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Moral hazard: If you are not taking socially excessive risks, you aren’t doing your job

Tyler Cowen recently quoted from a paper by Cheng, Raina and Xiong (in the AER) on the banking crisis: We analyze whether mid-level managers in securitized finance were aware of a large-scale housing bubble and a looming crisis in 2004-2006 using their personal home transaction data. We find that the average person in our sample […]

Intellectual decay

(August 28, 2014 09:31 PM, by Scott Sumner) Tyler Cowen recently linked to a good article by Francis Fukuyama: The two dominant American political parties have become more ideologically polarized than at any time since the late nineteenth century. There has been a partisan geographic sorting, with... (0 COMMENTS)

The Fed can fix high unemployment, it can’t fix low employment

Tyler Cowen links to Binyamin Appelbaum: These results,” wrote the economists Stephen J. Davis, of the University of Chicago, and John Haltiwanger, of the University of Maryland, “suggest the U.S. economy faced serious impediments to high employment rates well before the Great Recession, and that sustained high employment is unlikely to return without restoring labor […]

Hoisted from the Archives from 2008: Conservatism and Its Absence of Contents

Conservatism and Its Absence of Contents: Jacob Levy thinks he has a problem: he cannot present conservatism attractively in his classes because there are no attractive modern conservatives: >Jacob T. Levy: Tyler Cowen... makes the insightful...Show More Summary

Tyler Cowen on ECB policy

(August 14, 2014 01:52 PM, by Scott Sumner) Here's Tyler Cowen commenting on ECB policy options for addressing lowflation: 2. Nominal gdp targeting. In general I like this idea, but which ngdp gets targeted? Eurozone ngdp, presumably. But when you have multiple countries, individual countries can end up... (0 COMMENTS)

Scenes from a declining middle class

This is Scott Beaulier: Louis Brandeis once said, “I abhor averages.” After reading Average Is Over (Dutton Press) by Tyler Cowen of George Mason University, I’d concur with Brandeis: if the average American’s future is anywhere close...Show More Summary

Lunchtime Must-Read: Brad DeLong (2011): Economic Downturns, the Social-Darwinist Waltz, and the Navigation of the Starship Asgard

Brad DeLong (2011): Economic Downturns, the Social-Darwinist Waltz, and the Navigation of the Starship Asgard: "Tyler Cowen writes: 'More rooftop-ready results on reservation wages:... >>I conclude that some people aren’t very good at looking for jobs and further some people are not very good at accepting job offers…. Show More Summary

Matt Yglesias on Tyler Cowen

Which is to say that while Cowen’s point about the global picture is both interesting and correct, his political stance is backwards. It’s not fans of Capital in the 21st Century who are pushing nationalism as an alternative to plutocracy, but its detractors. And though the recent politics in the US Congress have been driven by […]

No eurozone mystery

Tyler Cowen has a new post discussing the very low inflation rate in the eurozone: What is the most economical model here?  The ECB invested in building up a lot of credibility in some areas, such as price level stability, but that means less credibility when it comes to pushing higher inflation.  So to get […]

Thai Taste Really Tastes Great!

I had dinner last night at Thai Taste by Kob in Wheaton, Maryland with Tyler Cowen, commenter teatotaler, and “econ prodigy” Nathaniel Bechhofer. The restaurant opened earlier this year, about six months ago. They have a large menu. Show More Summary

Asshole of the week

Tyler Cowen’s partial solution on poverty in America as printed in the New York Times: If we are looking for a remedy, a greater interest in strict religions would help many of the poor a lot — how about Mormonism for a start? Just look at the data. Many other religions prohibit or severely limit [Read more...] This space reserved for your ad.

Tyler Cowen’s Solution to Poverty

Tyler Cowen’s solutions to poverty would not have been original in 1890: You and other thinkers on the right have proposed that cultural factors play a large role in the widening income gap. What are you suggesting? Note that the observed stagnation in earnings has plagued male earners, not women. Women continue to do better […]

TYLER COWEN: The Real Import Of The Gruber Fracas. I like this from the comments: “All I can say …

TYLER COWEN: The Real Import Of The Gruber Fracas. I like this from the comments: “All I can say is, if you’re going to pass a law with zero bipartisan support, you should be very careful in the drafting, since they aren’t likely to help you out if you muck it up. In this case, [...]

Moog's (MOG.A) CEO John Scannell on Q3 2014 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

Moog Inc. (NYSE:MOG.A) Q3 2014 Earnings Conference Call July 25, 2014 10:00 am ET Executives Ann Marie Luhr - IR John R. Scannell - CEO Donald R. Fishback - VP and CFO Analysts Cai von Rumohr - Cowen and Company Tyler Hojo - Sidoti and...Show More Summary

Over at Equitable Growth: Investment in Equipment (and Software): What Are Neil Irwin and Tyler Cowen Thinking? Tuesday Focus: July 22, 2014

[Over at Equitable Growth]( The estimable Neil Irwin and Tyler Cowen get, I think, things wrong here. First, Tyler, commenting on Neil: Tyler Cowen: Facts about non-residential investment: "One simple hypothesis is that it’s not worth spending more on American workers at current wage levels. Show More Summary

THE MOTHER’S MILK OF POLITICS: Money Still Fuels The Political Machine. In despair over money’s …

THE MOTHER’S MILK OF POLITICS: Money Still Fuels The Political Machine. In despair over money’s influence in politics, progressives have fitfully embraced plans for public financing of campaigns. Via Tyler Cowen, I see that a new paper from Andrew Hall explores the effects of these sorts of programs. First, the good news: Public campaign funding [...]

The Most Egalitarian Of All Possible Worlds?

Pointing to a new study showing that income inequality is rapidly declining at the global level, Tyler Cowen argues that the redistribution favored by egalitarian movements in the US would end up hurting international prosperity: Although significant economic problems remain, we have been living in equalizing times for the world — a change that has […]

Obamacare is Working, and It Will Probably Continue to Work

Tyler Cowen isn't satisfied with current answers to the question of how well Obamacare is working. But although no one has firm answers to the questions he asks, I think we know more than he implies we do—especially when you widen your scope beyond just the details of the Obamacare transition over the next few years. Show More Summary

Prior Experience Doesn't Matter (Much)

Tyler Cowen points to yet another story today about how HR departments are using big data to hire and manage employees, and it's fairly interesting throughout. However, my appreciation for the power of this approach was certainly enhanced...Show More Summary

Yet Another Idiot Economist Says that War Is Good for the Economy

Preface: Two weeks ago, well-known economist Tyler Cowen (a professor at George Mason University) argued in the New York Times that wars – especially “major wars” - are good for the economy. Cowen joins extremely influential economists like Paul Krugman and Martin Feldstein – and various talking heads – in promoting this idea. Show More Summary

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