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How Telcos and ISPs Hand Over Subscriber Data Thousands of Times Each Year Without a Warrant

The lawful access fight of 2012, which featured then-Public Safety Minister Vic Toews infamously claiming that the public could side with he government or with child pornographers, largely boiled down to public discomfort with warrantless access to Internet subscriber information. Show More Summary

Goodbye Vic Toews?

'Mr. Speaker, I will not get into those kinds of cheap shots that the member does'

To serve and protect Vic Toews from surprises?

The Public Safety Minister explains the 'communications protocol' at the RCMP

This week has four sketches

Starring Vic Toews, Peter Penashue, Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty

The Commons: Vic Toews’ real world

Imagining what other reality TV shows the government might approve of

The Conservatives and the crime rate

Vic Toews acknowledges that the crime rate is going down, this time in a...

Canadian Prison Pizza Parties Are Now Banned

Hold the pepperoni, and everything else. In September, Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews put an end to years of sanctioned fast-food parties held for inmates when he issued a directive condemning them. The practice was widespread in prisons across Canada for many years and doubled as a food drive for groups like Doctors Without Borders. Show More Summary

Vic Toews responds to Pat Martin

A statement from the Public Safety Minister. “Rather than commending Youth for Christ for...

Why did the NDP vote against the war memorials bill?

Vic Toews wonders. I was confused on this point myself so earlier this week...

This week has four sketches

Monday. Horrible reality intrudes Tuesday. Vic Toews again imparts his judgment Wednesday. Less acrimony...

The Commons: Less acrimony from Vic Toews, more questions for him

The Scene.... Rosane Doré Lefebrve wondered if the Public Safety Minister, given yesterday’s tone,

The Commons: Vic Toews again imparts his judgment

The Scene.... After eight questions about other matters, the House returned to the serious

‘It is a tax because it will raise costs’

In protesting the NDP’s cap-and-trade proposal, Vic Toews adds to the definition of a...

A long November

Vic Toews suggests Omar Khadr won’t be home for Christmas. Public Safety Minister Vic...

He’s coming back. Probably. At some point.

The Huffington Post reports that “while Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is not expected...

We have a right to see Khadr tapes - And our public safety minister must live up to his title

Last week Vic Toews, the public safety minister, finally received videotapes of Omar Khadr, the confessed murderer and terrorist, being interviewed while in prison. At the request of Khadr’s lawyers, the U.S. military commission in 2010 had those videotapes...

Decision time on Omar Khadr

The videotapes and transcripts that Vic Toews demanded have now been delivered. It has...

Terrorist Return To Canada?

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews answers the tough torture question and responds to critics on the left who would prefer to do nothing when Canadian lives are at risk. This report aired on The Source August 31 2012....

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