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Get Ready: China Could Build New Artificial Islands Near India

Zachary Keck Security, Asia Fresh off its reclamation projects in the South China Sea, Beijing may be eyeing a new project in Maldives. There are growing fears, particularly in India, that China may soon launch an island reclamationShow More Summary

This new nuclear-armed US bomb may be the most dangerous weapon in America's arsenal

The US just introduced a new type of bomb into its already extensive arsenal, and it may just be the most alarming US weapon yet, Zachary Keck writes for The National Interest. The new bomb is the B61-12. On its surface, the bomb does not appear to be as dangerous as other weapons in the US arsenal. Show More Summary

The Most Dangerous Nuclear Weapon in America's Arsenal

Zachary Keck Security, Americas The B61-12 isn't America's most destructive nuclear bomb, but it could very well be its most dangerous. The United States maintains an extensive nuclear arsenal. According to the Federation of Atomic Scientists, in April of this year the United States maintained an arsenal of over 7,200 nuclear bombs. Show More Summary

Tons of Countries Want to Buy Russia's Most Advanced Fighter Jet

Zachary Keck Security, Eurasia China isn't the only country looking to purchase Russia's Su-35, according to Moscow. Russia’s state-owned media is reporting that a number of different countries are interested in buying its most advanced...Show More Summary

Get Ready, Japan: Russia Has Its Own Island-Buildup Project

Zachary Keck Security, Asia Russia is launching a new initiative to build up the Kuril Islands China isn’t the only country embarking on an island-building campaign on disputed territory. On Thursday, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev...Show More Summary

U.S. Millennials Say America Was Wrong to Drop Atomic Bombs on Japan

Zachary Keck Politics, Americas A growing number of Americans oppose the decision to use nuclear weapons in WWII, according to a new poll. Younger Americans say the United States shouldn’t have used atomic weapons against Japan during...Show More Summary

Watch Out, China: American B-52s Just Did a Live Bombing Run in Australia

Zachary Keck Security, Asia Two B-52 bombers conducted a live bombing run in northern Australia earlier this month. Two B-52 bombers conducted a live bombing mission in northern Australia earlier this month. “Two B-52 Stratofortresses...Show More Summary

Russia's Stealthy New Nuclear Bomber Is in Big Trouble

Zachary Keck Security, Eurasia The PAK DA bomber has hit another development snag. Russia is delaying production of its new fifth-generation PAK DA strategic bomber, a senior Russian defense official has announced. Speaking at the Samara-based...Show More Summary

India Is Building Second Homegrown Aircraft Carrier

Zachary Keck Security, Asia India's Navy has reached out to foreign shipbuilders to help design its second homegrown carrier. India’s Navy has outlined the some of the specifications for a second indigenous aircraft carrier (IAC-2) in...Show More Summary

India's Top Banker: World Heading towards New Great Depression?

Zachary Keck Economics, Global Governance, The governor of India's central bank warned that QE is creating conditions similar to the 1930s. The head of India’s central bank, who predicted the 2007-2008 financial crisis, is now warning...Show More Summary

Watch Out, China: India's Navy Wants 200 Warships

Zachary Keck Security, Asia By 2027, India wants a 200-ship naval fleet. India aspires to have a 200-ship navy by 2027, a senior naval official revealed this week. According to India’s Economic Times, Admiral P. Murugesan, the vice chief...Show More Summary

Revealed: Why Kim Jong-un Executes So Many North Korean Officials

Zachary Keck Politics, Asia Purges could indicate Kim Jong-un's strength in consolidating power. Much has been made of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s propensity to execute high-ranking officials, most notably, his uncle: Jang Song Thaek. Show More Summary

America and Russia Test New Tactical Nuclear Missiles

Zachary Keck Security, Europe Russia will test the Iskander-M missile system shortly after America tested the B61-12 gravity bomb. Both Russia and the United States are scheduled to test new tactical nuclear missiles this month. According...Show More Summary

Indonesia Is Building New Military Base in South China Sea

Zachary Keck Security, Asia Indonesia is preparing a plan to construct a new military base in the disputed South China Sea. Indonesia is developing a plan to build a new military base in the South China Sea, according to local mediaShow More Summary

Russia May Build India New Super Advanced Submarine

Zachary Keck Security, Eurasia Russia may lease India a Yasen-class submarine. India and Russia are in the final stages of talks for Delhi to lease another nuclear attack submarine from Moscow. According to India’s Economic Times, Indian...Show More Summary

Watch Out, India: Pakistan Is Ready to Use Nuclear Weapons

Zachary Keck Security, Asia Pakistan's defense minister reiterated his country's willingness to use nuclear weapons. Pakistan is ready to use nuclear weapons against India, a senior Pakistani official confirmed on Monday. Appearing on...Show More Summary

China's New Killer in the Sky: Japan's Submarines Beware

Zachary Keck Security, Asia China has deployed new advanced fixed-wing, anti-submarine patrol aircraft. China has developed and deployed a new, advanced fixed-wing, anti-submarine patrol aircraft in waters near Japan and South Korea,...Show More Summary

Russia Is Building 'Aircraft Carrier Killer' Nuclear Submarines

Zachary Keck Security, Eurasia Russia is designing two new classes of fifth-generation nuclear submarines. Russia is designing “carrier killer” nuclear submarines, local media is reporting. According to reports in The Moscow Times and...Show More Summary

Sorry, France: Russia to Build Powerful Mistral-Style Assault Ships

Zachary Keck Security, Eurasia With France cancelling the deal for two Mistral-class assualt ships, Moscow is building its own. Russia will build its own amphibious assault ship in the wake of France refusing to sell Moscow two Mistral-class...Show More Summary

Exposed: China Won't Place Nuclear Weapons in Cuba

Zachary Keck Security, Asia While sparking a crisis with the United States, they would be of no military value. Despite recent media reports, China would not deploy nuclear weapons to Cuba. This week, the Taiwan-based Want China Times...Show More Summary

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