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A Guide to the Real-Life Homes of the Heroes of Children's Literature

On this map, you will find the real world locations where the heroes of books you might have read early in life lived out their adventures. On the Upper East Side of Manhattan, just a few blocks from Gracie Mansion, Harriet the Spy is forever taking notes about her neighbors and eating tomato sandwiches. Show More Summary

New radio map of Jupiter reveals what's beneath colorful clouds

Using the upgraded Very Large Array, astronomers have produced a detailed radio map of the upper 100 kilometers of Jupiter's atmosphere, revealing the complex movement of ammonia gas that shapes the colorful clouds observed in the optical. Show More Summary

Letter From America: Could Trump Be the Force to Redraw the Electoral Map?

The question in the 2016 election is whether Donald J. Trump can upset the electoral upper hand enjoyed by the Democrats since 1992.

New, Major Upgrade of UMBEL Released

The release of UMBEL (Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer) ver 1.50 re-structures the knowledge graph along natural cleavages captured by 31 mostly disjoint SuperTypes, each representing its entity classes in a flexible typology design that favors connecting with external content.

Here are Your Expensive New “420 Day” Street Closures Coming April 20th, 2016 – THERE WILL BE TRAFFIC – Here’s a Map

TweetIDK, man, I don’t really get this newfangled street closure scheme, which is going to make getting to the Sunset even harder this year: So each block of the Upper Haight will have its own PCO to check and see who lives where? I suppose so. Anyway, this is news to me… “420 Day Street […]

Interactive Map Shows What Presidential Candidates Your Neighborhood Backs

The most generous neighborhood across the board has been the Upper East Side, where residents have contributed to $1.23 million to the candidates. [ more › ]

Upper Knowland Park and the Chabot fault

The upper part of Knowland Park is quite different from the lower part. I made a reconnaissance visit last week. Here’s the geologic map, along with white numerals indicating the localities I took the photos from or at. Whereas the lower part of the park (west of Golf Links Road) is dominated by Franciscan rocks […]

The Wooden High-Rises and Timber Towers Changing Construction, Mapped

Treet, or Tree, a recently completed 14-story apartment building in Bergen, Norway, built with a wooden frame. While massive megatall skyscrapers continue to push the upper limits of what technology can accomplish, a new breed of buildings is showing how...

Earth's hidden groundwater mapped: Less than six per cent renewable within a human lifetime

The first data-driven estimate of the Earth's total supply of groundwater shows that less than six per cent of groundwater in the upper two kilometers of the Earth's landmass is renewable within a human lifetime.

Curbed NY: The 25 Most Expensive New York City Homes on the Market

A lot can change in one year, particularly when it comes to the upper upper echelon of New York City's real estate market. To wit: There are quite a few newcomers on this map of the city's 25 most...

How to End Motion Sickness Before It Starts

On our first family road trip, I was excited to play navigator. I’d look down at the map, look up to see where we were, back down at the map, then up again. I was doing a decent enough job until about five minutes in, when my upper lip began to sweat. My head and guts were swimming. I’ll spare you the details of how this story ends, but it’s not pretty. Read more...

The Hillars Of Golden Lane, Cripplesgate Without

Up there, that is a detail from the Agas map, a wood cut map of London from 1561. In the upper right you will see Golding Lane. If you were cleverer than I am you would have noticed that in the last couple of weeks I mentioned Golding Lane twice. Show More Summary

Mapping Mobility: The North-South Divide on Two-Parent Families

last yearNews : NYTimes: News

From Utah through the upper Midwest and into the Northeast, children across much of the North live in more stable households on average.

HERE Enhances Global Transit Routes And Extends Offline Mapping To Africa 

Offline maps were first brought in the light by Nokia’s HERE maps and now even Google Maps is going to tread the same path of offline mapping. So, now to keep an upper hand, HERE is enhancing its services so that it can keep its users from going to other providers. Show More Summary

University student maps plasma tubes in the sky

Using the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) radio telescope in the Western Australia desert, a Sydney University student, Cleo Loi, has discovered enormous plasma pipes in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Thought to be responsible for possible...Show More Summary

Apple’s 3D mapping patent would turn your iMac into an Xbox Kinect

Apple today published a patent designed to allow users to control an interface by striking a pose with the upper half of their body. According to the paperwork filed by Apple, this would work by having Apple devices generate a … Read more ›

15 gorgeous satellite maps show when spring will really arrive in your area

Spring has finally come to Washington, D.C. The cherry trees are bursting into bloom, and the hummingbirds are winging their way northward. But some cooler parts of the country, like the upper Midwest, are still waiting for spring to take on its full force. Using data from NASA and the USDA, the U.S. Forest Service […]

Not Politics, Basketball. Worse, an Inside Joke.

(John Hinderaker) You might have to be from the Upper Midwest to fully appreciate this one. My son texted me this map, which purports to show the results of an ESPN poll on Saturday’s Kentucky-Wisconsin matchup. Is it legit? I wouldn’t bet on it, but, like Homer and Shakespeare, it expresses a higher truth: Whatever my fellow Minnesotans may think, I’m rooting for Wisconsin.

Unexplained warm layer discovered in Venus' atmosphere

Scientists have found a warm layer in Venus' atmosphere, the nature of which is still unknown. The researchers made the discovery when compiling a temperature map of the upper atmosphere on the planet's night side based on the data collected by the Venus Express probe.

This Map Shows Where the Happiest and Unhappiest People Live in the US

All other things being equal, the south, parts of the west, and upper midwest are the happiest places in the United States according to a recent study. Read more...

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