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NASA Accused of Cutting Off Live Feed to Hide UFO Sighting (VIDEO)

A video posted to YouTube on June 21 - claiming to show three UFOs leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, and accusing NASA of deliberately cutting its feed from the Space Station - has been going viral.

Talks to resolve Lufthansa pay dispute stalled, union says

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Talks to resolve a pay dispute at German airline Lufthansa have stalled and a resolution is still not in sight, German flight attendants' union UFO said on Monday. Union chief Nicoley Baublies said he had received a message from Lufthansa's chief executive Carsten Spohr late on Monday, urging him to get back in touch. Show More Summary

After Multiple UFO Sightings Florida Hotel Keeps Log of Guests’ UFO Sightings [Video]

Guests at the Ocean Sands Beach Inn on Coastal Highway, Florida, have reported so many sightings of UFOs over the nearby Vilano Beach in St. Johns County that the hotel manager now keeps a log of UFO sightings by guests. After a guest...Show More Summary

Reboot Illinois: Crazy UFO Sightings In Illinois

Illinois might just be one of the most UFO-crazy states in the nation. Using data from the National UFO Reporting Center and the Mutual UFO Network,... Read more: Illinois, Reboot Illinois, Ufos, Ufo, Aliens, UFO News, Chicago News

Crazy UFO Sightings In Illinois

Illinois might just be one of the most UFO-crazy states in the nation. Using data from the National UFO Reporting Center and the Mutual UFO Network, Metrocosm has created an interactive map that includes more than 90,000 reported UFO...Show More Summary

Peruvian UFO Flotilla Resembles Phoenix Lights

The skies over Peru seem to be filled with UFOs and the latest sighting is one that has people comparing it to the famous Phoenix Lights. On June 22nd, two men in Tarma, Peru, recorded a flotilla of what appeared to be from five to seven moving...

Daily 2 Cents: Amazing UFO Over Steuben, Maine -- World Collapse by 2040? -- Mermaid Sightings Off Queensland Coast

Amazing UFO Over Steuben, Maine Steuben, Maine - 6/19/2015: My dad was outside with his wife and they saw a light when they turned to look they saw a large craft hovering. It made no noise. It had stationary blue lights on top and pulsating white lights around the bottom. Show More Summary

Cloaked UFO Or HAARP? Mysterious Lights In The Sky Over Greenwood, Indiana [Video]

A witness reported sighting on June 12, 2015, strange lights in the clouds while out riding his bicycle. The appearance of the lights in the clouds was so unusual that he pulled out his phone and began filming. The witness concluded that the phenomenon was the effect of undisclosed HAARP weather manipulation experiments. Show More Summary

Do Aliens Walk Among Us? New Interactive Map Lists Most Credible UFO Sightings Since 1905

Is that strange object in the sky an alien spacecraft, secret military plane or an ordinary weather balloon? There have been 90,000 credible UFO sightings since 1905, according to the National UFO Reporting Center and a new interactive map displays each of them. Show More Summary

Cloaked UFO Or Lenticular Cloud? Circular Cloud Over Texas Appears, Disappears Before Witness’ Eyes In Seconds.

A UFO sighting reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and filed by the group as Case Number 66326, includes photos of what appear to be a lentiuclar cloud but which online UFO enthusiasts are pushing as evidence of existence of “cloaked” UFOs. Show More Summary

Map Shows Where UFO Sightings Are Seen The Most In The USA

Here’s a really fun map that plots out where UFO sightings are seen the most across the US of A. Made by John Nelson of IDV Solutions, it shows where sightings are seen the most in relation to the area’s population, compares the popularity...Show More Summary

Maps Show Where And When UFO Sightings Occur, From 1925 To 2014

2 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Where in the U.S. are UFO sightings most common? What shapes do these unidentified objects usually take? What time of day do we typically notice them? Datavisualization expert John Nelson combined census data with nearly 90 years of statistics, compiled by the National UFO Reporting Center, to find out. Read more...

Capt. Niotti's UFO Photo

UFOTYPE: CE 1 DATE: July 3, 1960 TIME: 4:30 PM DURATION: 40 sec. WITNESSES: 1 PLACE: Yacanto, Cordoba, Argentina. (a) INTRODUCTION:This sighting is one of the best recorded in Argentina, but it is practically unknown to English-speaking ufologists as it has been published in Spanish magazines only. Show More Summary

UFO sightings around the USA, mapped in detail. Guess which state had the most?

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

“Based on data from the National UFO Reporting Center, the map displays over 90,000 reports of UFO sightings dating back to 1905. (more…)

Another Politician Reveals Personal UFO Encounter

The number of political leaders who acknowledge the existence of UFOs grew by one this week as a video of Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre surfaced with Coderre describing a UFO sighting he had when he was fifteen that he knew “was not an object from our world.”...

Luminous Orb UFO Fleet Filmed Over Lake Tahoe [Video]

A man, Mario Cazares, captured seven luminous orb UFOs over Lake Tahoe. Cazares was on vacation at Lake Tahoe when he noticed luminous orbs in the sky at about 6 p.m. on April 10, 2015. Although, several sightings of luminous orb UFOs...Show More Summary

This Map Shows UFO Hot Spots Across the United States

Image: UFO Sightings Map (screencap) Since 1947 when Kenneth Arnold first reported a “flying saucer” over Washington, UFOs have been in the public imagination. The communities who believe in them are divided on what they are—the most...Show More Summary

Another UFO Spotted? Mysterious Lights Witnessed Hovering Over Deserted Countryside

A bright hovering UFO was captured in the Russian sky last week. The seemingly stationary lights were recorded by onlookers, who were puzzled by the strange sighting of what appeared to be balls of light clustered together. From theShow More Summary

UFO: Mexico City ‘Sun-Halo’ Phenomenon Lights Up Social Media And Fears Of End Times

2015 continues to be a banner year for UFO sightings, and Mexico has been a definite hot spot – literally – with multiple UFOs being spotted hovering around or near erupting volcanoes in Mexico. So when a bizarre ring appeared around...Show More Summary

Strange UFO Spotted Over Siberian UFO Hotspot

One of the hottest UFO areas of Russia is the Omsk region of southwestern Siberia which has a rich history of sightings as well as crop circles and other unexplained events. On May 15, 2015, an amateur photographer added his name to the UFO spotters list when...

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