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Astronomer Reports Sighting A UFO That Warped Surrounding Air As It Whizzed Past His Property In Lebanon, Oregon

A witness in Lebanon, Linn County, Oregon, reports sighting a UFO that flew across his property in a suburban area. The mysterious object flew past the witness at tremendous speed, a few feet off and parallel to the ground. As it passed, the witness noticed to his astonishment that it generated a strange noise and... Show More Summary

Mysterious Black UFO Filmed Hovering Over Scottish Harbor Baffles The Internet [Video]

Shaky but eerie footage showing a mysterious black UFO hovering for several minutes over a harbor in Scotland has left many baffled. The footage was captured over Ayr Harbor in Scotland by 13-year-old James Cooper. James sighted the UFO hovering in the sky for about 15 minutes at about 5:30 p.m. Show More Summary

Mysterious White Light UFO Spotted Over Black Rock Harbor In Bridgeport, Connecticut

A resident at Bridgeport, Connecticut, reports sighting a slow-moving, UFO that sailed over Black Rock Harbor at very low altitude. The witness described the mysterious UFO, illuminated by bright white light, as a “walnut-shaped, slow and low moving craft.” According to the witness’s report, filed as Case 77451 in the database of the Mutual UFO... Show More Summary

Four Metallic Orb UFOs Spotted Stalking Military Cargo Plane Over Memphis, Tennessee

A witness from Memphis in Tennessee claims to have sighted four metallic orb UFOs that came out of a cloud as a military cargo plane flew past. The four orbs followed the cargo plane briefly before disappearing back into the clouds. According to the witness in a report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)... Show More Summary

Arkansas Witness Reports Low-Flying UFO With Bright Lights And Windows

A resident of Lonsdale in Garland County, Arkansas reports sighting a low-flying UFO with bright lights and windows. According to the witness, in a report filed as Case 77398 in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) archives, he was riding a motorcycle due west along Highway 70 on the night of July 2, 2016, and had... Show More Summary

Tennessee V-Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Near Memphis Airport, Latest In String Of Sightings In State [Video]

According to an eye-witness in Tennessee, they recently spotted not just one but two V-shaped UFOs hovering or “hanging” in the air above an interstate. The account comes from a Tennessee resident who was reportedly on their way to Memphis Airport, driving down I-55 in the early morning hours of June 22, reports Open Minds.... Show More Summary

If The Satellite Feed From NASA Is Cut After UFO Sighting, Does It Mean ISS Is Hiding Aliens?

If a live satellite feed from NASA cuts out after a UFO is sighted, does it make a sound? You know, like the tree falling in the forest…okay, maybe not. Then does it mean the ISS is hiding proof of UFOs or aliens? The Universe It would be presumptuous of us to believe we are... Show More Summary

Police Officer Sighted Tall White Aliens Inspecting Crop Circle In Wiltshire, England, UFO Hunters Claim [Video]

According to a story circulating in the UFO and alien conspiracy theory blogosphere, a British Police Sergeant had an encounter with Tall White Aliens on July 6, 2009. The aliens were allegedly inspecting a freshly-made crop circle in a field in Wiltshire, England, when the police officer, who was off-duty at the time, encountered them.... Show More Summary

Alien In Top Hat Flips NASA’s Curiosity Rover The Bird — Gesture Could Be Polite Greeting In Mars Culture, UFO Blogger Claims [Photo]

An alien hunter claims the most bizarre alien sighting on Mars ever — an alien in top hat and cape flipping NASA’s Curiosity rover the bird. According to the notorious UFO conspiracy theorists Scott C. Waring, in a recent post to his UFO Sightings Daily blog, a photo of the Martian terrain snapped by NASA’s... Show More Summary

UFOs Filmed Over Area 51, Nellis Air Force Base: Alien Hunter Claims Regular Heavy Traffic

