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Odd UFO Sighting Group In Australia Causes A Government Controversy

According to BBC, the Australian government recently opened an investigation into a UFO sighting organization that is has unknowingly been funding for years. The group’s inner workings are fairly mysterious, and Australian government officials are trying to uncover more details about them. Show More Summary

UFO Sightings: ‘Alien Megastructure’ Star Has Gone Haywire Again And Scientists Are Baffled

The ever mysterious “alien megastructure” star has gone haywire again, and at this point it’s fair to say that scientists are on the verge of witnessing the most remarkable UFO sighting in history. Tabby’s star, also called the Boyajian...Show More Summary

UFO News: Massive Alien Spaceship Crash Site ‘Spotted’ In Antarctica — See Photo Inside

UFO sightings have been all too common in the news lately, but a Russian UFO hunter might have spotted the largest of them all. Interestingly, the object in question wasn’t spotted in the skies, but on Antarctica of all places. Valentin...Show More Summary

Another Possible UFO Crash Site Spotted in Antarctica

If you’re looking for UFOs in the sky, an excellent new book by Cheryl and Linda Miller Costa called “U.F.O. Sightings Desk Reference” will point you to California, which had more sightings than any other state between 2001 and 2015. On the other hand, if you’re looking...

UFO Sightings: Six Hovering Triangles Photographed Over San Diego, California

UFO sightings have been on the rise in the past few years, with the most recent one being sighted over Escondido in northern San Diego, as reported by Open Minds. The witness, who wasn’t identified in the report, has reportedly spotted multi-colored lights in the shape of a triangle hovering over tree tops near his apartment. Show More Summary

UFO News: Another UFO Sighting By The International Space Station Excites UFO Enthusiasts

In the latest UFO news, there has been another reported sighting of a UFO that was seen whizzing past the International Space Station (ISS). In the case of this alleged UFO sighting, the UFO in question appears to be of the 1950s flying saucer variety, as captured on film. Show More Summary

UK’s Latest Triangle UFO Sighting Caught on Video

Something is afoot in southern England. Scores of reports of UFOs, black helicopters, and other anomalous aerial phenomena have poured in over the last year. Many of these sightings have had multiple witnesses and/or photographic evidence. Interestingly, many of these sightings involve slow-moving triangle-shaped aircraft or triangular...

UFO Sightings 2017: Triangle UFO Hovering Over UK Videotaped By Bus Driver On Break

UFO sightings are noticeably on the rise in 2017 and one of the latest ones has recently been captured over Exmouth, in the UK. The video, which was captured by a British bus driver, shows three lights in a triangle-shaped pattern hovering...Show More Summary

UFO Sightings: ‘Alien Spaceship’ The Size Of A Bus Spotted At International Space Station In NASA Video

UFO sightings are on the rise again this year, but alien enthusiasts have recently stumbled on perhaps one of the most convincing UFO videos in a long time. This time, the video was taken by astronauts from NASA, showing a disc-likeShow More Summary

Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood Saw a UFO in Brazil

When an aging rock star claims to have seen a UFO, what drug first comes to mind? When the aging rock star is a member of the Rolling Stones, what DRUGS come to mind? If the Stone isn’t Keith Richards, is the sighting more believable? Jo Wood,...

Large Humanoid 'Bat' Witnessed Over Calumet Park in Chicago

Manuel Navarette from UFO Clearinghouse recently received another unknown flying entity report from the Chicago metro area:I was contacted by email and then later by phone by the witness on Sunday evening regarding a sighting on Friday,...Show More Summary

“Flying Triangle” UFOs & U.K.-U.S. Liaison

Since the 1980s, sightings of large, triangular-shaped UFOs have been reported throughout the world. They are usually described as being black in color, making a low humming noise, and very often with rounded – rather than angled – corners. The sheer proliferation of such reports has led...

Justin Bieber, Napercise, All About Eve, Beyoncé, Provincetown, Elizabeth Warren, Beyoncé: HOT LINKS

3 weeks agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

CRIMINAL ALIEN HOTLINE. People are reporting UFO sightings to the White House’s new hotline. MINNESOTA. Eagan firefighter sues city, claiming he was demoted for being gay: “In a civil lawsuit filed this week in U.S. District Court, firefi…...Show More Summary

People Are Calling President Trump’s “Criminal Alien” Hotline To Report UFO Sightings

3 weeks agoNews / Crime : Crime Feed

The White House has launched a new hotline for people to report crimes committed by “criminal aliens,” but some of the callers have reportedly been contacting the number to report extraterrestrial contact and UFO sightings. The post People Are Calling President Trump’s “Criminal Alien” Hotline To Report UFO Sightings appeared first on CrimeFeed.

Progressives flood hotline for victims of crime by ‘criminal aliens’ with UFO sightings

"Openly obstructing and mocking victims crosses the line of legitimate public discourse." The post Progressives flood hotline for victims of crime by ‘criminal aliens’ with UFO sightings appeared first on Hot Air.

Calls of UFO Sightings Highlight 'Absurdity' of Trump's Immigration Hotline

3 weeks agoNews : Newsweek: US

An ICE official calls the campaign to obstruct the VOICE initiative 'despicable.'

Kurt Russell Recalls UFO Sighting in BBC Interview

Given the prevalence of UFO sightings, it’s no surprise that public figures such as celebrities or politicians sometimes witness unexplained aerial phenomenon. A new celebrity UFO disclosure came this week from Hollywood legend Kurt Russell, who shared an eerie personal UFO sighting while on the BBC’s The One Show....

UFO sightings, ice plant salvation, relaxing AT&T’s box regulations, and more

Four things to know today Welcome to Curbed Cuts, a tri-weekly digest connecting the dots between shelter, structure, parks, transportation, and more. Consider the ice plant If we think about ice plants at all, we likely think of them as the beach-growing flora that’s a real pain to pluck dog poop out of. Show More Summary

This state leads the nation in UFO sightings

3 weeks agoTechnology : Tech Talk

A new book reveals which state had the most UFO sightings in the U.S. since 2001

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