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Americans out of sync with trigger-happy Trump

President Trump disparages the idea of diplomatic negotiations with North Korea. He went to the United Nations and vowed to “totally destroy North Korea” (not just its military capacity). The Senate and our top commanders have been buzzing about whether a first strike order from Trump would be illegal and hence could be ignored. One element […]

North Korea Fires a Ballistic Missile, in a Further Challenge to Trump

2 months agoNews : NYTimes: News

The launch came despite President Trump’s warning that continued weapons testing would leave him “no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”

Trump Can't Declare War on North Korea—Only Congress Can

Daniel L. Davis Security, Asia Avoiding war in Korea is in America’s vital national security interests. President Donald Trump threatened to “totally destroyNorth Korea during his September United Nations speech, and on his current...Show More Summary

The Caveman and The Bomb: Does Trump Grasp the Horror of His Threat to "Totally Destroy" North Korea?

Our minds are not evolved to casually comprehend the reality of millions dying in a nuclear war, but we can make a difference in how we use our minds -- Read more on

Trump offers North Korea 'a path to a much better future'

President Trump didn’t threaten to unleash “fire and fury” or to “totally destroyNorth Korea. He didn’t needle North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un by calling him “little rocket man.” Instead, during a two-day visit to South Korea’s capital, within range of North Korean artillery, Trump spoke in...

North Korea Drops Propaganda Leaflets On Seoul: "Let's Behead Mad Dog Trump, Death To The Old Lunatic"

Following President Trump's United Nations' speech threats to "totally destroy" North Korea, lambasting the North's leader Kim Jong-un as "a rocket man on a suicide mission," it appears he is not the only one capable of public and aggressive...Show More Summary

If Trump doesn’t want a nuclear war with North Korea, a ‘No First Use’ pledge might work better than threats

Donald Trump has threatened to “totally destroyNorth Korea with “fire and fury” should it cross some ambiguous tripwire. By being vague about where that tripwire lies, Trump seems to believe that his threat, coupled with harsher economic sanctions, will force Kim Jong Un to back down. But just the opposite seems to have occurred. […]

Déjà Vu in North Korea

After President Trump threatened last week to “totally destroyNorth Korea, the country’s foreign minister responded by claiming that the president has “declared war” and that North Korea has the right to shoot down American bombers that venture near the country’s airspace. Show More Summary

Trump's fiery, furious threats to 'totally destroy' North Korea might just work

President Donald Trump's bold approach to North Korea has horrified many and raised the issue of nuclear war into everyday conversation, but the unconventional tactic may work in a roundabout way, an expert on US-China relations andShow More Summary

A Nato attack on Nuclear Disarmament, by Manlio Dinucci

On 20 September, the day after President Trump presents a scenario of nuclear war in the United Nations, threatening to “totally destroy North Korea”, the “Treaty on the Prohibition on Nuclear Weapons”, opens for signature at the United Nations. Show More Summary

Trump Threatens a Genocide

As President Trump taunts North Korea’s leader with schoolyard insults, the terrifying possibility is that his threat to “totally destroy” a country of 25 million people could involve the U.S. in another genocide, warns David Marks. By David Marks The…Read more ?

Trump's Tough Talk at the United Nations

Trump’s threat to “totally destroy North Korea” at the United Nations this week generated concern in many corners but a round of applause from many hawks here in the United States. Former ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton,...Show More Summary

Cynical Hawks Exploit North Korea Crisis to Torpedo Iran Agreement

Donald Trump’s speech to the UN General Assembly underscored his intention to adopt highly confrontational policies toward both North Korea and Iran.  He threatened to “totally destroyNorth Korea in the event of war and re-emphasized Washington’s long-standing determination to compel Pyongyang to renounce its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Show More Summary

In stark UN speech, Trump threatens to "destroy" North Korea

4 months agoNews : The Lookout

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — President Donald Trump vowed Tuesday to "totally destroy North Korea" if the U.S. is forced to defend itself or its allies against the renegade nation's nuclear weapons program, making his case in a combative debut speech to the U.N. that laid out a stark, good-vs-evil view of a globe riven by chaos and turmoil.

North Korea delegation walks out of UN hall before Trump threat to ‘totally destroy’ the ‘Rocket Man’s’ country

4 months agoNews : The Raw Story

While addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, President Donald Trump threatened to “totally destroyNorth Korea. But there were notable absentees: North Korea’s U.N. delegation had walked out of the hall prior to the U.S. president’s stark warning. Related: Trump U.N....

John Bolton Slobbers Over Trump’s Childish Threats To North Korea At U.N. As ‘Best Speech' Of Presidency

Donald Trump gave a speech full of childishly tough talk that could have been cobbled together from his tweets. He called North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un “Rocket man” again and threatened to “totally destroy” the country. He also attacked...Show More Summary

SitRep: Asian Allies React to Trump U.N. Performance

  By Paul McLeary with Adam Rawnsley U.N. Fallout. After U.S. President Donald Trump delivered a dark, combative speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday — in which he threatened to to “totally destroyNorth Korea and denounced the Iran nuclear deal as an “embarrassment” to the United States — Washington’s allies in...

Trump's North Korea talk 'counterproductive': analysts

With his threats to "totally destroy" North Korea, Donald Trump is playing into Pyongyang's hands by offering justification for a nuclear weapons programme it insists is for self-defence, analysts say. The US leader used his maiden speech...Show More Summary

Asian investors tread carefully ahead of Fed decision

4 months agoNews : The Lookout

Asian markets moved tentatively Wednesday ahead of a Federal Reserve policy decision, while geopolitical issues returned after Donald Trump threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea if it threatened the US or its allies. A third successive...Show More Summary

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