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RANKED: The 6 Most Powerful Armies in History

Zachary Keck, Akhilesh Pillalamarri Security, The best of the best.  America was true to this model through the end of World War II, raising large armies during wartime but quickly dismantling them afterwards. Even still, the U.S. Army since the start of the 20th century as been highly effective, especially in battle against nation-states. Show More Summary

India's Navy Just Built a Second Nuclear Missile Submarine

Zachary Keck Security, Asia Should Pakistan be worried?  The Indian Navy will launch its second homegrown nuclear-powered submarine within the next month, according to local media outlets. This week, India’s Economic Times reported,Show More Summary

4 Reasons America Shouldn't Send Nuclear Weapons to South Korea or Japan

Zachary Keck Security, Asia All the reasons why.  As I have been writing about in recent weeks, the United States and its Asia-Pacific allies have been scrambling to respond to the rapid advances in North Korea’s nuclear program. One...Show More Summary

New Study Investigates Vaccine and Oral Medication to Stop Alzheimer's Years Before It Begins

The Keck School of Medicine of USC launches a new study investigating a vaccine and oral medication to stop Alzheimer's years before it begins

NSF grant to fund development of a 'bionic suit' to help people with paraplegia walk

(University of Southern California - Health Sciences) The Keck School of Medicine of USC is one of three institutions to share a highly competitive $8 million Cyber-Physical Systems Frontier grant to develop a brain-computer interface to restore walking and lower extremity sensation in people with paraplegia due to spinal cord injury.

$8 Million National Science Foundation Grant to Fund Development of a "Bionic Suit" to Help People with Paraplegia Walk

The Keck School of Medicine of USC is one of three institutions to share a highly competitive Cyber-Physical Systems Frontier grant to develop a brain-computer interface to restore walking and lower extremity sensation for people with paraplegia

Why North Korea Can't Use Nuclear Weapons to Conquer South Korea

Zachary Keck Security, Asia It would be a really bad idea. As North Korea’s nuclear program advances, many have been asking what Pyongyang hopes to achieve with these capabilities. Although, on balance, most analysts seem to agree that...Show More Summary

China Just Sent a Big Military Warning to North Korea

Zachary Keck Security, Asia Exercises near the border are to send a message. As tensions continue to mount following North Korea’s latest nuclear test, the Chinese military has conducted another drill near the Korean Peninsula. According...Show More Summary

NASA awards new cooperative agreement to W. M. Keck Observatory

(W. M. Keck Observatory) NASA renews Cooperative Agreement with W. M. Keck Observatory. Five-year strategic collaboration poised to deliver high-impact science data in exoplanet, dark energy, and solar system missions.

Here Is How to Punish China for North Korea's Latest Missile Test

Zachary Keck Security, Asia This could work.  North Korea’s reckless missile test over Japan this week once again highlighted the growing danger Pyongyang poses to the United States and its allies in the region. Yet, as the NationalShow More Summary

Will Israel's New Stealth Jets Be Armed with Nuclear Weapons?

Zachary Keck Security, Middle East This could be a game-changer.  By the end of this year, Israel is expected to become the second country after the United States to declare Initial Operational Capability for its F-35s. Already, TelShow More Summary

The 2 Forgotten Reasons China and America Probably Won't Go to War

Zachary Keck Security, Asia Simple: Nukes and geography. Until recently, many dismissed the view that the United States and China could go to war as outlandish. Many people pointed to the fact that the two countries maintain robust economic ties. Show More Summary

This Missile-Killer System Is North Korea's Worst Nightmare

Zachary Keck Security, Asia But will it come to pass? As North Korea speeds towards acquiring nuclear weapons and the means to delivery them against U.S. cities, Washington is scrambling to find ways to deal with the emerging threat....Show More Summary

Keck Medicine of USC Appoints Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer

Keck Medicine of USC has appointed Dr. Santhi Iyer Kumar as its first chief quality and patient safety officer.

Zika virus stifles pregnant women's weakened immune system to harm baby, USC study finds

The Zika virus, linked to congenital birth defects and miscarriages, suppresses a pregnant woman's immune system, enabling the virus to spread and increasing the chances an unborn baby will be harmed, a Keck School of Medicine of USC...Show More Summary

Get Ready, China: U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers are Headed to Vietnam

Zachary Keck Security, Asia What will China think? In a move that is sure to upset China, a U.S. aircraft carrier will be visiting Vietnam in 2018, the first time an American carrier will be in the country since the end of the Vietnam...Show More Summary

Report: Americans Support Use of Nuclear Weapons If It Saves Lives of U.S. Military

Zachary Keck Security, Asia But what happens after? A sizeable majority of the American people are ready to support the use of nuclear weapons if it saves the lives of U.S. military servicemen and women. That’s according to a new survey conducted by Scott D. Show More Summary

George & William Keck: Sibling architects who saw the future

The Midwest visionaries built the literal Home of Tomorrow decades before modernism made its mark Chicago’s William and George Fred Keck, sibling architect who spent decades working out of their office in the Michigan-Ohio Building in Chicago’s Loop, were best known at visionaries. Show More Summary

RANKED: 6 Super Armies That Dominated History

Zachary Keck, Akhilesh Pillalamarri Security, Where does America rank?  More tellingly, the United States is the only power in history to be deploy massive amounts of military force, including land power, in a quick and effective manner. Show More Summary

How American Air Power Destroyed North Korea

Zachary Keck Security, Asia What everyone in Pyongyang knows—and fears. As tensions between North Korea and the United States reach a fever pitch, it’s worth remembering the origins of the hostility: the Korean War. The general parameters of the war are well known. Show More Summary

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