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Who is Peter Navarro?

(September 27, 2016 10:27 AM, by Scott Sumner) Tyler Cowen linked to a paper by Peter Navarro, which discusses Trump's economic plan. To put it simply, it's a complete mess. Here are just a few examples: Under WTO rules, any foreign company that manufactures domestically and exports goods... (1 COMMENTS)

America's Newest Heroes: Bag Thieves and Backpack Snatchers

Via Tyler Cowen, Murray Weiss and Aidan Gardiner tell the story of how police caught the Chelsea bomber so quickly. On Saturday night a couple of enterprising street socialists saw a fine looking suitcase on the sidewalk and decided it was something they could use. Show More Summary

The Conard Line on the Trade Deficit

(September 10, 2016 09:38 PM, by David Henderson) Tyler Cowen writes: This framework makes Conard a revisionist on the U.S. trade deficit. The traditional story is that Americans buy goods from, say, East Asia, and the sellers respond by investing those dollars back in the U.S., a win-win... (0 COMMENTS)

You may not be interested in peer review, but peer review is interested in you

Here’s an ironic juxtaposition from Tyler Cowen’s blog. On 28 Apr he discusses a paper with a market system for improving peer review and concludes, “Interesting, but the main problem with the idea is simply that no one cares.” The day...Show More Summary

Why do white men love Donald Trump so much?

The rise of Donald Trump has put the focus on one particular demographic: men. In a provocative post entitled “What the hell is going on?” the economist Tyler Cowen argued, “The contemporary world is not very well built for a large chunk of males.” Understanding the views of men, and particularly Trump’s base of white […]

Solve for This Equilibrium

(September 8, 2016 12:04 AM, by Bryan Caplan) Tyler Cowen's fond of admonishing us to "solve for the equilibrium." His maxim came to mind while reading his Bloomberg column last month:How's this for a simple rule: Open borders for the residents of any democratic country with more generous... (0 COMMENTS)

Italy's cultural voucher for 18 year olds

(August 30, 2016 07:01 AM, by Alberto Mingardi) Tyler Cowen links to this piece by Cara Giaimo on an initiative of the Italian government: a â?¬ 500 euro bonus that youngsters can cash in as they turn 18. If I read him correctly, Tyler is moderately positive... (0 COMMENTS)

Tyler Cowen’s guide to Enlightenment

No, that is not enlightenment about life, that is enlightenment about Enlightenment, as in the eighteenth century phenomenon.  P., a loyal MR reader, wrote to me with such a request, noting correctly that “I usually find that broad,Show More Summary

The bitter, political fight to create a new macroeconomics

THE big debates in macroeconomics have never been polite. I suppose it's understandable that this is the case; after all, the stakes are high. Tyler Cowen excerpts a new blog post by Scott Sumner, which reads: …what’s happened since 2009 involves not just one, but at least five new types of voodoo: 1.

Tyler Cowen on NGDP targeting

(August 23, 2016 12:08 PM, by Scott Sumner) Here's Tyler Cowen: The thing is this: whether rationally or not, the American public hates higher rates of price inflation. Perhaps they mis-sample or mis-estimate prices, or perhaps the higher prices really do erode their real wages in a way... (0 COMMENTS)

Monday assorted links

1. Contemporary art exhibit for dogs, via Yana. 2. “Tyler Cowen asks what I think the five biggest open questions are in the current economic debate.”  That is from Adam Ozimek, those are pretty close to my own list, I would toss in some China too like “what the hell is going on there?”. 3. […] The post Monday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

The Five Biggest Open Economics Questions To Me

Tyler Cowen asks what I think the five biggest open questions are in the current economic debate. My answers are probably going to reflect my idiosyncratic interests and my day job at an economics forecasting company, where the next 3 years of economic data data matter a lot. With that [...]

Procrastinating on August 13, 2016

Over at [Equitable Growth]( Must-Reads: Storify: _[I Think Tyler Cowen Is Confused About Social Choice and Investment-Spending Hurdle Rates][]_: Lower than 2%: That's What the Social-Choice Calculus Produces, for Both Public Infrastructure and Private Capital Barry Eichengreen: _[Airing the IMF’s Dirty Laundry][]_ Jonathan A. Parker et al....

Intermediaries and the financial crisis of 2008

2 months agoHumor / odd :

In the most recent video from Marginal Revolution University, Tyler Cowen explains how the role of financial intermediaries contributed to the financial crisis of 2008. He highlights homeowners and banks taking on too much leverage,Show More Summary

Democratic Fund Managers Outperformed Republican Fund Managers

Straight from the Mercatus Institute, libertarian Tyler Cowen notes that fund managers who donate to Democrats outperformed fund managers who donated to Republicans. The difference is small compared to the huge volatility of stock market returns, but it is not small compared to the variance of the performance of the two groups of fund managers. […]

Book shopping at Strand

In conjunction with my recent conversation with Tyler Cowen (watch and/or read), I also had the opportunity to go book-shopping with him -- on camera -- at the Strand bookstore, and you can now watch the (cut-down-to-manageable-size)...Show More Summary

Four short links: 2 August 2016

Industrial Organization, Spark 2, MySQL Migrations, and Elon's Bedtime Stories Industrial Organization Reading List -- from Tyler Cowen's Fall Ph.D. class. Apache Spark 2.0.0 -- The major updates are API usability, SQL 2003 support,Show More Summary

In conversation with Tyler Cowen

It was a great honor and pleasure to be in conversation with Tyler Cowen -- and to go book-shopping with him at New York's Strand Bookstore (video of which should be available next week...) -- and you can now watch the full conversation,...Show More Summary

Tyler Cowen on low interest rates

(July 27, 2016 06:38 PM, by Scott Sumner) Tyler Cowen has a new Bloomberg column: Maybe Negative Yields Are a Sign of Prosperity Just when it seemed that negative yields could not spread any further, they did. Corporate bonds paying negative interest rates now account for about $512... (0 COMMENTS)

My conversation with Michael Orthofer

That is the latest entry in the Conversations with Tyler series, here is the transcript, audio, and video.  Here is the overview: Michael Orthofer, one of the world’s most prolific book reviewers, joins Tyler Cowen for a conversation on?—?what else??—?books. Show More Summary

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