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Why Republicans May Come To Regret The Gerrymandering Lawsuit They Took To The Supreme Court

Republicans could win the right to gerrymander Arizona's congressional districts, only to lose voter ID laws and similar efforts at voter suppression enacted via initiative. The post Why Republicans May Come To Regret The Gerrymandering Lawsuit They Took To The Supreme Court appeared first on ThinkProgress.

US State Must Reject Voter ID Law to Protect Constitutional Rights - ACLU

The American Civil Liberties Union stated that the US state of Maine must reject a proposed voter identification law in order to uphold Constitutional voting rights.

Fox reporter to John Legend: Shut up about civil rights because ID laws make more blacks vote

last weekNews : The Raw Story

Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters suggestion on Monday that singer John Legend had been wrong to complain about civil rights during his Oscars speech because black voter participation had gone up after Republican-controlled legislatures made it tougher to vote. The hosts of Outnumbered —...

House Votes To Remove Student Certificates From Voter ID Laws

Today the House passed HB1333 on a 66-24 vote after a floor debate focused on the removal of student certificates as a valid ID. Student certificates were printouts produced by the university system for students vouching for their eligibility to vote. These were authorized by the Secretary of State’s office last election, but with this...

The truth about voter ID laws

Laws requiring photo identification for voting are one of the most contentious areas of disagreement between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans argue that they are essential to protect the integrity of elections by preventing ballot fraud. Democrats say they are a cynical effort to suppress...

Will the Supreme Court Re-Visit Voting Rights Before the 2016 Elections?

A petition filed by voting rights advocates urges the Roberts Court to settle whether restrictive voter ID laws violate the Voting Rights Act prior to the 2016 presidential election. Image: Shutterstock The post Will the Supreme Court Re-Visit Voting Rights Before the 2016 Elections? appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Overnight Open Thread (1-11-2015)

Quote of the Day Many progressives say that the 34 states that have passed laws requiring voters to have a government-issued photo ID are practicing "vote suppression." Does requiring a photo ID at airports constitute "travel suppression"? Visitors to the...

2014's Voting Changes Are Reason for 2015 Reform

Historically low turnout. Last minute changes to voter ID laws. Reductions to early voting just before voters should have been able to cast a ballot. 2014 was a watershed year for restrictive voting laws and court battles that caused confusion for voters and certainly did not drive them to vote. Show More Summary

Voter ID Not Working, So Republicans Looking To Rig Electoral College

Voter suppression via voter ID laws aren’t providing Republicans with enough votes, especially since many states have seen them overturned. So, the next line of attack appears to be the electoral college. Paul Rosenberg at Salon: Voter suppression seemed promising at first—and it’s helpful in many downticket races—but it’s not going to be enough to [...]

Hey eBay: With Republicans about to take over Congress, it’s more important than ever to leave ALEC

3 months agoTechnology : Pando Daily

Calling gay people a “health risk.” Pushing climate change denial in schools. Supporting controversial Voter ID laws. Doubling down on Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. These are among the uglier stances taken by the American Legislative Executive Council or ALEC. Show More Summary

Even NYT Notes That Voter ID Laws DO NOT ‘Suppress’ Minority Voters

The left is all balled up in knots over the false claim that voter ID laws are meant specifically to “suppress” the vote of minorities and to swing elections to the GOP. This is a lie. And even The New York Times essentially agrees that this is a lie. Show More Summary

Sorry, Republicans, Voter ID Laws Don’t Help

Voter ID laws don’t swing elections, except in rare, very-close races, reports Nate Cohn. …the so-called margin of disenfranchisement — the number of registered voters who do not appear to have photo identification — grossly overstates the potential electoral consequences of these laws. These figures overstate the number of voters who truly lack identification. Those [...]

Voter ID Laws: Terrible Public Policy, But Probably Pretty Feeble

Republican-led voter-ID laws may be pernicious, but Nate Cohn says there are three reasons to think their actual electoral impact is overstated: To begin with, the true number of registered voters without photo identification is usually much lower than the statistics on registered voters without identification suggest. Show More Summary

Texas ID Law Keeps Hundreds of Ballots From Being Counted

Provisional ballots cast by nearly 500 voters in Texas on Nov. 4 never became official -- part of the fallout from the state’s tough voter ID law

Nevada Republicans Are Already Pushing A Voter ID Law After Gaining Control Of The State Capital

Less than two weeks after they won a majority in the state legislature, Republican lawmakers are already writing bills that would require photo identification to vote. The post Nevada Republicans Are Already Pushing A Voter ID Law After Gaining Control Of The State Capital appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Voter ID Laws Supress Voters

A majority of those who voted in the poll last week foolishly think voter ID laws are about preventing fraud. The real motivation is to keep those who typically vote Democratic from voting: A disabled woman in Travis County was turned away from voting because she couldn’t afford to pay...

Figures. Obama’s AG Pick: Voter ID Is Racist & Must Be Stopped (Video)

Barack Obama’s Attorney General pick is just as racist as his previous pick. Loretta Lynch told a crowd last year that voter ID laws are racist and must be stopped. “50 years after the march on Washington, 50 years after … Continue reading ?

Millennials aren’t apathetic: Their vote is suppressed

Voter ID laws target students and the young -- it's an active campaign to keep twentysomethings from the polls

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