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7 Reasons Why You’re MISERABLE At Work (And How You Can Fix It)

7 Reasons Why You’re MISERABLE At Work (And How You Can Fix It) Work It Daily Do you wake up on Sunday morning already DREADING going into work the next day? Does the thought of walking into the office make you sick to your stomach?Show More Summary

UFOs, Unknown Entities & Bizarre Aerial Phenomena

“In 1988 I was 6 years old, my family and I lived in the country. Surrounded by Indiana cornfields our nearest neighbors were probably a quarter mile away with a field separating us. I remember waking up in the middle of the night by lights flashing in my room. Show More Summary

Daylight Savings Prep: One Simple Way to "Spring Forward" Without Losing Sleep or Sanity

It's that time of year again: Sunday, March 11 is the official start of daylight savings time, which means you're likely to wake up Sunday morning wondering why you slept in so late, and then spend most of Monday struggling to function. Show More Summary

The Face Shop

last weekHumor / odd : Neatorama

There are plenty of people in the world who would love to be able to wake up every day and apply a fresh face, able to wear a different identity on a whim by swapping their own face for another. This may cause the face swapper to lose...Show More Summary

The Ultimate Night Routine Guide: How to Sleep Better and Wake Up Smarter

I’m sure you’ve come across ‘morning routines’ being talked about as something very important if you want to be healthy... The post The Ultimate Night Routine Guide: How to Sleep Better and Wake Up Smarter appeared first on Lifehack. If you don't sleep well, you won't think well, work well or live well. Show More Summary

Why did Trump wake up and tweet about Alec Baldwin?

With everything going on in the White House and around the world, President Trump woke up and tweeted about Alec Baldwin.

#904 When you just barely manage to squeeze out enough toothpaste for one last brush

Say you wake up Monday morning and realize you forgot to set your alarm clock. Now not only did you miss out on some quality snoozetime, but you’re late for work to boot. You jump out of bed, jump on the toilet, jump in the shower, jump...Show More Summary

Briana DeJesus: Does She Want Guns in Classrooms?

While Jenelle Evans doubles down on guns in the wake of the latest mass shooting, Briana DeJesus is stepping up and sharing some much more sensible views. In particular, she's trashing the idea of arming teachers, and targeting the Florida...Show More Summary

Tap 42's Parkland Pride Cocktail Will Benefit Stoneman Douglas Victims' Fund

In the wake of the Stoneman Douglas shooting, South Floridians continue to grapple with the reality of such grim events. While many seek relief through protest and social media, cathartic efforts continue to pop up throughout our community.

Vobot reveals the Halo wake-up light

When it comes to waking up in the mornings, there are many different ways of doing so. The most traditional method that many of us adhere to would be through the use of an alarm clock, be it a digital or an analog one. The sudden ring, even though it is your favorite tune playing in the background, can prove to be a rather rude jolt to the system, which...

Two Colorado Lawmakers Wore Bulletproof Vests on House Floor In Wake of a Sexual Harassment Scandal

"I am in the chamber of the House of Representatives, and I’m wearing a bulletproof vest because I fear retaliation for telling the truth and standing up for victims of sexual harassment."

4 Little-Known Ways of Making Money by Working from Home

These days an increasing number of people are waking up to the notion that they are not limited to a single meager source of income. Thanks to some new money-making opportunities, a good number of people are earning extra cash by working from home. Show More Summary

A grown man face-planting onto a snowy trampoline in slow mo is what true joy looks like

When you wake up to find a few fresh inches of snow carpeting your back garden, there are a few clear rules that must be followed. SEE ALSO: Ninja cat leaps high into the air to catch snowball in sweet slow motion Don't drive unless you absolutely have to. Show More Summary

How "Brittle" Diabetes was Cured by Pancreas Transplant

A pancreas transplant cured Anthony Law of his life-threatening "brittle" diabetes. Before his transplant, Mr. Law had extreme swings in blood sugar levels. His family had to wake him up every two hours to ensure his sugars were in a normal range. Today, he is off insulin and his blood sugars are steady.

#911 A multiple-course breakfast in bed

Maybe it’s Mother’s Day at 7:30am and your kids wake you up with a plate of cold toast, runny eggs, and a short glass of lukewarm OJ. Sure, it may not be the best-tasting meal in the world, and yeah, you might fill your sheets with crumbs, but don’t tell me getting served breakfast isn’t […] The post #911 A multiple-course breakfast in bed appeared first on 1000 Awesome Things.

"So I've been waking up from nightmares a few times a month by screaming out loud..."

"It doesn't actually bother me much -- as soon as I'm awake, I'm no longer scared and can usually go right back to sleep. However, my girlfriend would appreciate very much not to be regularly woken by someone screaming. :-) In the dreams, I'm usually about to be killed by someone (methods vary) and I can't get away. Show More Summary

Yoku's Island Express - Abilities Trailer

Unlock amazing new abilities as you flip and bump your way around Mokumana Island! Harness the power of explosive slugs with the Slug Vacuum, explore the deep with the Dive Fish, and wake up sleepy villagers with the Noisemaker! Yoku's Island Express is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam in Q2 2018.

'The hardest thing is waking up and part of your body has gone'

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child, James O’Neill has faced amputation as a result of his condition Diabetes diagnoses have more than doubled in 20 years, UK analysis suggests I’m 48 and from Northampton and I have been a type 1 diabetic since the age of 12. Show More Summary

Diabetes diagnoses have more than doubled in 20 years, UK analysis suggests

Diagnoses of all diabetes types have shot up since 1998, says Diabetes UK as it calls for greater efforts to lower risk of type 2 ‘The hardest thing is waking up and part of your body has gone’ The number of adults and older teens with...Show More Summary

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