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Beckworth interviews Taylor and Cochrane

Each day my time management spirals more and more out of control.  If only there were 73 hours in a day.  And now there are new “must listen to” podcasts by Tyler Cowen and David Beckworth.  I finally caught up with David’s two most recent offerings. After starting off his podcast series interviewing me, he […]

Camille Paglia: “I’m a libertarian. That’s why I’m always freely offending both sides”

In new interview with Tyler Cowen, Paglia talks cultural conservatism, "Star Wars" and why Rihanna let her down

New edition of Tyler Cowen’s ethnic dining guide

Here is the one file, print it all out version, just revised.  Here is the blog version, which is easier to follow in bits and pieces, looks nicer, works better (thanks to the estimable Chug), and accepts comments.  Here are the links on Twitter. Show More Summary

Interview and podcast with me, about on-line education

By Jeff Young at the Chronicle, here is one excerpt: Jeff Young: …I asked Cowen what has surprised him most as his effort has evolved. Tyler Cowen: I wouldn’t quite call it a surprise, but I’ve been consistently impressed over the last...Show More Summary

Why robots are not coming for your job

[youtube:2CVURQdFILk] Fascinating post about the economics of artificial intelligence (AI) from economist Tyler Cowen: The Artificial in AI can sometimes mislead so let’s start by getting rid of the A and asking instead whether more NI, Natural Intelligence, will decimate the middle class. Show More Summary

What is the most obscure state according to Wonkblog and Google? And per capita?

From Christopher Ingraham: The top five most-searched states are, in order, California, Texas, Florida, Illinois and Pennsylvania. And to answer Tyler Cowen’s original question, the bottom five states, in descending order, are Idaho, Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, and, at the absolute bottom of the 50-state barrel: Wyoming. Show More Summary

The Public Choice Outreach Conference

It’s time to apply or encourage your students to apply to the annual Public Choice Outreach Conference! This conference is a “crash course” in public choice with talks by Tyler Cowen, Robin Hanson, Bryan Caplan, Dan Houser, Johanna Mollerstrom and many others. Show More Summary

Would you rather have a degree without an education or an education without a degree?

I found this debate between Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok (at Marginal Revolution University), on whether college education provides learning or signaling, interesting. Particularly important right now: If college education is primarily learning and learning is productivity enhancing, then universal college education will be productivity enhancing, but if college degrees...

The most interesting states in America

What is America's most obscure state? Economist Tyler Cowen posed this question on the Marginal Revolution blog not too long ago. Cowen initially proposed Nebraska, but after running through a list of notable Nebraskans and their contributions to society, he seems to have settled on Idaho instead. Cowen's initial impulse was probably the more correct one. When […]

TYLER COWEN: The Criticism Of Trump That Few Will Utter: It is sad to see so many people, includ…

TYLER COWEN: The Criticism Of Trump That Few Will Utter: It is sad to see so many people, including those on the Left or in the Democratic Party, criticize the idea of a Trump presidency without ever uttering the phrase: “No man or woman should have so much political power over others.” I agree with […]

Inflation Slightly Up, But Still Pretty Subdued

Tyler Cowen notes this morning that core inflation is now running around 2.3 percent, its highest rate since 2008. "As I’ve been saying, I see very little chance of an aggregate demand-based recession this year, the Fed’s December interest...Show More Summary

The Miracle of Republican Governance

Tyler Cowen recently asserted that state governments controlled by Republicans are generally better run. And it must be said that his evidence for this claim — consisting in its entirety of a 2012 listicle showing that small states with a lot of oil tend to have low unemployment and high per capita incomes when oil […]

Productivity Growth Slow Down Is Real

2 months agoHumor / odd : FuturePundit

Tyler Cowen reviews the latest research: Silicon Valley Has Not Saved Us From A Productivity Slowdown. Seems persuasive to me. But then I already believed the argument. Why I already believed the argument: An opposing viewpoint is that...Show More Summary

What parts of the country are most religious?

I saw this from Tyler Cowen: The middle part of America is more religious than the South. And I was like, Huh? So I followed the link which in turn linked to this article by J. D. Vance which said: When Gallup ranked every U.S. state...Show More Summary

Always Click the Links

You too can have a tiny population with large oil reserves if you only voted Republican! Tyler Cowen makes a sweeping claim: At the state and local level, the governments controlled by Republicans tend to be better run, sometimes much better run, than those controlled by the Democrats (oops).  And a big piece of how […]

Highlights from Nate Silver Interview

(February 24, 2016 02:28 PM, by David Henderson) Small sample sizes, global poverty, basketball and the Golden State Warriors, legalizing drugs, herd behavior in the media, and media as cheerleaders. Recently, Tyler Cowen interviewed Nate Silver of five in front on audience at the Mercatus Center. Here... (0 COMMENTS)

Real and monetary shocks, a numerical example

(February 18, 2016 09:44 AM, by Scott Sumner) Here's Tyler Cowen: Closer to the central point I think is Scott's claim: "Any "real shock" that reduces NGDP expectations because the Fed responded passively is also a monetary shock." For me that is a real shock with insufficient monetary... (0 COMMENTS)

Francis Coppola on negative interest rates

Tyler Cowen linked to a post by Frances Coppola: But one thing seems clear. How negative rates would work in practice is no clearer than how QE works in practice. They are experimental, and their effects are complex. Hydraulic monetarist arguments (“if you can get rates low enough the economy will rebound”) are simplistic. Monetarist? […]

Is NGDP a useful way of thinking about monetary shocks?

In a recent post I discussed 4 possible interpretations of Tyler Cowen’s post on risk-based recessions: Perhaps the claim is that we might have a recession this year due to risk, despite 3% plus NGDP growth.  If so, I very strongly disagree.  (This could be viewed as a version of real business cycle theory.) Perhaps […]

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