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January 31, 2018: Rare Super Blue-Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

I decided to add something new to the Weird Holidays & Observances section this year: Full Moon Names and Dates. Last year’s total solar eclipse piqued my interest in astronomy, a subject that’s always haunted me. It all stems from my inability to memorize the planets. I can’t keep them straight, nor can I remember...

Eclipse Megamovie project seeks public's help analyzing 50,000 photos

Although August's total solar eclipse was over in minutes, analysis of the 50,000 photos uploaded to the Eclipse Megamovie website is a time-consuming job, so team leaders are asking citizen scientists for help.

The Moon Was the Distraction America Needed in 2017

2 weeks agoNews : Newsweek: US

Between the total solar eclipse, the supermoon, and potential space tourism, the moon was the distraction Americans needed in 2017.

2018 Space Calendar: Every celestial event happening next year that you won't want to miss

Although 2017 certainly saw its fair share of celestial spectacles, the past year in space will most likely be remembered for August's total solar eclipse, which infatuated people across North America. Read more this | Linking Blogs | Comments

What We Learned So Far From Total Solar Eclipse of 2017—And Why There's Much More to Come

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

"From a NASA perspective, there is no other single event that has informed so many scientific disciplines."

The August Eclipse Left A 'Wake' In The Earth's Upper Atmosphere

A total solar eclipse by itself isn't so unusual - the moon shades the Sun every 18 months, from the view of somewhere on Earth. But this year's "Great American Eclipse" was special simply for how much inhabited land it covered, crossing the length of America from Oregon to South Carolina. And that led to some amazing new scientific observations. More »      

NASA Took Our Breath Away in 2017, From the Total Solar Eclipse to Jupiter's Beautiful Great Red Spot

From revelations into Jupiter's Great Red Spot to a dazzling solar eclipse to an alien solar system with eight planets, 2017 was packed with space discoveries.

Something completely unexpected happened during 2017’s solar eclipse and scientists are delighted

The summer of 2017 was pretty special for lots of people living in North America. On August 21st, a total solar eclipse was visible across a huge swath of the United States, and anticipation for the event was huge not only among the general public but also in the scientific community. Show More Summary

The year in national news: Protests, storms and more mass killings

It was a year of protests and counter-protests, hurricanes that tore through cities and islands, and inexplicable mass shootings. What united us (if only briefly) in 2017? A total solar eclipse.

Does eclipse equal night in plant life? Researchers test plant rhythms during solar eclipse

On August 21, 2017, about 215 million American adults watched one of nature's most dramatic events: a total solar eclipse. However, most of the country could only see a partial eclipse. The path of the total eclipse was a strip just 70 miles wide, arcing across the country from Oregon to South Carolina.

Image: Science from the moon's shadow

While total solar eclipses happen about once every 18 months somewhere on Earth, the Aug. 21, 2017, eclipse was rare in its long path over land. The total eclipse lasted about 90 minutes, from the time it first reached the Oregon coast to when it left the North American mainland in South Carolina. Show More Summary

Bogus Glasses Damage Eyes of Eclipse Viewer

Experts feared it would happen and, to one woman at least, it did. In JAMA Ophthalmology, doctors describe the case of New York's Nia Payne, who looked at August's total solar eclipse through unregulated eclipse glasses and ended up in the emergency room with a crescent-shaped spot obscuring much of...

WATCH NASA VIDEO: "2017 --Death of Saturn's Cassini to the Discovery of 10 Earth-Sized Alien Planets"

2017 was a year of groundbreaking discoveries and record-setting exploration at NASA. The Moon became a focal point for the agency, with unique coverage of the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in the U.S. in 99 years, and announced the...        

17 Million Frozen Sperm Await the Perfect Moment

2 months agoHealth : Well

A woman trying to get pregnant on her own finds connection and hope during a total solar eclipse.

How and when to view tonight’s gorgeous ‘Beaver Moon’

This year has been packed with plenty of sights for skywatchers to enjoy, including the epic total solar eclipse from back in August, but there's still a few more treats left in 2017's night skies. The next celestial happening takes place tonight, Friday, November 3rd, and into the morning of Saturday, November 4th. Show More Summary

First Recorded Eclipse Sheds Light on Pharaohs and the Bible

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, historian or astronomer to figure out that solar eclipses on Earth have been happening for as long as there’s been a Sun, an Earth and a Moon. The recent total eclipse in the U.S. shows just how excited, scared and sometimes wacky humans can be when they occur –... Read more »

Image: The colour sphere of the sun

This colourful image is a 'chromosphere flash spectrum' captured during the total solar eclipse that occurred across the United States on 21 August 2017. It was taken by ESA's expedition team who monitored the eclipse from Casper, Wyoming.

Solar flash

Space Science Image of the Week: This colourful image captured during the summer’s total solar eclipse shows what the Sun is made of

“The eclipse was not black but some other color that screamed evil”

3 months agoHumor / odd :

Even two months later, I’m still reeling from seeing the total solar eclipse. When I think about that day and those two minutes, a chill goes right down my spine. Vi Hart, who took part in Atlas Obscura’s eclipse festival in Oregon,Show More Summary

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