely think of adults. Narcissists have an inflated sense of their self-importance and need...Show More Summary

This Mom’s Travel Hack Is Either Brilliant, or an Absolutely Terrible Idea

A Reddit mom's travel hack about balloons is a great tip for flying with kids. This Mom’s Travel Hack Is Either Brilliant, or an Absolutely Terrible Idea is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

4 Hot Car Tips For Parents - Even If You Think It Could Never Happen to You

The best part of the Spring and Summer months - the sunshine and warm weather - can also be the worst part for some parents, should they make the fatal mistake of leaving their child in a hot car. Although many adults can't fathom making...Show More Summary

Prepare to be Blown Away by This Mom’s Baby-Burping Method

This mom's newborn tip baby-burping hack is a total gamechanger! Prepare to be Blown Away by This Mom’s Baby-Burping Method is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

6 Tips For Parents Before Giving Your Child A Smartphone

Children are extremely savvy when it comes to the use of electronic devices. At the youngest of ages, they appear to know how to maneuver the use of electronics better than some adults. In fact, watching a child who can barely talk turn on their favorite you tube channel can seem a tad bit scary at times. Show More Summary

These Proven Tips Will Get Your Kid to Excel at School

3 weeks agoHealth / Pregnancy : Belly Itch

Anyone who follows parenting memoirs has probably read, or at least heard of, the book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua, which was released back in 2011. It was a controversial book that advocated the strict supervision of a child’s education, which, it argued, is the best way for your child to... Read More »

7 Life-Saving Home Safety Tips Everyone Who Lives Alone Needs to Read

Moving out on your own is a big step. Leaving the comfort of a shared apartment, college dorm, or parent's house to live in an apartment all alone can be as scary as it is exhilarating. Along with all the independence that comes from...Show More Summary

For Parents: High School Students Facing Year-End Burnout

Is your exhausted, stressed-out high school student crumbling at the end of the school year? These tips will help you provide the practical support your child needs.

6 Tips for Swim Parents on Why Swimmers Quit

By SwimSwam on SwimSwam Why do kids quit swimming? The number one reason: “It’s no longer fun.” Kids would rather do something else. A former coach told me he lost many high school swimmers once they started dating or got a car. Read the full story on SwimSwam: 6 Tips for Swim Parents on Why Swimmers Quit

YouTube: A parent's guide to watching, hosting videos

last monthNews : USAToday: News

We all know what YouTube is, but here are some handy tips for watching with your kids.        

Don’t let the screens take over: 8 tips for families

It’s a good idea for parents to monitor, and limit, their children’s overall daily screen time. Here’s some advice for parents on how to manage this challenge effectively, with each child’s healthy and balanced development in mind. The post Don’t let the screens take over: 8 tips for families appeared first on Harvard Health Blog.

How to get a reluctant spouse to split parenting duties

How to ease into 50/50 parenting if you're not there already? Man, do I have some tips. I'll back it up to 2010 when I had my very first baby and was determined to rock it all out in the Super-New-Mom department.

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