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You May Not Be Surprised That….

….Voter ID laws dampen turnout for minorities and young voters. Researchers at UC-San Diego are working on a study on how voter ID laws affect turnout rates, and a working paper they released detailing the results thus far seems to confirm what the laws’ critics have often said. Voter ID laws adversely affected the turnout […]

This Is A Huge Deal

This got lost a bit in the rush of debates and results out of New Hampshire. But this is really critical information. It turns out that Voter ID laws - now in force in most US states - are even more effective than we thought at reducing minority turnout. A lot more effective. Read More ?

Non-Sequiturs: 02.10.16

Nope, Black History month still isn’t racist. Here’s an explanation one more time for those that need it. [Popehat] Hey! Now there is science to back up what we all knew: Voter ID laws suppress the vote. [Talking Points Memo] Not everyone gets access to the same justice: non-prosecution agreements are reserved […]

Caution on the Hajnal Voter ID Paper

This paper differs from others in finding great partisan and racial effects of voter id laws. It has been getting a lot of attention from the left, as proof that these laws have a big suppressive effect. The study may … Continue reading ?

Big Big Deal

While we're waiting for tonight's results here is some incredibly important and pretty depressing information. Now that voter ID laws have been passed in the majority of US states since 2008, we now have the first study looking at a large sample of validated voting data to see whether these laws actually reduce minority voter turnout. Show More Summary

Virginia Argues Centuries Of Racism Are ‘Not Relevant’ To Current Voter ID Law

"Virginia’s history as a former Confederate state is simply not relevant," attorneys for the state said. The post Virginia Argues Centuries Of Racism Are ‘Not Relevant’ To Current Voter ID Law appeared first on ThinkProgress.

What “religious liberty” bills have in common with voter ID laws

"Religious freedom" bills are "gay-neutral" the same way that voter ID laws are "race-neutral."

New Study Says Voter ID Laws Suppress Votes

New research using a more robust methodology finds the link that many have long suspected.

New Hampshire Braces For Impact Of New Voter ID Law

"Why should we be first in the nation if we're working so hard to keep people from voting?" The post New Hampshire Braces For Impact Of New Voter ID Law appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Iowa Republicans could have demanded voter ID in their caucuses. They didn't.

Republicans are, as a party, universally consistent in their demands for voter ID laws and other measures to protect American elections from voter "fraud." Except from their own voters, of course. Let's not be nuts about this, afterShow More Summary

New Study Shows Voter ID Law Favors White Republicans And Surpresses Minority Voters

An attorney warned that the voter ID law the North Carolina legislature passed “would discriminate against African Americans and Latinos” and it may bring about negative implications in the upcoming national elections. The voter ID law, which went into effect on January 1, aimed to prevent voter fraud by requiring people to show a photo... Show More Summary

Does North Carolina voter ID law suppress minority votes? A federal judge will decide.

Coming of age in the Jim Crow South, Rosanell Eaton was one of the first African Americans to register to vote in her rural corner of North Carolina. After riding for two hours to the county courthouse on a mule-drawn wagon, the granddaughter of a slave was forced to take a literacy test—reciting...

New evidence that voter ID laws ‘skew democracy’ in favor of white Republicans

Voter fraud is, for all intents and purposes, practically nonexistent. The best available research on the topic, by Loyola Law School professor Justin Levitt, found only 31 credible incidents of voter impersonation in an investigation of over 1 billion votes cast. But that hasn't dampened Republican efforts to pass a spate of strict voter ID laws since 2008. […]

New Draft Voter ID Paper Showing Discriminatory Effect of Voter ID Laws

Think Progress: For years, researchers warned that laws requiring voters to show certain forms of photo identification at the poll would discriminate against racial minorities and other groups. Now, the first study has been released showing that the proliferation of … Continue reading ?

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