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Was 2007 a Flexion Point, When Everything Started Going Downhill?

“I would bet on globalization slowly being in abeyance,” tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel said in a video interview with George Mason University economist Tyler Cowen. “I think with the benefit

Labor and employment roundup

Lefty argument du jour: government benefits for working poor subsidize low-wage employers. Oh? [Adam Ozimek via Tyler Cowen] “OSHA’s Latest Reporting and Recordkeeping Mandates: More Burdens with Few Benefits” [Eric J. Conn, Washington...Show More Summary

Are There Any True Laws, Especially Economic Ones?

This is triggered by the recent post by Tyler Cowen and some followups by others. In it Tyler posits three laws: 1) There is something wrong with everything (no slam dunks, and one only understands something if one knows its flaws), 2) There is a literature on everything, and 3) All propositions about real interest rates are wrong. Show More Summary

Have Blog, Will Travel

I am here today (as is Tyler Cowen, he explains the rules we have to follow): NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH, INC. 30th Annual Conference on Macroeconomics Martin Eichenbaum and Jonathan Parker, Organizers April 17 and 18, 2015 The Royal...

“Will youth sports disputes be improved by the intervention of the courts?”

Writes Tyler Cowen, about a lawsuit filed by a benched 16-year-old club volleyball hopeful in Chantilly, Va. Tags: schools, sports “Will youth sports disputes be improved by the intervention of the courts?” is a post from Overlawyered - Chronicling the high cost of our legal system

One of the internet's most famous economics bloggers has published his 3 laws for everything

Tyler Cowen, economics professor at George Mason university and noted economics blogger over at Marginal Revolution, has published his 3 oft-referenced laws. They are: Cowen’s First Law : There is something wrong with everything (byShow More Summary

Drum vs. Cowen: Three Laws

Today Tyler Cowen published his version of Cowen's Three Laws: 1. Cowen’s First Law: There is something wrong with everything (by which I mean there are few decisive or knockdown articles or arguments, and furthermore until you have found the major flaws in an argument, you do not understand it) 2. Show More Summary

What Jeff Sachs thinks you should study

I was skeptical when I heard Tyler Cowen would interview Jeff Sachs. I’ve read a lot of Jeff’s work and figured I couldn’t learn much that is new. Plus I’m more interested in hearing Sachs’ nuanced views rather than the introductory … Continue reading ? The post What Jeff Sachs thinks you should study appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Tyler Cowen’s three laws

Many of you have been asking for a canonical statement of what I sometimes refer to as Cowen’s Laws.  Here goes: 1. Cowen’s First Law: There is something wrong with everything (by which I mean there are few decisive or knockdown articles or arguments, and furthermore until you have found the major flaws in an […]

Economists Weigh-in on the TPP

Simon Lester In recent weeks, a number of prominent economists have expressed views on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).   David Autor,  David Dorn,  and  Gordon Hanson  are for it;  Tyler Cowen is for it, mainly for foreign policy...Show More Summary

The transcript of my talk with Peter Thiel

You will find it here.  Here is one excerpt: TYLER COWEN: New York City, overrated or underrated? PETER THIEL: That’s massively overrated. TYLER COWEN: Why? PETER THIEL: We had a 25-year boom in finance, from ’82 to ’07. I think that’s slowly ebbing, slowly abating. It’s going to be increasingly regulated, and so if you […]

Tyler Cowen's Three-Card Monte on Inequality

Tyler Cowen used his Upshot piece this week to tell us that the real issue is not inequality, but rather mobility. We want to make sure that our children have the opportunity to enjoy better lives than we do. And for this we should focus...Show More Summary

The NGDP futures market believes in the Great Stagnation

For several years I’ve been arguing that we are in a Great Stagnation, and that trend NGDP growth is about 3%, not the 5% to 5.5% from before the crisis.  Just to be clear, I am referring to Tyler Cowen’s supply-side theory, not the Summers/Krugman demand-side secular stagnation, which I do not accept. The NGDP […]

Hoisted from the Archives: Tyler Cowen Defines John Maynard Keynes as the Only True Austrian Economist

In Which I Demonstrate That John Maynard Keynes Is the Only True Austrian Economist...: I wrote: Department of "Huh?!": Tyler Cowen calls me a semi-pseudo Hayekian: >Assorted links: 5. Brad DeLong, slouching toward recalculation... But...Show More Summary

Competition & working conditions

Tyler Cowen argues against (pdf) Elizabeth Anderson's view (pdf) that capitalist bosses exert oppressive power over workers and, implicitly, against my view that capitalist work is alienating. This, I suspect, is one of the many issues in the social...

The right variable for the right argument

Tyler Cowen links to an Edward Hugh post: So, what do you do about the problem of secular stagnation? Again here there is divergence of opinion. Some still seek to treat the phenomenon as if it were a variant of the liquidity trap issue. Most notable here is Paul Krugman, who continues to hope that […]

How Should Libertarians Feel about Conservatarianism?

“Charles C.W. Cooke’s The Conservatarian Manifesto: Libertarians, Conservatives, and the Fight for the Right’s Future is all the rage right now,” Tyler Cowen writes. “Books which attempt to redefine or carve up the political spectrum...Show More Summary

I don't think these are "very good points"

Tyler Cowen: From Adam Ozimek, here are some very good points, which I had not previously pondered: …what a carbon tax does is push the required cost threshold up. This would allow solar to become the more profitable source of energy in the US sooner and increase the speed of...

Newsstand: March 19, 2015

last monthCanada / Toronto : Torontoist

According to American economist Tyler Cowen, Scarborough is the best ethnic food suburb in the world. What do you think, Raccoon Nation: is Scarborough the best-kept foodie secret in the city? Discuss amongst yourselves. In the news:...Show More Summary

Apart from boosting NGDP and RGDP, euro depreciation will not help Italy

That’s the conclusion of a new paper that Tyler Cowen has linked to.  And I think that’s right.  Many stimulus advocates (including me and Lars Svensson) have pointed out that currency depreciation caused by monetary stimulus would not be expected to boost net exports, as the substitution effect will often be dominated by the income […]

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