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Agent Search & (Lack of?) Consumer Adoption

I touched on agent search last week, but wanted to write a short follow up post digging into the topic further. Zillow has an agent search (Trulia, too), as does Homethinking is still around, as is AgentHarvest. Another is Agent Findr. Show More Summary

There's one US metro where over half of homes cost $1 million — and it won't surprise you

Million-dollar homes are becoming the norm in San Francisco. According to real-estate site Trulia, 57.4% of homes in the notoriously expensive Bay Area metro now have a value of $1 million or more. In its recent report, Trulia looked at the share of million-dollar homes in the 100 largest US metro areas and how it's grown over the past four years. Show More Summary

California’s Housing Crisis Is Drowning Renters. Houston’s Housing Boom Is Flooding Everything.

Million-dollar homes are popping up across coastal cities like a case of golden chicken pox. According to an analysis by Trulia, San Francisco made the most dramatic vault into the seven-figures. One in five SF homes were worth $1 million in 2012; today it’s three in five. Show More Summary

Million-Dollar Listings Are Becoming the New Normal

Image Source: Shutterstock Depressing news for many considering home ownership: million-dollar homes, which used to be a luxury item, are becoming the norm in many cities. A new study by Ralph McLaughlin, Trulia's chief economist, found...Show More Summary

Trulia: L.A. top city for living well

The greater Los Angeles metropolitan area is one of the largest in the country, spanning over 500 square miles with many neighborhoods that have much to offer a home buyer or renter of any age. Trulia’s recent article, America's Best Neighborhoods for Living Well, identified the best neighborhoods in small, medium and large metros for living well...

7 US cities where the number of million-dollar homes has doubled in the past 4 years

In some US cities, million-dollar homes are becoming the norm. Take San Francisco, where 57% of homes have a value of $1 million or more — or San Jose, where 46% are seven-figure homes. That's according to real estate site Trulia, which...Show More Summary

Trulia: Retirees are better off buying than renting in Miami

It’s no secret that Miami's warm weather, cultural cuisines and beautiful beaches make it a great place to hang up the hat for many retirees. If those reasons aren’t attractive enough for retired home buyers, Trulia’s most recent rent vs. buy report makes the decision even easier...

Trulia: Most and least affordable cities for active military members

Living off duty is ideal for a lot of men and women serving as U.S.-stationed active duty members. Whether or not that is a financially sound idea is largely impacted by the individual's location, and rural is considerably better...

Jason Segel Selling Woodsy Retreat in Los Feliz

The funnyman's ranch-style home is asking $1.599 million. Actor, comedian, and screenwriter Jason Segel (of How I Met Your Mother, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and The Muppets) is parting ways with a woodsy in Los Feliz. As Trulia reports, Segel purchased the four-bedroom ranch-style home just over a year ago for $1.4 million. Show More Summary

Trulia: Where are the nation’s fastest-moving housing markets?

Throughout the nation, homes are being snatched up at a quicker pace so far this year than they were last year. According to a recent report released by Trulia, 66.6 percent of homes are still on the market after 30 days, representing a slight dip from 67.8 percent a year prior...

Are millennials fed up with NYC rent?

If you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere -- right? Well, according to a recent Trulia study, most millennials aren’t bothering to find out. Rising rents have led to an escalating concern called out-migration, where low-income residents -- including millennials -- are forced to leave their locales in search for more affordable places to live...

Mapping How Close Celebrities Live to Their Mothers

From Kate Hudson to Leonardo DiCaprio, these famous people all live within shouting distance of mom Real estate comparison site Trulia is celebrating Mother's Day by taking a look at how close a few high-profile celebrities have settled to their mothers. Show More Summary

This Hilarious Map Shows How Oddly Close These Celebrities Live to Their Moms

Image Source: Getty / Jeff Vespa Just because you're a big-time celeb doesn't mean you don't need Mom. And clearly, that applies to the Jenner-Kardashian family, the Hawn and Hudsons, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Trulia mapped out exactly where each mentioned family member and their mother lives and turns out they're all oddly close at drive's distance. Show More Summary

NYC relocation rate abnormally high for low earners

While the top metros across the country may be combatting rising rents with booming job markets, lower-income households are being pushed out, according Trulia research. In New York City, the relocation rate for low-income earners earning less than $60,000 per year was 18 percent as of...

Gwyneth Paltrow's New $4.9 Million 'Fixer-Upper' Cali Home Looks Pretty Perfect to Us

Post by Caroline Olney. Since Gwyneth Paltrow has all but conquered the food and fashion lifestyle domains, it makes sense that she's ready to move on to home renos. According to Trulia, Gwyneth's starting with a $4.9 million four-bedroom in Santa Barbara, California. Show More Summary

Look Around Gwyneth Paltrow's New Spread in Montecito

The actress just dropped $4.9 million on a couple of teardowns built in the late '80s Uh oh, looks like Gwyneth Paltrow's alleged legions of internet trolls have something new to get riled up about. According to Trulia, a mere two years...Show More Summary

Millennials are leaving these 10 big American cities in droves because of high home prices

High home prices are pushing three groups of people out of big, expensive cities: low-income workers, people in rural-based industries, and millennials. Trulia data scientist Mark Uh examined how the affordability crisis is pricing out...Show More Summary

Trulia study finds Americans say they care about the environment but aren't willing to pay for it

The extremely dated "It ain't easy being green" title of this Trulia survey actually misinterprets the data; judging by the questions they asked, it is perfectly easy being green; it just ain't cheap.

Does homeownership pay during tax time?

On Thursday, Trulia released a study that highlights the gap in homeownership rates for women and minorities. According to the study, women and minorities who identify as the head of their household still aren't borrowing to buy homes at the same rate of men and whites, even with the same income...

New Report Says Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction Fueling Inequality For Women, Minorities

White men are disproportionately benefiting from the mortgage interest tax deduction, while women and minorities are getting left out,a new report by Trulia suggests. The popular mortgage interest tax deduction, which allows homeowners to deduct the mortgage interest they pay on primary or second homes on their tax returns,saved taxpayers some [...]

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