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Ten Deeply Embarrassing Pieces Of Political Memorabilia

last weekOdd : Neatorama

Insane former Libyan dictator Muammar el-Qaddafi was behind countless instances of rape, torture and murder. Yet throughout it all, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was a source of unfailing support, as evidenced by a number of photos of the pair in mid embrace. Show More Summary

Shooting the Messenger

Richard Dawkins and Tony Blair have at least one thing in common which is that whatever they say in public is immediately attacked by lots of boring people who are only too willing to ignore the message and shoot the messenger. TakeShow More Summary

Ed Ain't No Tony Blair

The nub of this opinion piece by Daniel Finkelstein is that 'Ed Miliband ain't no Tony Blair' which is a play on the put down used by Lloyd Bentsen who famously told his political rival, Dan Quayle, in a vice-presidential TV debate: "Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. Show More Summary

Look where Tony Blair’s messianic fervour has left us

While trawling down the Mail Online’s right-hand-side of the page porno strip, to consider analytically the latest photographs of Jessica Alba in a swimming costume, I came across a rather… Continue reading The post Look where Tony Blair’s messianic fervour has left us appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Ed Miliband's People's Question Time is a stinker of an idea

Be afraid when politicians use the term "the People", or encourage it to be attached to one of their proposals for reform. When Tony Blair called Princess Diana "the People's Princess" I – along with millions of others in a then silent minority – recoiled. I wasn't a fan of Diana, and while it was [...]

When 'Master of Sex' Michael Sheen met Tony Blair

Zap2it: You've played well-known real-life characters such as Tony Blair and David Frost. What are the challenges in doing that?Michael Sheen: Partly it depends on how familiar the audience is with them.... When I played Blair and Frost...Show More Summary

Call Me Dave still has much to learn from The Master

David Cameron and Tony Blair faced identical tasks earlier this week. Both wished to force a reluctant group of back-sliders to adopt a more robust and pragmatic position. Cameron wanted… Continue reading The post Call Me Dave still has much to learn from The Master appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Is it time for ‘nose-peg Toryism’?

Before the election in 2005, the magnificently grand Polly Toynbee made a generous offer to Guardian readers reluctant to vote for Tony Blair after Iraq. ‘There is much to be… Continue reading The post Is it time for ‘nose-peg Toryism’? appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Poisoning the Waterhole

John Rentoul can always be relied upon to speak common sense when it comes to a discussion about Tony Blair although the same can't be said for many sections of the media and for many members of the Labour Party. Two decades on, what...Show More Summary

ISIS: Yes, Mr. Blair, You Did Build This

by Kevin Carson ISIS: Yes, Mr. Blair, You Did Build This Last month, in a tone which might best be called unlikely insistence, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair reassured the public that “we” — the UK and United … Continue reading ?

Right Versus Wrong

The 'trick' that won Tony Blair and New Labour three Westminster elections on the trot was the frank admission that party policies had to appeal to a much wider audience than just Labour members and activists. So, for example, the Labour...Show More Summary

Blair's legacy

Most of the retrospectives on Tony Blair, prompted by the 20th anniversary of his becoming Labour leader strike me as missing something. Whilst I agree with Stephen, James and John that Britain was better place when Blair left office than...

Dynasties beat personalities, every time

From the Morning Briefing: subscribe here It's just like old times. Tony Blair's Philip Gould Lecture is widely reported – and guess what? There was something in there for almost everyone. A warning to stick to the centre ground has been interpreted as  "a thinly veiled attack on Ed Miliband," by our man Matt Holehouse. Elsewhere, [...]

Denying Tony Blair's successes is like denying the Moon landings: they obviously happened

Tony Blair is back on the scene with a speech to mark 20 years since he became Labour leader, provoking the usual torrent of commentary. Some of it is embarrassingly hagiographic, some dripping with bile. The hagiography I can understand; he's the only Labour politician to win a majority since the Moon landings, after all. [...]

Tony Blair — the unloved one

Tony Blair, international superstar, has jetted into London to deliver the inaugural Philip Gould Memorial Lecture at Progress, a think tank. The speech would have enraged the likes of Len… Continue reading The post Tony Blair — the unloved one appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Is Ed Miliband's 'brush-by' with Obama just a waste of time?

Credits: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images Alt Text: Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband Damian McBride stirs up trouble – while Tony Blair offers to help Ed at election. Thanks but no thanks Column The Mole Monday, July 21, 2014 - 9:45am Ed Miliband is receiving advice on how to win the general election from two unwanted Labour sources. Show More Summary

Saturday PS: The year of living penuriously (again)

THE year of…always a bad start to anything, I find, especially when used by a public official. Tony Blair had a “year of delivery” – 1999, perhaps, or sometime round there. Harold Wilson announced a “year for Britain” in mid-1975,.....

Britain’s obsession with soft power is exposed as hollow

A month after the September 11 attacks, Tony Blair addressed his party conference. For the first time since the divisive debates about unilateral nuclear disarmament, foreign policy formed the heart of a Labour leader’s speech. “This is a moment to seize,” he said. “The kaleidoscope has been shaken. The pieces are in flux. Soon, they [...]

After Tony Blair's failure, Baroness Ashton should be the next Middle East Peace Envoy

After a great deal of procrastination, David Cameron has at last chosen the UK’s next European Commissioner. Jonathan Hill, the former Leader of the Lords, is a much wiser choice than many critics have suggested. He is competent, unobtrusive and knows exactly how bureaucracies work. This leaves a really interesting question. What is to become [...]

What to do with a high-achieving faith school? Threaten to close it, of course

Here we go again. The London Oratory School, an academic establishment so successful that it regularly tops the League Tables (and attracts parents like the Tony Blairs and Nick Cleggs) is under attack from 'educationalists'. The Oratory is a state school. Britain boasts so many brilliant state schools, clearly, that we can afford to alienate [...]

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