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Handy unofficial Mac app provides transcripts of all the WWDC session videos

If you weren’t lucky enough to attend this year’s WWDC, there were live-streams of all the session videos, and you can still watch these online. But for those who find written transcripts a more efficient way to catch up, or want to be able to search for specific terms, the unofficial WWDC Mac app now provides automatic transcripts of each session. more… Filed under: Apple

Accessibility was all around this year’s WWDC

Accessibility, conceptually, is much more than just the discrete “accessibility options for people with disabilities”. At its heart, accessibility is about just that: access. You don’t need to have a disability to benefit from it. Read More

The unofficial WWDC app now has transcripts of all session videos

Apple’s WWDC 2016 session videos now have an unofficial transcript, thanks to a macOS app on GitHub. The appropriately named ‘WWDC’ is a native app for macOS that  streamed live session videos during WWDC, but may actually be better now that the event is over. Show More Summary

Winner of the Pad and Quill WWDC giveaway announced [C.R.]

AppleInsider would like to congratulate the winner of last week's giveaway, C.R., who will receive a MacBook sleeve, iPhone case, Briefcase bag and iPad case courtesy of Pad & Quill.

The Talk Show: ‘Phil Z’

Marco Arment returns to the show. Topics include WWDC 2016, Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi’s appearance on the live episode of this show during WWDC, the purported removal of the standard headphone jack from the upcoming new iPhones,...Show More Summary

Apple Talk 07: WWDC 2016 aftermath

Apple Talk focuses on in-depth industry analysis and critique of Apple and related companies. WWDC 2016 has come and gone, and Gartenberg, Caldwell, and Ritchie break it all down. From watchOS 3 to tvOS 10, macOS Sierra to iOS 10, here's...Show More Summary

This week on AI: 'iPhone 7' holds back, 2017 Apple Watch plans, Thunderbolt Display gone & more

With WWDC wrapped up for another year, attention turned back to future product rumors -- and for once, the iPhone 7 didn't dominate the discussion.

On iPad Features (or Lack Thereof) at WWDC 2016

Federico Viticci: In my [iOS 10 Wishes][w] story from April, I wrote: I heard from multiple sources a few weeks ago that some iPad-only features will be shipped in 10.x updates following the release of iOS 10 in the Fall. I wouldn’tShow More Summary

Apple's differential privacy algorithm will require you to opt-in

The brief mention of differential privacy at WWDC earlier this month seemed to be in line with Apple's image. When senior VP of software engineering Craig Federighi talked about the ways in which the company would continue to prioritize...Show More Summary

You won’t have to give Apple your data if you don’t want to

If Apple's going to compete in this industry, it's going to have to start collecting more data from its users. It's a hard truth for both the company and its users to accept, but Apple revealed at WWDC 2016 last week that iOS 10 will collect...Show More Summary

The Switch to Intel

Today, we don't think much of our Macs running on Intel processors, but the transition to Intel was announced only 11 years ago, at WWDC 2005. Rumors has been mounting that Apple was frustrated with the PowerPC chips it had been using. Show More Summary

Why Apple's APFS won't last 30 years

When introduced at this year's WWDC, APFS - Apple's new file system - was positioned as a platform for the next 30 years. Despite its many improvements over HFS+, APFS lacks two important features to future-proof it for serious business use.

Inside APFS: new Apple File System detailed at WWDC to replace HFS+ in 2017

The new Apple File System announced at WWDC highlights how the company is planning for the future. Here's a look under the hood at what the company will use to replace HFS+ on Macs, iOS, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Apple Leaves iOS Kernel Unencrypted For The First Time: Why Is This Important?

In the preview version of iOS 10, which was released recently at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), the kernel has been found to be unencrypted. Previous versions of iOS all featured an encrypted kernel, so for Apple to...Show More Summary

Top 10 WWDC 2016 features from iOS 10, macOS Sierra, watchOS 3, and tvOS 10 [Video + Poll]

We’ve done roundups on all of the new features schedule to hit Apple’s four platforms — iOS 10, macOS Sierra, watchOS 3, and tvOS 10. But after seeing hundreds of features, the amount of new stuff can all start to blend together. With this in mind, I’ve put together a compilation of 16 top features (4 each) from each of Apple’s four platforms. more… Filed under: Apple

iPhone 7 Update: Reports Suggest How Boring Apple’s New Device Will Be

Well, Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) came and went. An extravagant event taking place in the Cupertino-based company’s backyard of San Francisco, California, WWDC is a week-long affair dedicated to Apple employees, app developers, and, most importantly, the Apple consumer. Show More Summary

Rumored iPhone 7 pricing shows 256GB model, 32GB base & pricier ‘Pro’ lineup

With the iPhone 7 rumors in full force now following WWDC this month and the unveiling of iOS 10, the latest might be our first look at pricing for the device. An unconfirmed leak from Weibo (via PocketNow ), where info from the Chinese...Show More Summary

Critical iOS 10 component isn’t encrypted, but it’s a feature not a glaring oversight

Apple last week released the first beta of iOS 10 after explaining the main features of the upcoming iPhone, iPad and iPod touch update during its WWDC 2016 opening keynote. As expected, developers and researchers started poking around and some of them discovered that Apple left the kernel unencrypted. Show More Summary

Apple says it left iOS 10 beta kernel unencrypted on purpose – and it was actually a really smart move

After concluding its WWDC conference earlier this month, Apple released a preview of iOS 10 for developers to have a crack at it and see what’s new. Unlike previous versions of the platform, it included a big surprise: an unencrypted kernel. Show More Summary

Apple left iOS 10's core code unencrypted on purpose

Apple is infamous for guarding its secrets tightly, so it came as a big surprise that the preview version of iOS 10 it released at WWDC has an unencrypted kernel. According to a spokesperson, though, Cupertino did it on purpose, because...Show More Summary

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