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iPhone X’s hottest new feature might come to every new iPhone next year

Apple's 2017 iPhone lineup is particularly interesting because it features devices with completely different authentication schemes. Whereas the iPhone 8 features the venerable home button and Touch ID, Apple's flagship iPhone X features an edgeless display with no home button, and by extension, no Touch ID functionality. Show More Summary

Not Dead Yet: Touch ID May Return in Next iPhone

Apple could be planning to bring back the fingerprint sensing that the company ditched in iPhone X.

Face ID or Touch ID? According to this report, even Apple isn't sure yet

Is Apple still working, as once rumored, on integrating a fingerprint scanner into the screens of its phones, or does the company plan to put Face ID in all future iPhones? According to a report from usually accurate analyst Ming-Chi...Show More Summary

KGI: All 2018 iPhones likely to adopt Face ID, but in-screen Touch ID still possible based on iPhone X response

KGI Securities is out today with a new report analyzing the future of Apple’s biometric technologies, specifically in the 2018 iPhones. Ming-Chi Kuo explains that under-display fingerprint technology still presents a technological hurdle for Apple, with it being more likely that the company invests more in Face ID… more…

All 2018 iPhones likely to adopt Face ID biometrics, nix Touch ID

With the launch of Face ID on iPhone X, and the subsequent removal of Touch ID, users are wondering whether future Apple devices will carry over the legacy fingerprint biometric solution or make the move to facial recognition. According...Show More Summary

How Apple’s New Face ID Works

Apple’s new Face ID technology appears only in the flagship iPhone X. This replaces Touch ID on that device, instead unlocking the phone via facial recognition. This has sparked some concern with users who have grown used to the speed and reliability of Touch ID and seen similar face recognition technologies fail. Show More Summary

Apple assures us that Face ID on the iPhone X is as reliable and secure as Touch ID

Since making its debut on the iPhone 5s a few years ago, Touch ID quickly became an indispensable and reliable part of the iPhone user experience. That being the case, it's only natural that some people are viewing the iPhone X's new Face ID feature with a healthy bit of skepticism. Show More Summary

Apple iPhone X Face ID May not be Secure Enough for Many Users

While Face ID is theoretically 20 times more secure than Touch ID at 1:1,000,000 chance of a false match as opposed to 1:50,000, there are some legal and societal reasons why we still believe it is less secure in certain situations.Touch ID requires the owner to physically place their finger on a device. Show More Summary

Apple insider sheds light on iPhone X’s Face ID and the lack of Touch ID

In the weeks and months leading up to Apple's iPhone X unveiling, it was never entirely clear what Apple was planning to do with Touch ID on its flagship 2017 iPhone. While some reports indicated that Apple had tried and failed to embed...Show More Summary

Apple's Touch ID Is Probably Doomed, And That's OK

When the iPhone X eventually arrives in November it will come loaded with a futuristic camera module that, if all goes right, should let you securely open your phone with little more than a glance. The promise is enticing -- a perfect blend of convenience and security that's hard to come by in mobile computing devices. Show More Summary

Face ID on the iPhone X will only support one face per device

The iPhone X's stunning OLED display may have been the star of Apple's event earlier this week, but Face ID may be a game-changer itself. Designed as a replacement for Touch ID, Face ID uses a sophisticated array of cameras that can reliably identify and authorize the device's true owner. Show More Summary

Apple exec explains just how good Face ID really is

During Apple's special media event this week, Apple executives spent a considerable amount of time touting the iPhone X's new Face ID feature. Whereas Touch ID relied upon the unique characteristics of one's fingerprint for authentication...Show More Summary

An Apple executive just revealed tasty new details about Face ID we didn’t know

Apple's iPhone X is here, and with it comes a new controversial features: Face ID. While the Sept. 12 keynote at the Steve Jobs Theater touched on all the basics — like how users will unlock an iPhone without Touch ID — it still left...Show More Summary

Face ID on Apple's iPhone X will be limited to one person per device

The Face ID system on Apple's iPhone X will only recognize one face per device, short-circuiting a strategy some people used with Touch ID, according to Apple.

Apple has been 'all-in' on iPhone X Face ID replacing Touch ID for over a year - report

Apple has allegedly been planning for Face ID to be a full replacement for Touch ID for well over a year, a new report claims, refuting earlier claims by the supply chain that the removal of the fingerprint technology is a recent decision.

Face, the future: the new touch-less ID of iPhone X

Four years after introducing Touch ID to radically enhance iOS users' privacy and security, today's Apple is doing exactly what Steve Jobs would do -- phasing it out and moving on to something even better: Face ID technology in iPhone X.

Did Apple’s demo of Face ID convince you that it’s a worthy Touch ID replacement? [Poll]

One of the most pressing questions about the iPhone X in the lead up to its announcement was whether Face ID would be a worthy replacement for Touch ID. The switch to an all-screen design means that Apple has dropped the Home buttonShow More Summary

How to turn off 'Press home to open' for iPhone and iPad

While you need to press the Home button to unlock your iPhone by default, you can make a quick change that lets you simply rest your finger on the Home button to open the device. Since its introduction, Touch ID has been an excellent feature that allows you to quickly unlock your iPhone or iPad while still maintaining a reasonable level of security. Show More Summary

Here's how you'll use Apple Pay without Touch ID on the iPhone X

The iPhone X is doing away with the Home button and, with it, Touch ID. In its place we'll have Face ID — a method of unlocking your smartphone just by looking at it. But what does that mean for Apple Pay? Don't worry, you'll still be able to quickly and easily buy stuff using only your iPhone. Show More Summary

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