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Which States Hate Themselves The Most?

4 years agoSports : Deadspin

A new Gallup poll, covered in USA Today, poses a goofy but fascinating question: Do you consider your home state to be the best, or one of the best, to live in? Read more...

On the Hustings

(USA Today): "Pro-Clinton super PAC raises $4 million in 2013" (Portland Press Herald): "LePage says children should have work option: Not allowing children to work is 'causing damage to our economy,' the governor says" (Gallup): "Record-high...Show More Summary

A.M. Headlines

(USA Today): "Legal pot sales begin Jan. 1 in Colorado" (CNN): "Poll: Afghanistan war arguably most unpopular in U.S history" (Gallup): "Obama, Clinton continue reign as most admired" (The Hill): "Juan Williams: Republicans to blame for the public's disgust with Congress" (Crooks and Liars): "Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson: Girls should carry a bible and marry 'when they are 15'"

P.M. Headlines

(USA Today): "U.S. gains 148,000 jobs; jobless rate, 7.2%" (New York Times): "The health site’s chaotic debut" (Gallup Politics): "For first time, Americans favour legalizing marijuana" (Roll Call): "Did the shutdown help the immigration cause?" (Raw Story): "Maine governor says 47 percent of state’s residents choose not to work"

P.M. Headlines

(USA Today): "Obama seeks more from GOP short-term debt limit deal" (New York Times): "Obama and G.O.P. fail to agree on debt limit plan" (Politico): "GOP, W.H. to keep talking after Obama meeting" (The Hill): "Gallup: Cruz’s favorability rating plunges" (CNN): "Mercury Seven astronaut Scott Carpenter dies at 88"

USA Today: How Will We Kill Babies With Down Sydrome if We Ban Late-Term Abortions?

Polling by Gallup and others has shown that most Americans oppose late-term abortion and support the banning of it in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Texas’s SB2 20 week abortion ban has brought the issue of banning late-term abortions back into the national spotlight and now, pro-aborts are scrambling to find a way to make [...]

USA Today Joins Forces with Pew Research

After dumping Gallup after the election, USA Today announced a new collaboration with the Pew Research Center to survey public opinion on the biggest issues facing the nation. The new USA Today/Pew Research Center Poll will debut later this week.

Top Headline Comments 1-21-13

Happy Monday. USA Today is dropping Gallup as its pollster after several notably inaccurate years of results. Sen. Rubio is rallying votes for his immigration reform plan. It's nice to know that even if I beat a guy, threaten to...

McPaper Dumps McPollster

After twenty years together, USA Today kicked Gallup to the curb yesterday, probably because Gallup blew the Presidential race and people are starting to expect pollsters to do better. Chalk up another win for the gay wizard–the last couple of paragraphs of this piece tracing Gallup’s errors over the last twenty years are a fairly [...]

USA Today Drops Gallup As Its Pollster

USA Today has decided not to renew a polling contract with Gallup that dates back to 1992. We cannot say at this point why USA Today dropped Gallup, but one cannot help but wonder whether Gallup's poor track record has something to do with it. Show More Summary

Noted for January 19, 2013

LIE!! --> USA TODAY: "USA TODAY is proud of the polling it has done in partnership with The Gallup Organization for the past 20 years." TRUTH --> "USA TODAY is hideously embarrassed by the extraordinarily inaccurate and biased polling it has published as a result of its partnership with the Gallup Organization. Show More Summary

Gallup and USA Today Split

Gallup will no longer be conducting polls for USA Today, the Washington Post reports. "It's not clear at this point which side broke off the arrangement or what the reason was."

GALLUP: Americans Are Pessimistic, Miserable And Completely Fed Up With Washington

Americans are pessimistic about the direction of the country and wary of the chances of progress, a new USA Today/Gallup poll has found. Exactly half of surveyed Americans believe that the nation's best days are behind it, USA Today reports. Show More Summary

Americans Say Politics is Hurting Country

A new USA Today/Gallup poll finds that 77% of Americans say the way politics works in Washington is causing serious harm to the country.

58% Of Americans Want Stricter Gun Control Laws

USA Today/Gallup: Fifty-eight percent of Americans now say they favor stricter gun laws, up from 43% in October 2011. And the American public, which favored enforcing existing gun laws over passing new ones by a 60%-35% in 2011, now is split on the issue, with 46% favoring enforcing current laws and 47% favoring passing new [...]

Most Americans Back Stricter Gun Controls

A new USA Today/Gallup poll finds a majority of Americans -- 58% -- support stricter gun laws in the aftermath of the Newtown school shooting, but most also oppose banning assault weapons.

Poll: If State Legalizes Pot, Feds Should Be Cool With It

It's now legal to smoke pot while watching a Lord of the Rings marathon in Washington state, but questions persist over how the pot-prohibiting federal government should react. A new USA Today /Gallup poll clarifies how Americans feel about two of the biggies: Respondents remain split on the issue of...

Poll: Religion, Bible Most Often Cited Reasons for Opposing Gay Marriage

Religious beliefs and the Bible are the most often cited reasons for opposing gay marriage, according to a USA Today/Gallup poll. Those who favor gay marriage are most likely to mention equal rights or personal choice as the reasons for their position.

Why Are So Many Americans Opposed to Gay Marriage? Take a Wild Guess…

A recent USA Today/Gallup poll asked people who were against marriage equality "What are some of the reasons why you oppose legal same-sex marriages?" You'll never guess what ranked #1 on the list... (and by "never," I mean you know exactly where I'm going with this):

Romney up 5 in FL, 1 in IA

Plus, a look at the USA Today/Gallup swing-state poll.

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