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Iron Crotch

Here on Language Log, we have devoted a considerable amount of attention to the terminology related to kungfu: "Kung-fu (Gongfu) Tea" (7/20/11) See also Ben Zimmer's masterful article on Visual Thesaurus: "How 'Kung Fu' Entered the Popular Lexicon" (1/17/14) Now we have documentation for another type of kungfu that has hitherto eluded us: This #KungFu […]


The concept behind Thesaurus goes back to 2014, when I was finishing my bachelor’s degree in visual communications at the Haute École d’Art et Design, Geneva. My final project, ‘Genèva’, was to be a type family inspired by the city of Geneva itself, an attempt to answer the question ‘If Geneva were a typeface, what […] Sponsored by Hoefler & Co. Visit the ILT store Thesaurus


A Visual Thesaurus post by Ben Zimmer is an interesting exploration of the history of a great word, scalawag:My latest column for the Boston Globe tells how Nathaniel Sharpe, a 22-year-old amateur genealogist from a small town in North...Show More Summary

Interactive mind maps

Visual Thesaurus. A kind of interactive mind map.

The word of the year is: Hashtag

5 years agoIndustries / Media : Media Wire

American Dialect Society | Visual Thesaurus In a vote for 2012?s Word of the Year on Friday evening, “the slate filled with some expected choices, such as YOLO, fiscal cliff, 47 percent, and Gangnam style,” writes Ben Zimmer, linguist and … Read more

Will ‘double down’ be word of the year?

5 years agoIndustries / Media : Media Wire

NPR | Boston Globe | Visual Thesaurus Later this week, the American Dialect Society will select its word of the year for 2012. Possibilities include YOLO and selfie, linguist Ben Zimmer told NPR, but people may already be … Read mor...


Ben Zimmer has a Visual Thesaurus post on the language of Lincoln (see this LH post) with some good examples of anachronisms that I completely missed, like "imagine the possibilities," "I like our chances," "patronage jobs," and "lame-duck...Show More Summary

Joe Biden’s use of ‘malarkey’ renews attention to the word’s origin

5 years agoIndustries / Media : Media Wire

Visual Thesaurus | The Economist Horsefeathers. Hogwash. Piffle. Flapdoodle. Baloney. Hooey. Hokum. Blarney. Twaddle. Poppycock. Applesauce. Tommyrot. Bushwa. You can drain your thesaurus for some time before exhausting the English language’s many words for “nonsense.” And yet Vice President… Read more

Wednesday Words: Surf Speak, Convention Vocabulary and More

6 years agoNews : NewsFeed

acq-hire (v.): to buy a company in order to absorb its human resources. This definition is adapted from a Visual Thesaurus piece by linguist Ben Zimmer. He traces the term to a 2005 blog post, which describes the act thusly: “When a large company ‘purchases’ a small company with no employees other than its founders, [...]

Ben Zimmer’s work on ‘meta’ inspires metajournalism

6 years agoIndustries / Media : Media Wire

The Boston Globe | Visual Thesaurus Ben Zimmer’s Sunday language column about the word “meta” describes how it changed from meaning “above and beyond” to mean “consciously self-referential.” It is, as he writes in the clever beginning of the… Read more

Hey, Girl, Words of the Year

I prepared these slides to entertain the crowds at the American Dialect Society’s 2011 Words of the Year vote. (See Ben Zimmer’s recap and video at Visual Thesaurus.) They got a few titters, so you might enjoy them, too. I left out the comma after “hey” in accordance with the style of the image macro [...]

2011 Word of the Year shows how old words take on new meanings

American Dialect Society | Visual Thesaurus The American Dialect Society has chosen “occupy” as the 2011 Word of the Year. “It has taken on new parts of speech (as an imperative verb: ‘Occupy!’ or as an attributive noun:… Read more

Dip Your Card

Over at Visual Thesaurus, I have a column talking about how diphthong (or dipthong) has joined a family of dip-based insults, including dipstick, dipshit, and just plain dip. When I researched the column, I was surprised to learn that my imagined chronology for these insults was backwards. I first heard dipstick in the early 1980s, [...]

Trick or Treat!

In the course of writing a Visual Thesaurus column on aspects of the word Halloween, I looked into the history of trick or treat. Some of the questions I had about it were: When did it become a verb, as in trick-or-treating? If its origin is indeed a threat, why is the threat said first [...]

‘Occupy’ likely to be word of the year

“On the Media” | Visual Thesaurus “Occupy” is a strong contender for word of the year, says Ben Zimmer, who leads the New Words Committee of the American Dialect Society, which selected “app” last year and “tweet” in 2009.… Read mor...

Visual Thesaurus

7 years agoHumor : Neatorama

Here’s an online thesaurus that gives you a graphic look at how words relate. Neat! Or otherwise tasteful, refined, clean, tidy, smashing, great groovy, nifty, or keen! Link -via Breakfast Links


Ben Zimmer's Visual Thesaurus piece "Happy 50th, Webster's Third!" has some interesting discussion with Merriam-Webster editor Peter Sokolowski about the Scripps National Spelling Bee and the "single-statement rule" for definitions pioneered...Show More Summary

If You Can Say “Graduated College,” Can You Say “Graduated Harvard”?

Over at Visual Thesaurus, my latest column is on the annual (or at least, annually relevant) arguments over whether it’s grammatical to say that someone “graduated college” or “graduated high school” (or even “graduated elementary school”), instead of “graduated from college/high school,” etc. I talk about the different versions of graduate that take different combinations [...]

The living history of Palin's "dead fish"

In two recent posts, Mark Liberman has investigated the religious echoes in expressions from Sarah Palin: "I know that I know that I know" and "If I die, I die." In my latest Word Routes column on the Visual Thesaurus, I take up yet another religiously evocative Palinism: "Only dead fish go with the flow." [...]


From Ben Zimmer comes news of a neat offshoot of his Visual Thesaurus:When we launched the Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee this past summer, we knew there was a built-in interest, but the response was still surprising. So far there have been 15,000 players who have tried their hand at spelling a grand total of 500,000 words. Show More Summary

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