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ECONOMIC FUTURES: The Mercatus Center has announced its fall lineup for “Conversations with Tyler,” …

ECONOMIC FUTURES: The Mercatus Center has announced its fall lineup for “Conversations with Tyler,” in which Tyler Cowen, of Marginal Revolution blogging fame, will discuss the future of capitalism with Luigi Zigales, the future of globalization with Dani Rodrik, and the future of money with Cliff Asness. If you’re in DC, you can attend in person (info […]

WHY DO (AMERICAN) WAITERS CLEAR YOUR TABLE SO FAST? The WaPo’s Roberto A. Ferdman calls it “the most…

WHY DO (AMERICAN) WAITERS CLEAR YOUR TABLE SO FAST? The WaPo’s Roberto A. Ferdman calls it “the most annoying restaurant trend happening today.” Tyler Cowen (quoted in the article) and commenters speculate on the reasons. The related question of why they’re so quick with the bill is a favorite topic on Quora. If you’re following […]

The Point of Democracy Is to Keep Powerful Elites From Becoming Complete Jackasses

Daniel Bell has written a new book making the case that "Chinese-style meritocracy is, in important respects, a better system of governance than western liberal democracy." That's possible, I suppose. Tyler Cowen noodles over the arguments and tosses out a few thoughts. Show More Summary

More reasons why I overestimate the quality of life for most Americans

Infovores are indeed much better off from the recent digital revolution. And since most journalists and tech leaders are infovores (many academics too), they extrapolate too readily from themselves. That is Tyler Cowen explaining why...Show More Summary

Kevin Drum's Third Law is wrong

(June 16, 2015 08:52 PM, by Scott Sumner) Tyler Cowen recently listed three laws, and Kevin Drum responded with variations on Tyler's Laws. Here was Tyler's third law: 3. Cowen's Third Law: All propositions about real interest rates are wrong. And Kevin's version: 3. Drum's Third Law: Really?... (0 COMMENTS)

The slow adoption of the three-pointer technology in the NBA

2 weeks agoHumor / odd :

Tyler Cowen writes about Steph Curry, the current dominance of the three-point shot, and how the reality of new technology lags in relation to its promise. What took so long? At first the shot was thought to be a cheesy gimmick. Players had to master the longer shot, preferably from their earliest training. Show More Summary

Larry Summers on TPP

(June 16, 2015 04:20 PM, by David Henderson) Tyler Cowen writes: Larry Summers on TPP makes perfect sense. I haven't seen anything on the anti- side coming close to this level of analysis, and in a short column at that. So I went to read Summers's "perfectly sensible"... (0 COMMENTS)

State-Level Fiscal Policy: Tyler Cowen's Language Strikes Me as Somewhat Aesopian...

[Over at Equitable Growth][1]: The sharp Tyler Cowen writes: Tyler Cowen: [Has fiscal conservatism met an impasse at the state level?]( "The latest from Louisiana is that taxes are going up... Show More Summary

What’s wrong with Louisiana?

Tyler Cowen has a post on the problems encountered by Republican tax cutters at the state level.  The post focused on Kansas and Louisiana, which were both recently forced to raise “revenues” to cover budget shortfalls.  I decided to take a broader look at the states, and to focus on the sine qua non of […]

Iceland Is Too Tiny to Be a Poster Child For the Financial Crisis

For what it's worth, there's been a bit of talk lately about how well Iceland is doing and how everyone should have followed their example in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Tyler Cowen has a fair-minded response here. In...Show More Summary

Time travel for financial gain

4 weeks agoHumor / odd :

Tyler Cowen was recently asked how he'd best use a time machine for financial gain. Here was the specific query: Suppose you had a time machine you that you solely wanted to use for financial gain. You can bring one item from the present...Show More Summary

Wednesday links: smart marketing

Book recommendation: Tyler Cowen loves Ashlee Vance’s biography of Elon Musk and says “so far it is the book I have enjoyed...

Economic Reset

Libertarian econonmist Tyler Cowen comes to the right conclusion but mostly for the wrong reasons.  The economics of the world is changing – a reset – and things will never again be like they were.  He totally ignores what may be the most most important factor, automation and industrial robots. In manufacturing, for example, Ford, [...]Show More Summary

Tyler Cowen on Interpersonal Utility Comparisons

(May 20, 2015 11:48 AM, by David Henderson) One of the things we are most sure of in economics is that you can't compare utility, marginal or otherwise, across individuals. Utility is ordinal, not cardinal. Which is why I don't understand Tyler Cowen's post this morning. He leads... (0 COMMENTS)

Stocks take aim at another record high even as a ‘Great Reset' looms

``"Are these economic problems transitory, or are we glimpsing the beginnings of a grimmer future?" [Tyler Cowen] asks. "No one knows whether or how much of a reset may be underway. Yet I can't help but wonder which features of current data might prove harbingers of larger, more permanent changes to come." Check out more from Cowen in our "call" section.''


NONSENSE, WE’RE JUST GEARING UP FOR RECOVERY SUMMER #7! Tyler Cowen: Don’t Be So Sure the Economy Will Return to Normal.

Economist Tyler Cowen says the economy might be a disappointment for years to come — and we'll just have to get used to it

The economy might stink for a while. Writing in the New York Times this weekend, economist, author, and blogger Tyler Cowen says that we might need to get used to the idea that economy will continue to underperform our expectations. Cowen...Show More Summary

Jonathan Pedde on the UK election and fiscal policy

Tyler Cowen directed me to an excellent new paper by Jonathan K. Pedde: Standard zero-lower-bound New Keynesian models generate large fiscal multipliers and expansionary negative supply shocks. Thus, according to these models, a political...Show More Summary

Don't Be Sure that Powerful People Don't Want the Economy to Return to Normal

Tyler Cowen warns readers in his Upshot piece that we may be entering a new era in which growth is weak and the bulk of the workforce, including those with college degrees, see stagnant or declining wages. The warning is well taken,Show More Summary

Hating libertarians

Tim Worstall, Bryan Caplan and Tyler Cowen have been wondering why people hate libertarians. I'm not sure many do: if you want to see hate, just look at the abuse dished out to even the most innocuous feminists. But let's...

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