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Is a hole in the head the answer to traumatic brain injury?

An extreme surgical procedure may save lives but the quality of that life is under scrutiny. Clare Wilson joins the surgeons examining if it's worth the risk

This Helmet Protects You From Your GoPro

Last year, former Formula One Champion Michael Schumacher fell while skiing and suffered a traumatic brain injury even though he was wearing a helmet. The culprit? Some sources blame his helmet-mounted GoPro. Now, Sweet Protection has designed the first snow helmet capable of protecting you from your action camera. Read more...

Brain Injury Awareness Day in Washington, D.C.

Last month I attended Brain Injury Awareness Day at our national's capitol in Washington, D.C. My journey began in mid-February when my story, "Life With a Traumatic Brain Injury," was published on The Huffington Post. I had finallyShow More Summary

TV Club: American Crime: “Episode Six”

Of all the scenes in this week’s episode of American Crime, none were as authentic or moving as the one that takes place in Gwen’s hospital room. Still recovering from her traumatic brain injury, Gwen is questioned by an investigator, in the hopes that she can positively identify Carter as the man who attacked her. Show More Summary

Emotional processing deficits linked with white matter damage

Researchers have linked inability to recognize facial affect (emotion) with white matter damage after traumatic brain injury, an important first step toward understanding this emotional processing deficit. Findings indicate a pattern of white matter damage/gray matter atrophy associated with this specific impairment of social cognition after TBI.

Can light therapy help the brain?

An innovative therapy that applies red and near-infrared light to the brain is now being tested for Gulf War Illness, traumatic brain injury, and PTSD.

On Finding a New Normal With a Brain Injury

Just two weeks after her wedding, Nicole was in a serious motor vehicle crash. Even though she walked away from her totaled vehicle with almost no visible cuts or bruises, she had sustained a traumatic brain injury. At the time of her...Show More Summary

Mayo Clinic News Network Headline 3/30/15

In today's Mayo Clinic News Network Headline with Vivien Williams: March is Traumatic Brain Injuries Month — Allen Brown, M.D., says the highest risk group is the elderly who most often fall at home. Dr. Brown shares tips on how to provide a safe home environment Journalists: Video is available in the downloads. [TRT 1:03 ] Click […]

“The NFL, America’s Heroes in Uniform, and Traumatic Brain Injury” By Clark S. Judge

The weekly column from Clark Judge: The NFL, America’s Heroes in Uniform, and Traumatic Brain Injury By Clark S. Judge: managing director, White House Writers Group, Inc.; chairman, Pacific Research Institute I usually write about politics,...Show More Summary

Call for more research on brain damage in American football

More research is needed to identify how athletes sustain brain injury from American football, and also to develop strategies to protect them, write experts. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive neurodegenerative syndrome that can affect athletes. It is thought to result from concussion and brain injury following repeated blows to the head.

USC brain research institute gets $50-million gift

A Silicon Valley venture capitalist who is a USC alumnus and his wife are donating $50 million to a USC brain research institute in hopes of treating such disorders as Alzheimer’s disease, autism and traumatic brain injuries, university officials announced.

Research into Brain's Ability to Heal Itself Offers Hope for Novel Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury

Innovative angles of attack in research that focus on how the human brain protects and repairs itself will help develop treatments for one of the most common, costly, deadly and scientifically frustrating medical conditions worldwide: traumatic brain injury.

Life With a Traumatic Brain Injury

One year after her accident, Amy Zellner reflects on living with an invisible injury. The post Life With a Traumatic Brain Injury appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Troops who don't pass the smell test likely have traumatic brain injury

Decreased ability to identify specific odors can predict abnormal neuroimaging results in blast-injured troops, according to a new study. The olfactory system processes thousands of different odors, sending signals to the brain which interprets the smell by linking it to a past memory. Show More Summary

Pentagon's DARPA Develops Implantable Hard Drives for Our Brains

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is developing a pacemaker-sized device that someday could improve the memory of soldiers who have suffered a traumatic brain injury – a sort of hard drive for the brain.

Troops Who Don't Pass the Smell Test Likely Have Traumatic Brain Injury

Decreased ability to identify specific odors can predict abnormal neuroimaging results in blast-injured troops, according to a new study by Federal researchers released online in the journal "Neurology," March 18, 2015.

A Traumatic Brain Injury Can Make You Crave Cheese and Swear Like a Sailor

After suffering a brain bleed last summer, a 15-year-old student in the UK has developed a habit of constantly cursing and eating cheese as if there were no dairy tomorrow.

Actual Reality tested in functional assessment post-TBI

Actual Reality has been described as a new tool for assessing performance of activities of everyday life in people with traumatic brain injury (TBI). A new article outlines the first study examining the use of Actual Reality in the TBI population.

Steven Jackson wants you to tell your favorite team to 'Save the Running Back'

When you hear "Save the Running Back" it probably evokes imagery of helmet-to-helmet hits and the very serious discussions in football about traumatic brain injury. That's not what Steven Jackson is talking about though. He wants running...Show More Summary

Life With a TBI: What I Wish I Had Known When I First Hit My Head

As Brain Injury Awareness Month continues, I am sharing stories of living with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and how it affects survivors and the loved ones around them. There are so many things I wish I had known when I first fell on that patch of ice, landing directly on my skull. Show More Summary

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