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How to Track Any Changes on Your Site Using an SEO Platform

Tracking down the changes that take place on the site is a hard task, especially when you manage dozens of websites. Thank goodness there’s a variety of page changes monitoring tools and services that online businesses and high-stakes websites can put in good use. Show More Summary

New Changes To Make Instagram A 'Kinder' Place

A bunch of new tools are coming to Instagram - designed to "foster kindness" on the platform. I'm not sure they'll stop me waking up to comments like these, though. More »      

The 7 AI Powered Sales, Marketing and Business Tools That Will Change Your Life

Thanks to canny investments by big corporations and the ingenuity of startups, AI and deep learning has stepped up to totally change how your business runs.

General Order #1

My how times have changed. While searching for 250,000-year-old flint tools, Israeli archaeologists have discovered a a more modern find — century-old liquor bottles that belonged to British soldiers in World War I.  Of course, they were empty. “Excavation director Ron Toueg says uniform buttons, belt buckles and riding equipment were found near the city […]

This Won't Be Abused At All: Google Offers Tool To Flag And Downrank 'Offensive' Search Results

last weekIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Google is constantly under pressure from all sides to change how it ranks just about everything. There's a massive SEO industry, a decent portion of which is dedicated into tricking Google into ranking some stuff higher than others (or downgrading content that someone doesn't like). Show More Summary

LinkedIn open sources Flashback, an internet mocking tool for developers

Whenever you are developing web applications involving 3rd party services or websites, testing them becomes very difficult because of external dependencies. These external services or websites may change without notice, suffer from downtime, or otherwise become temporarily inaccessible, as the internet is not 100 percent reliable. Show More Summary

The New Tool That's Going to Change the Way We Measure — Maxwell's Daily Find

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; color: #454545} You can finally declutter your drawers of tape measures, rulers, yardsticks, and more. This tool is all you'll need. (Image credit: InstruMMents) p.p1 {margin:...Show More Summary

Netflix Changes Rating System Because ‘Five Stars Feels Very Yesterday'

Say goodbye to Netflix’s five-star rating system. The entertainment company revealed Thursday that it would be replacing the feedback tool with a simple thumbs-up, thumbs-down format. Netflix vice president of product Todd Yellin said...Show More Summary

Machines and the magic of fast learning

Eric Frenkiel looks at advanced tools and use cases that demonstrate the power of machine learning to bring about positive change. Continue reading Machines and the magic of fast learning.

Simple Changes To Everyday Programs To Help Lawyers

We use these tools every day, but most of us still stumble and do things that are inefficient or clumsy. Here are some shortcuts and tips on how to use the most common law office software tools better Word A few months ago, I discussed how to make beautiful pleadings and why it’s important. Here […]

Share the Love: Why You Should Get Engaged

This piece is contributed by Joey Blanco, Content Coordinator of ShipStation. Technology and tools change, update, or disappear in a heartbeat, especially for online sellers. Twenty-five years ago, you were fine without a website (but ahead of the curve). Fifteen years ago, social media was MySpace (unless you were angsty or a band, you probably […]

Dan O’Toole’s @otoolethehobo account provides network identity perils, Littlest Hobo jokes

Plenty of reporters, hosts and other TV personalities use their network name in their Twitter handle, but that can lead to some awkwardness when changing jobs, especially if you don’t officially have a new job yet. Dan O’Toole certainly knows that. Show More Summary

A New Tool in a Century-Old Fight for Voting Rights

Residents of the U.S. territories can’t vote in federal elections, so they’re tapping into crowdfunding to try to change that.

Canada offers beef irradiation as another tool for food safety

The government of Canada’s announcement this week of changes to its food and drug regulations to permit irradiation of ground beef was not a surprise. It was a long time coming, though, with industry having requested the change in 1998. Canada has already approved radiation to treat potatoes, onions, wheat, flour, spices and seasoning preparations.... Continue Reading

3 Ways Sales Is Changing With Artificial Intelligence

What's the impact of AI on sales? It's leveling the playing field as it helps salespeople leverage large amount of data to use prescriptive sales as a tool.

Gene editing can complement traditional food-animal improvements

Gene editing—one of the newest and most promising tools of biotechnology—enables animal breeders to make beneficial genetic changes, without bringing along unwanted genetic changes.

Analyzing copies of genes offers new treatment possibilities for ovarian cancer

A team of researchers has developed a new tool to analyze an often overlooked aspect of cancer genetics -- an alteration that results in the loss or gain in a copy of a gene. This change, known as somatic copy-number alterations, may be key to disease progression and might offer new therapeutic approaches for ovarian cancer and other malignancies.

SEO Tools Every Business Should Be Using in 2017

Many have tagged 2017 as a year of change in the SEO world. A lot of things have to be... The post SEO Tools Every Business Should Be Using in 2017 appeared first on Lifehack. High ranking on search engines is important for a business survival now. These SEO tools will up your game.

Samanage reels in $20M to change how companies support their users

There are numerous tools out there that promise to help companies streamline their internal support operations, but many of them hail from a time when on-premise software still ruled the workplace. Samange Inc. has taken it upon itself to bring the industry into the cloud era. Show More Summary

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