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Back to the countryside, once again

Tyler Cowen recently linked to this story in The Guardian, and wondered whether it was an indication of a Chinese recession: China’s Workers Abandon the City as Beijing Faces an Economic Storm  Labour disputes are rising and some workers are leaving for the country amid fears a crashing economy could cause political and social unrest […]

Taking Advantage of Hyatt’s Test Drive a Tesla Offer

Tyler Cowen doesn’t think you should test drive cars: Furthermore you might expect that every plausible new car can in fact survive a test drive from a potential customer. Let others test drive it for you. And let’s say you didn’t so much like the test drive. Show More Summary

Monday links: time is on your side

Book review: Tyler Cowen thinks that both parts of Geoffrey Colvin’s Humans are Underrated What High Achievers Know That Brilliant Machines Never...

The Greatest Stagnation

There are lots of Great Stagnations, all over the world.  I recently did a post on the situation in the US, and Tyler Cowen did one yesterday about Europe.  But compared to Japan, the US and Europe are enjoying Chinese style growth.  The modern world has never before seen a great stagnation quite like Japan. […]

China: More of the same?

I recently listened to a very good interview of Tyler Cowen by Erik Torenberg. For me, it was 80 minutes of bliss. I tend to agree with the vast majority of his views (even one’s where I had no opinion until I heard his reasoning), with one notable exception—China.  Tyler seemed very pessimistic about China’s […]

Stop Building Great Airports and Build a Great Travel Experience!

Reihan Salam, via Tyler Cowen, says that if you want to improve air travel you should focus on reducing congestion, not building palatial airports. That's mostly right. Continue reading Stop Building Great Airports and Build a Great Travel Experience!...

The labor market is (very gradually) healing

Tyler Cowen has a post on the labor market, and also links to a response by Adam Ozimek.  I mostly agree with Adam, but would like to make the points in a slightly different way.  Here’s how Tyler starts out: One striking feature of the Thursday labor market report was the mix of declining unemployment […]

If Little Clouds of Doom Follow You Around, There Might Be Money In It For You!

Via Tyler Cowen, here's an intriguing new paper that claims certain kinds of customer are—not to mince words—"harbingers of failure": We show that some customers, whom we call ‘Harbingers’ of failure, systematically purchase new products that flop. Show More Summary

“Yes, the minimum wage can be too high….”

2 months agoIndustries / Law : Overlawyered

“….Look at Puerto Rico.” [Nick Timiraos and Ana Campoy, W$J via @greg_ip] Similarly: Coyote takes issue with Paul Krugman. More on Puerto Rico’s woes: Anne Krueger et al via Tyler Cowen, Max Ehrenfreund/WP, earlier on protectionist, cost-raising Jones Act here, and more. Show More Summary

ECONOMIC FUTURES: The Mercatus Center has announced its fall lineup for “Conversations with Tyler,” …

ECONOMIC FUTURES: The Mercatus Center has announced its fall lineup for “Conversations with Tyler,” in which Tyler Cowen, of Marginal Revolution blogging fame, will discuss the future of capitalism with Luigi Zigales, the future of globalization with Dani Rodrik, and the future of money with Cliff Asness. If you’re in DC, you can attend in person (info […]

WHY DO (AMERICAN) WAITERS CLEAR YOUR TABLE SO FAST? The WaPo’s Roberto A. Ferdman calls it “the most…

WHY DO (AMERICAN) WAITERS CLEAR YOUR TABLE SO FAST? The WaPo’s Roberto A. Ferdman calls it “the most annoying restaurant trend happening today.” Tyler Cowen (quoted in the article) and commenters speculate on the reasons. The related question of why they’re so quick with the bill is a favorite topic on Quora. If you’re following […]

The Point of Democracy Is to Keep Powerful Elites From Becoming Complete Jackasses

Daniel Bell has written a new book making the case that "Chinese-style meritocracy is, in important respects, a better system of governance than western liberal democracy." That's possible, I suppose. Tyler Cowen noodles over the arguments and tosses out a few thoughts. Show More Summary

More reasons why I overestimate the quality of life for most Americans

Infovores are indeed much better off from the recent digital revolution. And since most journalists and tech leaders are infovores (many academics too), they extrapolate too readily from themselves. That is Tyler Cowen explaining why...Show More Summary

Kevin Drum's Third Law is wrong

(June 16, 2015 08:52 PM, by Scott Sumner) Tyler Cowen recently listed three laws, and Kevin Drum responded with variations on Tyler's Laws. Here was Tyler's third law: 3. Cowen's Third Law: All propositions about real interest rates are wrong. And Kevin's version: 3. Drum's Third Law: Really?... (0 COMMENTS)

The slow adoption of the three-pointer technology in the NBA

2 months agoHumor / odd :

Tyler Cowen writes about Steph Curry, the current dominance of the three-point shot, and how the reality of new technology lags in relation to its promise. What took so long? At first the shot was thought to be a cheesy gimmick. Players had to master the longer shot, preferably from their earliest training. Show More Summary

Larry Summers on TPP

(June 16, 2015 04:20 PM, by David Henderson) Tyler Cowen writes: Larry Summers on TPP makes perfect sense. I haven't seen anything on the anti- side coming close to this level of analysis, and in a short column at that. So I went to read Summers's "perfectly sensible"... (0 COMMENTS)

State-Level Fiscal Policy: Tyler Cowen's Language Strikes Me as Somewhat Aesopian...

[Over at Equitable Growth][1]: The sharp Tyler Cowen writes: Tyler Cowen: [Has fiscal conservatism met an impasse at the state level?]( "The latest from Louisiana is that taxes are going up... Show More Summary

What’s wrong with Louisiana?

Tyler Cowen has a post on the problems encountered by Republican tax cutters at the state level.  The post focused on Kansas and Louisiana, which were both recently forced to raise “revenues” to cover budget shortfalls.  I decided to take a broader look at the states, and to focus on the sine qua non of […]

Iceland Is Too Tiny to Be a Poster Child For the Financial Crisis

For what it's worth, there's been a bit of talk lately about how well Iceland is doing and how everyone should have followed their example in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Tyler Cowen has a fair-minded response here. In...Show More Summary

Time travel for financial gain

3 months agoHumor / odd :

Tyler Cowen was recently asked how he'd best use a time machine for financial gain. Here was the specific query: Suppose you had a time machine you that you solely wanted to use for financial gain. You can bring one item from the present...Show More Summary

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