New information about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) sightings out of southeastern Nevada would seem to suggest that the traffic over Nellis Air Force Base, the adjacent Nevada Test and Training Range, and Area 51 (which is sandwiched in between the two) is regular and heavy. Show More Summary

Possible UFO / Bigfoot Connected Activity

May or June, 2014 - Wytopitlock, MaineBigfoot researcher and skeptic Michael Merchant (aka SnowWalkerPrime) and his assistant Lady K, were conducting a survey in a very remote area of Wytopitlock, Maine when they had a sighting of an object followed by possible Bigfoot activity around their camp. Show More Summary

Huge ‘Flying Saucer UFO’ Hovered In The Sky Over Shanghai, China For 10 Hours [Photo]

Hundreds of witnesses in the bustling city of Shanghai, China, have reported sighting a huge “flying saucer UFO” with multi-colored lights that hovered over the city for 10 hours on Sunday, July 3, 2016. The report from China has sparked feverish excitement in the alien conspiracy theory blogosphere, with wild speculation about alien invasion that... Show More Summary

Some Of The Very Best Alien Conspiracy Theories

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : The Presurfer

image credit On June 2, 1947, a US Air Force surveillance balloon (or was it?) crash-landed near Roswell, New Mexico, unleashing a new era of alien sightings, abductions, and government secrecy.Last Saturday was World UFO Day, a time...Show More Summary

Zimbabwe UFO Mass Sighting Contactee Speaks Publicly For The First Time [Video]

Zimbabwe was home to one of the most widely-documented and profound mass UFO sightings in modern world history. On September 16, 1994 almost five dozen school kids (ages 5 to 12) reported that they saw multiple UFOs and even interacted with alien beings on their school playground. Show More Summary

Various UFO Related Sightings / Encounters

In observance of 'World UFO Day.' I offer the following UFO related sighting / encounter reports transcribed and submitted by Jamie Brian:YELLOW BALL OF LIGHT FOLLOWED BY TWO JETSRyan from Oregon called in to tell of his sighting ofShow More Summary

Weird Shape-Shifting Cigar UFO Sighted Over Rochester, Pennsylvania

A witness in Rochester, Beaver County, Pennsylvania, has reported sighting a white cigar-shaped UFO that morphed as she watched it fly across the sky. According to the witness’ testimony filed as Case 77094 by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the strange UFO sighting occurred at about 6:34 p.m. Show More Summary

Mysterious Sphere UFOs Hovering Above Clouds In Triangle Formation Filmed Over East Los Angeles [Video]

A witness in East Los Angeles, California, reports sighting and filming three yellow sphere UFOs hovering in the air. The three sphere UFOs came together to form a bright and shiny triangle shape as they hovered mid-air. According to the report to MUFON, filed as Case 77127 on June 17, 2016, the witness was sitting... Show More Summary

Two Mysterious Triangle UFOs Spotted Flying At Tree Top Level Over Barnegat Light In New Jersey

A woman at Barnegat Light, Ocean County, New Jersey, has reported sighting two triangle UFOs flying low in formation westward across the night sky. According to the unnamed witness, whose testimony was filed in the reporting database of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) as Case 76757, the sighting occurred on the night of June 1,... Show More Summary

Sinister Black Sphere UFO Emerged From Cloud Over Port Angeles, Washington — ‘Cloaked’ Craft ‘Posed’ For Photoshoot Then Retreated Behind Clouds Again [Photo]

A witness in Port Angeles, Clallam County, Washington, photographed a sinister black, spherical UFO that emerged from a cloud over a beach and hovered in sight briefly before disappearing back into the cloud. According to the witness, the UFO appeared “as if on cue,” to “pose for one shot and then retreated back within the... Show More Summary

Chinese Scientist May Have an Explanation for Ball Lightning

Ball lightning has been blamed for more UFO sightings than weather balloons and for more ghost sightings than reflections. Part of the problem is that, like UFOs and ghosts, no one can really explain ball lightning either. That may change with a new theory from a Chinese...

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