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What to Do about London Housing

(June 14, 2016 06:51 AM, by David Henderson) James Jirtle, a long-time reader of Marginal Revolution, recently wrote Tyler Cowen and asked his views about what to do about high housing prices in London. Mr. Jirtle listed 11 proposed responses and asked which Tyler thinks "are likely to... (0 COMMENTS)

Wage and hour roundup

“President Obama says there is ‘no solid evidence’ [that higher minimum wages kill jobs]. Yes there is — lots of it.” [Tyler Cowen channeling David Neumark etc.] “The minimum wage arose in the early 20th century as a Progressive policy...Show More Summary

Misallocation under Rent Control

(June 13, 2016 11:36 AM, by David Henderson) On Marginal Revolution this morning, Tyler Cowen addresses the question "How bad is rent control when housing supply is artificially restricted by law?" He leads with this: Many of you have been asking me about this NYT article on the... (1 COMMENTS)

My post-tenure plans, and why I’m giving up social media

Within a few days of me getting tenure, Tyler Cowen coincidentally posted this new paper from Brogaard, Engelberg and van Wesep: Using a sample of all academics that pass through top 50 economics and finance departments between 1996 and 2014, … Continue reading ? The post My post-tenure plans, and why I’m giving up social media appeared first on Chris Blattman.

The opportunity cost of helicopter drops

Tyler Cowen links to a Wolfgang Münchau post advocating helicopter drops: I have argued in favour of a ‘helicopter drop’, even before the recent deterioration in economic growth and the outlook. A helicopter drop means that the ECB would print and distribute money to citizens directly. If it were to distribute, say, €3,000bn or about […]

Bitcoin, Meet China. May You Have Many Happy Days Together.

Tyler Cowen points me to this from the Economist: Most trading in bitcoin takes place in China: Huobi and OKCoin, two Chinese exchanges, are thought to account for more than 90% of transactions. The currency seems to have become an outlet for Chinese savers frustrated with their limited investment options and searching for high-yielding assets. Show More Summary

What Does Tyler Cowen Mean by Freely?

(June 4, 2016 11:38 AM, by David Henderson) In an otherwise good analysis of the split between work and leisure, Tyler Cowen writes: Women are working far more than they once did, and probably more than they would choose to do, if they were able to balance their... (0 COMMENTS)

Mass Transit Ridership Is Down. How Can We Fix This?

Tyler Cowen point us to Wendell Cox, who says that aside from New York City, mass transit ridership in the US is looking grim: If New York City Subway ridership had remained at its 2005 level, overall transit ridership would have decreased from 9.8 billion in 2005 to 9.6 billion in 2015. Show More Summary

Voters in the West Feel Betrayed and Endangered By Their Leaders

Tyler Cowen looks at the rise of Donald Trump and “Bernie Bros”, and a far-right, anti-refugee party nearly winning Austria’s election and asks “what the hell is going on?” These developments may reflect the men’s difficulty in navigating the new rules and standards of a rapidly changing world, as Cowen theorizes. Show More Summary

Camille Paglia on making a career in ideas

(May 7, 2016 07:12 AM, by Alberto Mingardi) Tyler Cowen's conversation with Camille Paglia is a must watch. The two are a very good match and the conversation is most entertaining. Paglia is very Paglia-esque on Harold Bloom, how the first feminists admired and didn't despise men, George... (0 COMMENTS)

Me at the Milken Institute panel “Does capitalism need saving?”

The idea of a general confusion about the nature of capitalism and what its alternatives really look like was revisited later on by Tyler Cowen. “I would focus most of all on the issue of ideas,” he said. “Do the people of this country...Show More Summary

Beckworth interviews Taylor and Cochrane

Each day my time management spirals more and more out of control.  If only there were 73 hours in a day.  And now there are new “must listen to” podcasts by Tyler Cowen and David Beckworth.  I finally caught up with David’s two most recent offerings. After starting off his podcast series interviewing me, he […]

Camille Paglia: “I’m a libertarian. That’s why I’m always freely offending both sides”

In new interview with Tyler Cowen, Paglia talks cultural conservatism, "Star Wars" and why Rihanna let her down

New edition of Tyler Cowen’s ethnic dining guide

Here is the one file, print it all out version, just revised.  Here is the blog version, which is easier to follow in bits and pieces, looks nicer, works better (thanks to the estimable Chug), and accepts comments.  Here are the links on Twitter. Show More Summary

Interview and podcast with me, about on-line education

By Jeff Young at the Chronicle, here is one excerpt: Jeff Young: …I asked Cowen what has surprised him most as his effort has evolved. Tyler Cowen: I wouldn’t quite call it a surprise, but I’ve been consistently impressed over the last...Show More Summary

Why robots are not coming for your job

[youtube:2CVURQdFILk] Fascinating post about the economics of artificial intelligence (AI) from economist Tyler Cowen: The Artificial in AI can sometimes mislead so let’s start by getting rid of the A and asking instead whether more NI, Natural Intelligence, will decimate the middle class. Show More Summary

What is the most obscure state according to Wonkblog and Google? And per capita?

From Christopher Ingraham: The top five most-searched states are, in order, California, Texas, Florida, Illinois and Pennsylvania. And to answer Tyler Cowen’s original question, the bottom five states, in descending order, are Idaho, Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, and, at the absolute bottom of the 50-state barrel: Wyoming. Show More Summary

The Public Choice Outreach Conference

It’s time to apply or encourage your students to apply to the annual Public Choice Outreach Conference! This conference is a “crash course” in public choice with talks by Tyler Cowen, Robin Hanson, Bryan Caplan, Dan Houser, Johanna Mollerstrom and many others. Show More Summary

Would you rather have a degree without an education or an education without a degree?

I found this debate between Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok (at Marginal Revolution University), on whether college education provides learning or signaling, interesting. Particularly important right now: If college education is primarily learning and learning is productivity enhancing, then universal college education will be productivity enhancing, but if college degrees...

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