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When regulators are all out to déjeuner

Just because a problem exists does not mean that a new regulation will solve it “Each time I visit the city the food gets worse and worse.” Tyler Cowen, economics professor, foodie and author of An Economist Gets Lunch, despairs of Paris. Cowen isn’t the only person to lament the state of French cuisine. This […]

Friday assorted links

1. Is software outpacing hardware?  A chess experiment pitting a smart phone against a desktop. 2. Guide to Aphex Twin (the new release is quite good). 3. Wimps. 4. “In Average Is Over, George Mason University economist Tyler Cowen delivers good news and bad news with nearly equal enthusiasm.” Joseph Stromberg has a good review. […]

Noted for Your Afternoon Procrastination for September 24, 2014

Over at [Equitable Growth]([The Equitablog]( Heidi Moore, Tyler Cowen, Bob Solow, Russ Roberts, Brad DeLong: Piketty: Wednesday Focus for September 24, 2014 - Washington Center...Show More Summary

Why is Thomas Piketty's 700-Page Book a Bestseller?

The Guardian, Why is Thomas Piketty's 700-Page Book a Bestseller?: Thomas Piketty is a French economist whose Capital in the Twenty-First Century has swept American discourse. Four experts – Brad DeLong, Tyler Cowen, Stephanie Kelton and Emanuel Derman – take on why that is. There’s been a bizarre phenomenon this...

a whole pile of piketty

Econlog collects a few links: An hour long interview with Piketty. This will be on the test. Interviewer Russ Roberts provides a commentary on the discussion. Round table w/De Long, Tyler Cowen, and Solow. Bon appetit. 50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz/From Black Power  

Piketty, Piketty, Piketty, Piketty

(September 24, 2014 02:52 PM, by Russ Roberts) Check out the EconTalk interview, the followup discussion questions, my thoughts on the conversation, and my discussion with Tyler Cowen, Brad DeLong, and Robert Solow (last link).... (1 COMMENTS)

China Is Still Reforming

By Scott Sumner: Every once and a while you read articles suggesting that the reform process in China has stopped. Tyler Cowen discussed a book on China by Joe Zhang that makes 5 very dubious claims about reform. This one seems moreShow More Summary


(September 18, 2014 10:59 PM, by David Henderson) Over at, Tyler Cowen has posted some excellent rules for managing your time. I won't repeat them here--they're short enough--but I want to add an important one, comment on a few, and add a final one. Here's the one... (0 COMMENTS)

China is still reforming

Every once and a while you read articles suggesting that the reform process in China has stopped. Tyler Cowen discussed a book on China by Joe Zhang that makes 5 very dubious claims about reform. This one seems more than “dubious”: In the past decade, China has erased most (if not all) of the liberalization of […]


Tyler Cowen linked to this (from the WaPo): What’s really surprising, however, is that Democrats did not take this opportunity to up the ante on the Republicans by proposing to phase out corporate welfare in all of its forms, including Ex-Im. In the unlikely event that Republicans had accepted the challenge, it could have freed […]

Links I liked

It delights me that there are people like this in the world Eminem sets world record for words in a single song Neil Patrick Harris’ autobiography is a Choose Your Own Adventure (what if he turned down Doogie?) Tyler Cowen weighs … Continue reading ? The post Links I liked appeared first on Chris Blattman.

The evil that men do

Tyler Cowen linked to an excellent observation by Ross Douthat: The point is that as a society changes, as what’s held sacred and who’s empowered shifts, so do the paths through which evil enters in, the prejudices and blind spots it exploits. So don’t expect tomorrow’s predators to look like yesterday’s. Don’t expect them to […]

Moral hazard: If you are not taking socially excessive risks, you aren’t doing your job

Tyler Cowen recently quoted from a paper by Cheng, Raina and Xiong (in the AER) on the banking crisis: We analyze whether mid-level managers in securitized finance were aware of a large-scale housing bubble and a looming crisis in 2004-2006 using their personal home transaction data. We find that the average person in our sample […]

Intellectual decay

(August 28, 2014 09:31 PM, by Scott Sumner) Tyler Cowen recently linked to a good article by Francis Fukuyama: The two dominant American political parties have become more ideologically polarized than at any time since the late nineteenth century. There has been a partisan geographic sorting, with... (0 COMMENTS)

The Fed can fix high unemployment, it can’t fix low employment

Tyler Cowen links to Binyamin Appelbaum: These results,” wrote the economists Stephen J. Davis, of the University of Chicago, and John Haltiwanger, of the University of Maryland, “suggest the U.S. economy faced serious impediments to high employment rates well before the Great Recession, and that sustained high employment is unlikely to return without restoring labor […]

Hoisted from the Archives from 2008: Conservatism and Its Absence of Contents

Conservatism and Its Absence of Contents: Jacob Levy thinks he has a problem: he cannot present conservatism attractively in his classes because there are no attractive modern conservatives: >Jacob T. Levy: Tyler Cowen... makes the insightful...Show More Summary

Tyler Cowen on ECB policy

(August 14, 2014 01:52 PM, by Scott Sumner) Here's Tyler Cowen commenting on ECB policy options for addressing lowflation: 2. Nominal gdp targeting. In general I like this idea, but which ngdp gets targeted? Eurozone ngdp, presumably. But when you have multiple countries, individual countries can end up... (0 COMMENTS)

Scenes from a declining middle class

This is Scott Beaulier: Louis Brandeis once said, “I abhor averages.” After reading Average Is Over (Dutton Press) by Tyler Cowen of George Mason University, I’d concur with Brandeis: if the average American’s future is anywhere close...Show More Summary

Lunchtime Must-Read: Brad DeLong (2011): Economic Downturns, the Social-Darwinist Waltz, and the Navigation of the Starship Asgard

Brad DeLong (2011): Economic Downturns, the Social-Darwinist Waltz, and the Navigation of the Starship Asgard: "Tyler Cowen writes: 'More rooftop-ready results on reservation wages:... >>I conclude that some people aren’t very good at looking for jobs and further some people are not very good at accepting job offers…. Show More Summary

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