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How Should Libertarians Feel about Conservatarianism?

“Charles C.W. Cooke’s The Conservatarian Manifesto: Libertarians, Conservatives, and the Fight for the Right’s Future is all the rage right now,” Tyler Cowen writes. “Books which attempt to redefine or carve up the political spectrum...Show More Summary

I don't think these are "very good points"

Tyler Cowen: From Adam Ozimek, here are some very good points, which I had not previously pondered: …what a carbon tax does is push the required cost threshold up. This would allow solar to become the more profitable source of energy in the US sooner and increase the speed of...

Newsstand: March 19, 2015

According to American economist Tyler Cowen, Scarborough is the best ethnic food suburb in the world. What do you think, Raccoon Nation: is Scarborough the best-kept foodie secret in the city? Discuss amongst yourselves. In the news:...Show More Summary

Apart from boosting NGDP and RGDP, euro depreciation will not help Italy

That’s the conclusion of a new paper that Tyler Cowen has linked to.  And I think that’s right.  Many stimulus advocates (including me and Lars Svensson) have pointed out that currency depreciation caused by monetary stimulus would not be expected to boost net exports, as the substitution effect will often be dominated by the income […]

Krugman and Netanyahu

(March 13, 2015 06:09 PM, by David Henderson) Reading Paul Krugman's latest post on Greece motivated me to go back and reread an earlier post by Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution. And that got me thinking about Bibi Netanyahu's recent speech to Congress and an analytic piece by... (0 COMMENTS)

New html edition of Tyler Cowen’s ethnic dining guide is up

You will find it here on my home page, scroll way down.  You should note it is more or less a copy of the blog version of the dining guide and does not contain new information if you have been following the blog.  Among the new and exciting places are Saudi food, Nanjing-style Chinese food, […]

The euro is still far too strong

The title of this post does not refer to the exchange rate, the importance of which is overrated. Tyler Cowen has a new post on the euro.  Here’s his conclusion: All in all, the weaker euro is likely to prove a net benefit to the eurozone, all the more so if monetary policy can drum […]

Is there value in an MA in economics?

From Tyler Cowen, it will help you climb the government or NGO bureaucracy, sends good signals to the job market, and you will actually learn something of value. I agree that MAs in economics are under-provided relative to the UK … Continue reading ? The post Is there value in an MA in economics? appeared first on Chris Blattman.

The dog that did not bark

Tyler Cowen has a new post offering opinions on a wide range of issues.  In many cases I agree with his views.  For instance, this one: 5. We are still in the great stagnation, for the most part.  But with nominal gdp well, well above its pre-crash peak, it is not demand-based “secular stagnation.”  It […]

'The Upside of Waiting in Line'

I really hate waiting in lines: The Upside of Waiting in Line, by Tyler Cowen: Waiting in line got a bad rap as an ever-present part of the Communist Soviet Union. It could turn out to be a big part...

What does it mean to admire someone?

It’s silly Sunday, and as I take a break from shoveling another 18 inches (plus high winds and bitter cold and ice dams causing roof leaks, etc.), I’d like to offer some thoughts on Tyler Cowen’s recent post asking whom we admire.  I’m more interested in what it means to admire someone, and also what […]

What Do America's Most Admired Men and Women Say About America?

This is a month old, but Tyler Cowen happened to it highlight it today so I thought I'd pass it along. Here are America's most admired men and women and the end of 2014: I suppose there are no huge surprises here. Presidents and first ladies always do well. Show More Summary

Quote of the Day: No Dessert For You!

From Tyler Cowen: I would be happy enough if all desserts were simply dark chocolate ice cream or gelato, consumed rapidly and perhaps at a different venue altogether. Well, that would certainly put a crimp in the dessert business, wouldn't...Show More Summary

Reading My Own Obits

That’s how the past week has felt. Tyler Cowen went so far as to call me “the most influential public intellectual of the last 20 years.” Here’s how you make a blogger blush: I thought long and hard before selecting Andrew for the designation of most influential public intellectual. Perhaps Paul Krugman has changed more […]

Reply to Tyler Cowen

Tyler has a new post where he makes this claim: More concretely, I am not persuaded by the view that a kind of sheer internal commitment to good outcomes, however sincere, can sustain a peg or nominal target.  The outside world always impinges on the logic of commitment, and thus capital is required.  This is […]

Assorted links

1. Scott Sumner on Keynesian excuses. 2. Alan Krueger working for Uber.  And dating average is over.  And rendering Tyler Cowen obsolete. 3. Newspapers are still deep in a financial hole. 4. Divorce machine gun markets in everything.  And Croatia wants to peg to the Swiss franc (!) for mortgage protection. 5. Department of Uh-Oh: […]

'Who is Moving Out of the U.S. Labor Force?'

Tyler Cowen: Who is moving out of the U.S. labor force?: Read the recent testimony of Robert E. Hall (pdf): Most of the decline in participation occurred among teenagers and young adults. The finding that these effects tend to be...

Ralph Hawtrey

(January 20, 2015 11:48 AM, by Scott Sumner) When I was appointed director of the monetary policy program at Mercatus, I was given the opportunity to name the "chair" I will occupy. Tyler Cowen made several suggestions, from which I chose Ralph Hawtrey, an outstanding British monetary economist... (0 COMMENTS)

Exchange rate pegs are usually a bad idea

(January 19, 2015 04:11 PM, by Scott Sumner) Tyler Cowen has a post discussing the pressure being placed on the Danish krona, which is pegged to the euro: And if the Danes cut their peg, I am loathe to call this a "mistake" (even though it likely will... (0 COMMENTS)

Don't Blame Poor People for the Housing Crisis

Tyler Cowen: Were poor people to blame for the housing crisis?, by Tyler Cowen: When we break out the volume of mortgage origination from 2002 to 2006 by income deciles across the US population, we see that the distribution of...

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