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Uncombable Hair Syndrome

6 months agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

A lot of people have curly hair that's hard to comb, but this is something else altogether. Shilah Madison Calvert-Yin has "uncombable hair syndrome," which is a real condition. Each shaft of her hair is triangular instead of round. It's caused by a gene mutation, and is very rare. Show More Summary

6 People With Uncombable Hair Syndrome

6 months agoHumor / odd : Oddee

After meeting these people, you will never complain of a bad hair day again.

Kid with "Uncombable Hair Syndrome" has Instagram account

6 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Uncombable hair syndrome is a real thing. It also goes by the names Pili trianguli et canaliculi, Spun-glass hair, and Cheveux incoiffables. According to Wikipedia: The hair is normal in quantity and is usually silvery-blond or straw-colored. Show More Summary

This Little Girl with Uncombable Hair Syndrome Proves Not Heroes Wear Capes

It's one thing to have curly hair that tangles badly, but you might not realize that there's such a thing as uncombable hair syndrome. Shilah Calvert-Yin, a 7-year-old from Australia, found out she had the disorder in November 2016.Show More Summary

'Uncombable hair syndrome' is real: Meet the girl with the unruly mane

Shilah Yin is one of only about 100 people in the world known to have the genetic condition.

Uncombable hair syndrome.

It's a real medical condition — genetic and very rare.It is usually characterized by silvery-blond or straw-colored hair that is disorderly; stands out from the scalp; and cannot be combed flat.... When the individual hair strands are...Show More Summary

Genetic Basis of 'Uncombable Hair Syndrome' Discovered

The next time you have a bad hair day, at least you can fix it. Be glad you don't suffer from "uncombable hair syndrome." The condition, which is usually present only in childhood, results in a tangled mess of frizzy hair that leaves the afflicted looking like they're being perpetually shocked by static electricity. Show More Summary

Medical News Today: 'Uncombable hair' genes uncovered in new study

'Uncombable hair syndrome' is a disorder characterized by dry, frizzy, untamable hair. In a new study, researchers have uncovered a possible genetic cause.

The Genetic Mutation Behind ‘Uncombable Hair Syndrome'

"Uncombable hair syndrome" or “Struwwelpeter syndrome” could be the result of a genetic mutation.

Uncombable hair gene discovered

(University of Bonn) Some children suffer from completely tangled hair, which cannot be combed at all. In German, the phenomenon bears the apt name 'uncombable hair syndrome' or even 'Struwwelpeter syndrome.' Researchers at the universities of Bonn and Toulouse have identified mutations in three genes that are responsible for this. Show More Summary

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