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Breaking! Egg-Shaped Easter Candy Slog Poll

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Egg to differ. There's a pret-ty serious Easter battle going down at The Stranger's candy/carb table right now that can only be solved by a legally-binding Slog Poll. Stranger Publisher Tim Keck has proclaimed Whopper's Mini Robin Eggs to be the best Easter candy he's ever tried today. Show More Summary

Most Chinese Say Their Military Can Crush America in Battle

Zachary Keck Security, Asia A new poll finds Chinese are dangerously confident in the PLA's capabilites. The vast majority of Chinese citizens believe the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) could seize islands in the East and South China Seas, even if the U.S. Show More Summary

How Powerful Is America's Military Really?

Zachary Keck Security, A new Heritage Foundation report sizes up America's military might. Politicians are fond of telling Americans that they have the most powerful military in the history of mankind. However, rarely is it explained...Show More Summary

Confirmed: China Is Building 2nd Aircraft Carrier

Zachary Keck Security, A Hong Kong newspaper is citing numerous PLA officials as saying that China is building a new carrier. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is building its second aircraft carrier, several senior Chinese military...Show More Summary

Giant Methane Storms on Uranus

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

There are things happening on the gas giant we call Uranus. The odd blue planet tilted on its side is hosting giant methane storms. Phys Org tells us about it. In August 2014 a group led by Imke de Pater pointed the Keck telescope at Uranus and were a little bit surprised to see storms raging. Show More Summary

Astronomers see supernova explosion using galaxies as lenses

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

A team of astronomers led by the Australian National University (ANU) has discovered a lens of galactic proportions. Using the Hubble Space Telescope and the Keck Observatory in Hawaii, the scientists saw a supernova not once, but four...Show More Summary

The News Just Came in From the County of I'm Looking at the Internet

The news Just came in From the County of Keck That a very small bug By the name of Van Vleck Is yawning so wide You can look down his neck. This may not seem Very important, I know. But it IS. So I’m bothering Telling you so. I never noticed, until Zelda was born, […]

Russia Is Building New Aircraft Carrier, Navy Chief Confirms

Zachary Keck Security, Russia's top naval officer has confirmed earlier media reports of a new carrier. Russia is building a new aircraft carrier its navy chief confirmed on Monday, according to reports in state-owned media outlets. On...Show More Summary

We Used to Be Newlyweds … (Sigh)

Angela Keck knows that magical "just married" feeling is gone for good. But she and her husband have found something better. The post We Used to Be Newlyweds … (Sigh) appeared first on The Good Men Project.

The US Navy Is Building Precision Laser Weapons

Zachary Keck Security, United States Lasers and directed-energy weapons are virtually certain to play a large role in protecting America's surface fleet. The U.S. Navy has awarded Boeing a $29.5 million contract to build a prototypeShow More Summary

Russia Developed New Fuel to Power Mach 5 Hypersonic Missiles

Zachary Keck Security, Europe Russia has developed special new fuel to enable missiles to travel 5 times the speed of sound. Russia’s Defense Ministry has developed a new hypersonic missile fuel, a senior defense official has announced. According...Show More Summary

Silent but Deadly: Korea's Scary Submarine Arms Race

Zachary Keck Security, Asia-Pacific A number of recent events underscore South Korea’s plans to counter North Korea underwater. A number of recent events underscore South Korea’s plans to establish a formidable submarine fleet to counter...Show More Summary

Russia’s Nuclear Forces Begin Their Largest Drill Ever

Zachary Keck Security, Europe Over 30 missile regiments in Russia's Strategic Missile Forces are participating in the massive exercise.  Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces are conducting their largest drills ever, according a state-run media outlets. On Tuesday, Col. Show More Summary

The U.S. Just Tested a Stealthy Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile

Zachary Keck Security, Asia-Pacific The Long Range Anti-Ship Missile can survive in aggressive electronic warfare environments. The U.S. recently tested a new long-range anti-ship missile that is designed to counter the growing anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) capabilities of states like China and Iran. On Monday, the U.S. Show More Summary

Pakistan Wants 'Battlefield' Nukes to Use against Indian Troops

Zachary Keck Security, South Asia A senior U.S. intelligence official told Congress this week that Pakistan is continuing to develop tactical nuclear weapons. Pakistan is continuing to develop tactical nuclear weapons for use on the battlefield against India, a senior U.S. Show More Summary

US Navy's 6th Generation Fighter Jets Will Be Slow and Unstealthy

Zachary Keck Security, United The Next Generation Air Dominance F/A-XX fighter won't be "super-duper fast" or very stealthy. The U.S. Navy’s next generation air superiority fighter will not be “super-duper fast” or employ much in the way of stealth, a senior navy official announced on Wednesday. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Show More Summary

Ghosts of Imperialism Past: How Colonialism Still Haunts the World Today

Zachary Keck Security, History, Many of today's most dangerous geopolitical flashpoints trace their origins back to European colonialism. While the days of European colonialism may be long over, it's legacy is ubiquitious. That was the...Show More Summary

Russia to Hold Joint Military Drills with North Korea, Cuba

Zachary Keck Security, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific According to Russia's most senior military official, Moscow is stepping up its military engagement with some US adversaries. Russia is in discussions to conduct joint military exercises...Show More Summary

Watch Out America: North Korea's Military Practices Sinking US Aircraft Carriers

Zachary Keck Security, Asia-Pacific Kim Jong-un commanded his forces to "mercilessly" send U.S. aircraft carriers to the "bottom of the sea." North Korea’s Navy and Air Force recently conducted a drill simulating “mercilessly striking” U.S. Show More Summary

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