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Tyler Cowen exposed!

Despite finding a high proportion of what Tyler and Alex Tabarrok have to say about economics on their blog, Marginal Revolution, maddening, I am a more or less regular reader, chiefly because Tyler's erudition in matters cultural and literary is astounding. Show More Summary

My conversation with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Here is the video, the podcast, and the transcript.  Kareem really opened up.  Here is the summary: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar joins Tyler Cowen for a conversation on segregation, Islam, Harlem vs. LA, Earl Manigault, jazz, fighting Bruce Lee, Kareem’s conservatism, dancing with Thelonious Monk, and why no one today can shoot a skyhook. Show More Summary

Eugenics and Other Specious Biological Constructs

My previous post was triggered by Tyler Cowen’s evident attachment to the negative freedom criterion beloved by libertarians; that’s why he recommended Mill, who was hardly free of the national and racial stereotypes typical of his age and social station. Show More Summary

Sunday links: better off de-risking

OBook review: Tyler Cowen thinks Robert Gordon is “is probably right about the past, but wrong about the future” in his new...

Freedom: Three Varieties and a Caveat

What follows is a very brief summary of an appendix in my micro textbook that addresses the libertarian case for free markets. It was triggered by the comment of Tyler Cowen that the left needs more Mill.There are three kinds of freedom, each valid. Show More Summary

The left & freedom

Tyler Cowen says leftists: don’t have nearly enough Mill in their thought, and not nearly enough emphasis on individual liberty...This is one reason why the commitment of the current Left to free speech just isn’t very strong. This poses the...

J.S. Mill and Extreme Pornography

(January 28, 2016 11:49 AM, by Emily Skarbek) Tyler Cowen's post on Marginal Revolution today gives an interesting take on the effects of jettisoning Millian liberalism from the left / Progressive ideology. Not only would eugenicist ideas have never gained any traction historically, he argues, but the lack... (0 COMMENTS)

Some thoughts on utilitarianism and individual rights

(January 28, 2016 10:09 AM, by Scott Sumner) Tyler Cowen has an excellent post on progressivism and individual rights. At one point he discusses the views of Kevin Drum: Kevin Drum had an interesting point in response (and do read his full post, there is more to it... (0 COMMENTS)

QE is not a policy, it’s a tool

Tyler Cowen recently linked to a post by Gerard MacDonell on QE: Last month’s Press Release from the FOMC announcing the first rate hike in a decade contained a seemingly-innocuous and yet telling discussion of the interaction between interest rate and balance sheet policy.  It marked the end of false confidence in the efficacy of quantitative […]

The paradox of plenty

Tyler Cowen is asked a good question: are there any goods someone on a median income can afford which are the very best of their kind? The answer, as Tyler shows, is plenty – including some important ones such as...

The day of reckoning arrives for global socialism

(January 4, 2016 09:00 AM, by Scott Sumner) Tyler Cowen has a good post on the catastrophic collapse of the Brazilian economy: And how is Brazilian output doing you may wonder?: By the end of 2016 Brazil's economy may be 8% smaller than it was in the first... (0 COMMENTS)

Best business/economics podcast award

I am pleased that my Conversations with Tyler chat with Jeffrey Sachs won this award from Quartz, here is their description: Smart economist Tyler Cowen interviews smart economist Jeffrey Sachs in the new and infrequently released series Conversations with Tyler. Show More Summary

Quote of the day

In a post simply titled "December 16, 2015", Tyler Cowen: All the major reviews for Star Wars seem to be positive, but no one is calling it an “intense personal vision.” So it probably isn’t very good.... The solstice approaches, and I am waking up slightly later than usual....

Has the media oversold the Paris climate deal?

Economist Tyler Cowen thinks the Paris agreement is getting too much attention, given the relatively more important news that China's emissions may have peaked: How much news has this received, relative to the Paris meetings? Less than a hundredth, I suspect. Show More Summary

Mood affiliation and the success of BOJ policy

(December 13, 2015 09:44 AM, by Scott Sumner) Bryan Caplan recently applied Tyler Cowen's mood affiliation hypothesis to global warming. Here's Tyler: It seems to me that people are first choosing a mood or attitude, and then finding the disparate views which match to that mood and, to... (0 COMMENTS)

The Meaning of Mood

(December 11, 2015 12:03 AM, by Bryan Caplan) Tyler Cowen often inveighs against the Fallacy of Mood Affiliation:It seems to me that people are first choosing a mood or attitude, and then finding the disparate views which match to that mood and, to themselves, justifying those views by... (0 COMMENTS)

Should Libertarians Favor Denying Rights Because Those Denied Will Be More Likely to Agree With Them After?

(December 10, 2015 05:57 PM, by David Henderson) That is the longest title I've ever used. But I couldn't figure out a way to shorten it. Why am I asking? Because in a post this morning, that's what Tyler Cowen advocates. In a piece on gun control and... (0 COMMENTS)

The answer to life, the universe and everything, including gun violence and world peace, is (once again) 42

Tyler Cowen notes that roughly 42% of all the guns in the world are owned by Americans. And America accounts for about 42% of global military spending. He then says something extremely interesting and provocative: I see those two numbers,...Show More Summary

Gun ownership, martial culture and interventionist foreign policy

My first thought on reading this is that it’s somewhat surprising to see Tyler Cowen make more or less the same argument Michael Moore gestures at in Bowling for Columbine. I saw Bowling for Columbine when it came out, and found its implicit argument rhetorically and emotionally compelling, but someone lacking analytically. Cowen tries to […]

Is Two the new Zero? Why Divine Coincidence failed

Speculative, as Tyler Cowen would say. When people play the Dictator Game they don't play the way economists would predict. The Nash Equilibrium is for the first player to propose a 99:1 division of the pie take-it-or-leave-it offer, and the...

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