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Did Codebreakers Crack This Mysterious Medieval Manuscript?

The 600-year-old Voynich Manuscript is one of the biggest mysteries in cryptology. Scientists are using AI to try to read it.

Has Artificial Intelligence Cracked the Voynich Manuscript's Mysterious Code?

An emotional investment in the Voynich manuscript offers little in the way of return. For hundreds of years, this 15th-century document full of indecipherable writing and cryptic illustrations has sat dark and inscrutable. Attempts to...Show More Summary

AI May Have Unlocked the Secrets of the Mysterious Voynich Manuscript

Researchers from the University of Alberta now claim to have made significant progress in understanding the manuscript with the aid of artificial intelligence. The post AI May Have Unlocked the Secrets of the Mysterious Voynich Manuscript appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Artificial Intelligence May Have Cracked Freaky 600-Year-Old Voynich Manuscript

Since its discovery over a hundred years ago, the 240-page Voynich manuscript, filled with seemingly coded language and inscrutable illustrations, of has confounded linguists and cryptographers. Using artificial intelligence, Canadian researchers have taken a huge step forward in unravelling the document's hidden meaning. More »      

Did Someone Really Just Figure Out How To Read The Mysterious Voynich Manuscript?

5 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Last week, researcher Nicholas Gibbs announced in the Times Literary Supplement that he had cracked the medieval text's long-uindecipherable code. (He says it's a women's health manual.) But other experts in the field aren't convinced. Here Brigit Katz gives us some of the other (weird) theories about the Voynich and the six basic things to […]

Man Claims He Decoded the Voynich Manuscript, But Experts Don't Buy It

5 months agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

The Voynich is known as the most mysterious manuscript in the world.

The Voynich Manuscript and Truth on the Internet

Josephine Livingstone writes about the mysterious medieval Voynich manuscript, and code-breakers’ differing opinions on its meaning.

New Attempt to Decode Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich manuscript is not an especially glamorous physical object. It is slightly larger than a modern paperback, bound in "limp vellum" as is the technical term. But its pages are full of astrological charts, strange plants, naked...Show More Summary

After 600 Years, a Literary Mystery Solved?

Has a British historian finally cracked the code to what has been called the world's most mysterious book? The meaning of the 15th-century Voynich manuscript, decorated with elegant, indecipherable script and odd drawings of plants and naked women, is one of the great puzzles of the literary world. Now Nicholas...

After Centuries Of Mystery, The Tale Of The Voynich Manuscript Has Been Solved

The solving of a long-standing mystery always sparks ambivalence; a sense of excitement and satisfaction at what it is, coupled with sadness about everything it isn't. As of last week, the cryptic Voynich manuscript, filled with strange glyphs and diagrams, has left the halls of head-scratchers. Show More Summary

The Voynich Manuscript appears to be a fairly routine anthology of ancient women's health advice

5 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Nicholas Gibbs, a history researcher, says that he has decoded the Voynich Manuscript, a legendarily mysterious 15th century text whose curious illustrations and script have baffled cryptographers, historians, and amateur sleuths for decades. (more…)

Mysterious Voynich Manuscript May Have Been a Health Manual

It’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery and written in a code that has resisted decoding for over 100 years since it was discovered in a monastery outside Rome. The 600-year-old Voynich manuscript has been called everything from ‘the world’s most mysterious medieval text’ to a medieval practical joke. What it has never been called... Read more »

The mysterious Voynich manuscript has finally been decoded

Medieval scholar says that it's a mostly plagiarized guide to women's health.

The World's Most Mysterious Medieval Manuscript May No Longer Be a Mystery

The Voynich manuscript, a 15th-century document full of undeciphered writing and a variety of cryptic illustrations, has invited its fair share of conspiracies. Named for 19th-century Polish bookseller Wilfrid Voynich, it has been suggested...Show More Summary

A Look at The World’s Most Mysterious Book: The Voynich Manuscript

Deep inside Yale’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library lies a 240 page tome. Recently carbon dated to around 1420, its pages feature looping handwriting and hand drawn images seemingly stolen from a dream. It is called the Voynich manuscript, and it’s one of history’s biggest unsolved mysteries. Show More Summary

Russian Mathematicians Solve the Mysterious Voynich Manuscript

The CIA tried to decrypt it and failed. The FBI tried to break the code and also failed. Scholars, cryptologists and really smart people all over the world have been trying for 600 years to decrypt a mysterious book known as The Voynich Manuscript that’s written in...

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