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Daily 2 Cents: 'Ole' Red Eyes' in Pennsylvania & Michigan -- Lake Erie UFOs & Lost Time -- Experiences With Shadow People

'Ole' Red Eyes' in Pennsylvania & Michigan“Unreported Sighting: Spotted by me in St. Louis, Michigan about 2 months ago outside my window. Instantly felt intense fear and thought it was alien at first and started thinking about how much "smarter and stronger" they would be.. Show More Summary

Very Convincing Texas UFO Sighting Recorded From Backyard

Bizarre UFO sighting over backyard in Texas#ufosighting #aliens #ufo #creepy #ufovideo — Creepy Weepy (@thecreepyweepy) July 25, 2017 Whether you believe in UFO’s and that aliens from far away galaxies are visiting Earth or not, there’s no denying we sometimes capture some very strange things goings on in our skies. Show More Summary

Weekend 2 Cents: More Eyewitness UFO Sightings -- Arcane Radio...USOs - Unidentified Submerged Objects

Greg in Boonville, Missouri called in to tell of a weird UFO sighting he had - July 3, 2017 – Camden, Missouri, USA:“I just wanted to tell you about a UFO I saw the third of this month. I was coming back from camping down in southern Missouri and my wife and daughter were in the vehicle behind me. Show More Summary

'Chicago Phantom' Photo: Flying Over Melrose Park

The following information was reported to Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse:I would like to report a sighting that I had today in downtown Melrose Park, Illinois at Winston Plaza (1254 Winston Plaza, off Rt.64 W. North Ave.), just...Show More Summary

UFO Sightings Spike In Connecticut — Check Out List Of Towns

The National UFO Reporting Center reveals that Connecticut has seen a spike in UFO reports last month. There’s been a 50 percent increase in reported UFO sightings coming out of the Nutmeg State for July. The reports in July weren’tShow More Summary

'Huge Black Shape' Seen Gliding Over Albany Park, Chicago

I received the following information from Manuel Navarette of UFO Clearinghouse:Hi, I saw that you were keeping a timeline of "batman" sightings in Chicago. My friend and I just saw something in Albany Park/Lincoln Square, about half...Show More Summary

UFOs: Eyewitness Sightings

The following group of UFO sightings were transcribed from a recent Coast to Coast AM show on July 21st:Connie in South Carolina called in tell of her UFO sighting:“I saw a great big huge white light. I'm coming home from work one night and when I made my turn off the road, the light looked like it was coming towards me. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: USO Slips Out of New Jersey Reservoir -- Bizarre Anomaly Near Jacksonville, FL -- Residents Claim Chupacabras Roaming Area

USO Slips Out of New Jersey ReservoirCliff in Houston, Texas called in to tell of a UFO sighting he had in the early 1950s in New Jersey:“When I was a kid. I'm 70 years of age. When I was about 10. 10 years of age. I lived in a very small town in New Jersey called Emerson. Show More Summary

Mystery UFO sightings in Cornwall have earthly explanation - CNET

3 weeks agoTechnology : CNET: News

A bizarre, swarming UFO "appeared" in multiple places over the English coastal peninsula, but it's not a sign of an impending alien invasion.

UFO Sightings Down Due To Camera Phones? Number Of Reports Say Otherwise [Opinion]

A recent article on the Inverse site has made the claim that the overall number of UFO sightings and alien abductions are down and it is all due to the prevalence of camera phones. In fact, the title of the article claims that the “age...Show More Summary

Chicago Police Officer Reports 'Phantom' Sightings in Auburn-Gresham Neighborhood

The following account was sent to my colleague Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse:I’m going to tell you about something that happened to me on the 9th of June 29th 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. I am reporting this of my own volitionShow More Summary

X-Files I Want to Believe Journal

This X-Files I Want to Believe Journal is the perfect place to write down all of your conspiracy theories and UFO sightings. It is a hardbound cover debossed with Mulder’s poster. It looks awesome and is perfect for X-Files fans. It has 232 lined pages [...]

‘Alien UFO’ Disappears Into Portal: Alleged Global Sightings Spark Debate, But Skeptics Say Video Is CGI Hoax

Multiple news outlets worldwide are reporting the “extraordinary sighting” in many parts of the world of a mysterious, alien UFO that disappeared into a “diamond-shaped” portal that might have been a stargate, an inter-dimensional gateway or the hatch of an alien mothership. Show More Summary

'I wanted to go outside...'

This is a witness account from January 5, 2000...the UFO incident in which police officers in Southern Illinois chased a triangle shaped craft across several counties. This witness sighting was in a rural area of neighboring Southern Indiana, seemingly before the Illinois sightings:“So I wanted to share my own little UFO experience. Show More Summary

A UFO sighting inspired Kesha’s new album

last monthHumor / odd : Death and Taxes

" I don’t know why I didn’t, like, try to take a picture of it. I just looked at it. I was sitting on a rock."

‘Shinning’ Flying Saucer UFO Filmed Over Toronto’s Harbourfront: ‘Black Ops’ Helicopter Gives Chase [VIDEO

A young Canadian couple visiting Toronto’s Harbourfront area on Canada Day spotted a mysterious “white shining disk” flying over the area and recorded a video of sighting. The bright UFO appeared and disappeared several times in theShow More Summary

UFO News: Remarkable Double Sighting In Graz, Austria Attracts Interest Among Believers And Skeptics Alike

2 months agoHumor / odd : The Inquisitr - Odd

A recent UFO sighting in Graz, Austria on June 30 has managed to beguile UFO enthusiasts after the mysterious crafts were captured on video by two separate witnesses in the area. The movements of the strange objects, as well as the way...Show More Summary

Foreign Relations: 12 Notorious, Alleged UFO Incidents

2 months agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

The year 1947 ushered in the age of the flying saucer, as that was when the termed was coined, followed shortly by the Roswell incident. Since then, sightings have been frequent. But UFOs have been observed -and recorded- from antiquity. Show More Summary

UFO Research 2017: Long Island Reports Over 800 Sightings In 15 Years, Here’s NASA’s Take On Alien Involvement

2 months agoHumor / odd : The Inquisitr - Odd

The latest report about historical UFO sightings may be critical for research in 2017. People in Long Island have claimed to have spotted more than 800 unidentified flying objects in 15 years. Between 2001 and 2015, there was a huge number of alleged UFO sightings in Long Island itself. Show More Summary

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