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Not happy with Evernote’s pricing changes? Switch to Microsoft OneNote using this simple tool

Evernote, one of the most popular note-taking apps today announced changes related to their pricing. They are increasing the price of Evernote Plus to $3.99/month or $34.99/year and Evernote Premium to $7.99/month or $69.99/year. Also, they are limiting access to notes on up to two devices for Evernote Basic members. If you are not happy […]

You Need Full-Blown Apps Less Than Ever, And Slack's New Buttons Prove It

In operating systems, workplace tools, and beyond, the best parts of an app increasingly live outside the app itself. Earlier this week, Slack made a big change to how its third-party app integrations work. Instead of making users type out specific commands, Slack apps can now offer a set of buttons for taking immediate action. Read Full Story

Pencil + Sharpener: Redesign Solves 3 Classic Drawing Tool Problems

Pencils require sharpening, run out of eraser and turn into unusable stubs as they near the end of their lifespan, but this clever gadget aims to change all of that, solving all three issues at once. Even in today’s digital world, artists, designers, writers and musicians still fall back on this traditional tool. The Pencil+ …

Preparing For The Future of Work

When people discuss the workplace of the future, they frequently focus on the collaboration technologies and the layout of these new workspaces. We discuss the "intolerance" of millennials and how work tools must change to support the digital native. While the selection of tools is important,this dialogue lacks a discussion [...]

The Tools of Change Are Here: What Will You Do With Them?

Digital connectivity is a defining characteristic of the 21st century. And though it’s an often criticized aspect of modern society, it’s also making us more aware of our fellow human beings. News has never spread so rapidly across the globe or so widely illuminated global problems that desperately need more attention. Show More Summary

Follow These 4 Steps For the Smoothest Makeup Application

Few things are more frustrating than streaky, uneven face makeup. Oftentimes, the culprit isn't your tools or technique but rather the lack of exfoliation to smooth your skin. This one change can make a world of difference when applying foundation, so keep reading for tips on how to get that smooth, porcelain complexion you've been looking for.

Dropbox app gets doc scanning & more, but now requires desktop app for free auto-camera uploads

Dropbox is getting some notable updates today for both the mobile apps and desktop that bring a number of new productivity tools and features to the service. It’s also changing its mobile camera uploads feature for basic users to require they have the desktop app installed or a paid Pro account. more… Filed under: Apple

Adobe brings a host of improvements to several Creative Cloud apps

Adobe has updated a number of its Creative Cloud apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and the XD Preview. The updates range from powerful new tools to smaller changes that nonetheless improve the user experience with a given app. Photoshop...Show More Summary

20 Years of Iconfactory

Nice retrospective, including the archived websites of each of their major web designs. Man, icon design has changed a lot in 20 years. See also: Exify, Iconfactory’s new iOS app providing a “collection of tools for people who take their iPhone photography seriously”. I’ve been beta-testing it — it’s great. ?

Review: Top 3 Inbound Marketing Tools

Disclaimer: This article is only for those who want to cut the effective costs of marketing in their organizations by 60%! Inbound marketing changes the way a customer sees marketing, and its various tools help a lot in doing so. … The post Review: Top 3 Inbound Marketing Tools appeared first on  - Snyxius.

How Tech Can Become A Tool For Social Change

PSFK gains insights on the current and future landscape of social innovation at Northside Festival

Fear not, 'Destiny' fans: Infusion isn't changing in 'Rise of Iron'

Infuse, the Destiny tool that enables players to permanently boost the stats on a weapon or piece of armor, won't be changing when Rise of Iron launches in September. We got confirmation straight from the source: Bungie game director...Show More Summary

Annoyed Rancher to Lots of Hikers: Google Maps Is Wrong

Canadian rancher Pete Stoner was having a heck of a time getting Google to change its mapping tool to direct people in search of the Fort George Canyon Provincial Park in British Columbia to the trailhead instead of his private property. He says it all started in 2014, when he...

Philips has created a camera that can monitor vital signs without even touching a patient

Systems that monitor vital signs are among the most important tools heath care professionals have at their disposal when looking after a patient. Even small changes to certain vitals can be early warning signs of a problem that can be detected long before any discomfort is felt by the patient. Show More Summary

‘Monkey archaeology’ reveals macaque’s own Stone Age culture

One of the first digs searching for stone tools used by monkeys has unearthed evidence that promises to change the way we study the evolution of tool use

New tool to track impact of climate change on heritage sites

A new tool will enable conservation experts to monitor the impact of climate change on the fabric of historic buildings and other heritage sites for up to a century at a time.

This incredible new Pinterest feature could change online shopping forever

You may know Pinterest as the virtual bulletin board where people pin up pictures of their dream outfits, weddings, or homes. But now, Pinterest could become known for something way more game-changing: a visual search tool that could change the way we shop online. If your eyes just glazed over a bit, you’re not alone. Show More Summary

Windows App Studio adds new features, removes Instagram data source

Microsoft has updated its Windows App Studio tools, which allow anyone to make a Windows 10 app with no coding, with a number of new features. However, it has also removed the Instagram data source due to policy changes on the social network. ...

EDC Gear of the Month: 5/16

As a change of pace from our EDC of the Week collab with Everyday Carry, we’re sharing a collection of some of the most awesome gear they’ve spotted in the past month. They’ve got some cool keychain tools, wallets, knives, and other nifty gadgets in this collection.

The Complete Guide to Grassroots Activism: Awaken the Activist Within

“The first time I came to realize the power of an individual to effect major change was in the early seventies,” writes Yvon Chouinard in the introduction to “Tools for Grassroots Activists,” a recently published guide to the world of grassroots activism. Show More Summary

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