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Reply to Tyler Cowen

Tyler has a new post where he makes this claim: More concretely, I am not persuaded by the view that a kind of sheer internal commitment to good outcomes, however sincere, can sustain a peg or nominal target.  The outside world always impinges on the logic of commitment, and thus capital is required.  This is […]

Assorted links

1. Scott Sumner on Keynesian excuses. 2. Alan Krueger working for Uber.  And dating average is over.  And rendering Tyler Cowen obsolete. 3. Newspapers are still deep in a financial hole. 4. Divorce machine gun markets in everything.  And Croatia wants to peg to the Swiss franc (!) for mortgage protection. 5. Department of Uh-Oh: […]

'Who is Moving Out of the U.S. Labor Force?'

Tyler Cowen: Who is moving out of the U.S. labor force?: Read the recent testimony of Robert E. Hall (pdf): Most of the decline in participation occurred among teenagers and young adults. The finding that these effects tend to be...

Ralph Hawtrey

(January 20, 2015 11:48 AM, by Scott Sumner) When I was appointed director of the monetary policy program at Mercatus, I was given the opportunity to name the "chair" I will occupy. Tyler Cowen made several suggestions, from which I chose Ralph Hawtrey, an outstanding British monetary economist... (0 COMMENTS)

Exchange rate pegs are usually a bad idea

(January 19, 2015 04:11 PM, by Scott Sumner) Tyler Cowen has a post discussing the pressure being placed on the Danish krona, which is pegged to the euro: And if the Danes cut their peg, I am loathe to call this a "mistake" (even though it likely will... (0 COMMENTS)

Don't Blame Poor People for the Housing Crisis

Tyler Cowen: Were poor people to blame for the housing crisis?, by Tyler Cowen: When we break out the volume of mortgage origination from 2002 to 2006 by income deciles across the US population, we see that the distribution of...

If You’re Flying on Awards and Cheap Tickets, You’re Not Bad for the Environment

Tyler Cowen once wrote that when you fly, you may be more expensive for airlines operating more flights, and concomitant emissions. A simple model of route expansion is that higher demand increases the number of total flights by some probability. Show More Summary

Non-Chart of the Day: Where's the Austerity?

Tyler Cowen passes along the following chart, a modified version of one Matt Yglesias used to show the trend of total government expenditures (federal + state + local) and declare "2014 is the year American austerity came to an end": This...Show More Summary

The Sinking Ship Of Chivalry

Tyler Cowen points out the abstract of a new paper that upends notions of “women and children first”: Since the sinking of the Titanic, there has been a widespread belief that the social norm of “women and children first” (WCF) gives women a survival advantage over men in maritime disasters, and that captains and crew […]

John Lee on Krugman and Cowen on Immigration Restrictions

(January 9, 2015 01:31 PM, by David Henderson) John Lee has written an excellent piece in which he gently chides Paul Krugman and Tyler Cowen (mainly the former) for their unwillingness to advocate "open borders." I put that term in quotation marks because Robert P. Murphy has persuaded... (0 COMMENTS)

How They Got There

3 weeks agoOdd :

Khoi Vinh is coming out with a book soon called How They Got There: Interviews With Digital Designers About Their Careers. It is, as Tyler Cowen would say, self-recommending. Vinh explains a bit more: You can read terrific profiles of many of these folks elsewhere, but the conversations that I conducted with them are both narrower and more in-depth. Show More Summary

Why Restaurants in Airports Are So Bad (And Why You Should Stop Eating at Shake Shake)

Tyler Cowen wonders whether the Shake Shack IPO means it is time to stop eat there? After an IPO, the equity share of the original creators — in this case Danny Meyer — is diluted. Meyer’s incentive to maintain quality standards and his personal brand name is weakened. Show More Summary

In praise of complexity economics

The Economist's ranking of the most influential economists of 2014 has been derided, and Tyler Cowen provides a more sensible list. But I wonder: which economists should be more influential than they are? The glib answer here is: whoever corroborates...

the fda, calorie counts, and the lost pleasure of junk food

Tyler Cowen has his markets in everything. Some days I feel like we need another tagline: the commensuration of everything. Cost-benefit analysis is ubiquitous in government. But the question of what counts as a cost and a benefit, and how to measure them, has been up for debate pretty much since people started tallying them […]

A look at the economic shadows for 2015

Over the last couple of days, economists Justin Wolfers of the University of Michigan and Tyler Cowen of George Mason University engaged in a round of debate over the biggest unknowns facing the world economy in 2015. (H/T to Kevin Drum, who found the discussion rather too dour for his...

And Now For Some Dour Predictions For the New Year

Tyler Cowen offers some economic guesses for the coming year. In a nutshell, he thinks Russia is doomed; American wage growth will remain stagnant; a resource crash will throw Canada and Australia into a downturn; Abenomics will fail...Show More Summary

Why doesn’t ISIS threaten Hollywood?

I’m incredulous.  And when you are incredulous you are probably missing something important. You always need to ask yourself WWTCT (what would Tyler Cowen think?)  So I should probably have taken a deep breath before writing this post.  You guys tell me what I’m missing. 1.  Tell me why this country isn’t showing abject cowardice […]

The best book I read this year

It is My Struggle: Book 2: A Man in Love by Karl Ove Knausgaard. I am far from alone. Rachel Cusk at The Guardian says it “deserves to be called perhaps the most significant literary enterprise of our times.”  Tyler Cowen calls it “the equal … Continue reading ? The post The best book I read this year appeared first on Chris Blattman.

“Are anthropologists better than you think?”

The question is asked by Tyler Cowen. A part of his response: Many economists like to dump on their fellow social scientists, and personally I find that reading anthropology is often quite uninspiring.  That said, I would like to say a … Continue reading ? The post “Are anthropologists better than you think?” appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Can Technology Help Fight Income Inequality?

George Mason University professor Tyler Cowen talks about a future that extends a growing employment category, “namely workers who team up with smart robots that require human assistance.”

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