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Stress on Water Resources Threatens Lives and Livelihoods

10 hours agoNews : Truthdig

By Tim Radford, Climate News Network Satellite data raises red-flags about the draining of underground aquifers in California and elsewhere to meet the demands of expanding populations.

General Mills: Water Stewardship and the Evolution of Business Imperatives

For a food giant like General Mills, water stewardship and resource management isn't an option. It's a business imperative.

6 Solutions to the Water Shortage Crisis

When faced with a crisis, history shows us that humanity has an amazing ability to conquer it resourcefully, and that’s exactly what many environmental innovators are seeking to do by introducing new technology that helps businesses and individuals alike cut down on their water usage without compromising their quality of life.

California Department of Water and Power Trusts Used as Union Slush Fund

Public resources should be used to promote public purposes, meaning tax dollars should not go toward efforts that exclusively financially assist a private entity.

This Video Explains How So Much Food Gets Wasted In America

There's a certain school of thought about sustainability that argues that the worst problem in the food system today is waste. The idea is that we expend a tremendous amount of resources -- water, gasoline, fertilizer, pesticides, labor -- growing food that never actually feeds anyone. Show More Summary

Watermark (Pt. 1)

As we continue to consider the prospect for global water resources, we need first to make a major adjustment to how we measure the water we use, how we value it, and how we allocate it (and to whom) for what purpose. That is a huge undertaking...Show More Summary

Ocean acidification science needs for natural resource managers of the North American west coast

Natural circulation patterns along the west coast of North America periodically draw subthermocline, low pH waters into shallow coastal areas. The presence of corrosive, low pH waters, caused by ocean acidification (OA), is frequently observed along the North American west coast. Show More Summary

In Epic Drought, California’s Water Cops Get Tough at Last

On Friday, California's State Water Resources Control Board announced it was cutting historical water rights. The post In Epic Drought, California’s Water Cops Get Tough at Last appeared first on WIRED.

Meet The People Who Are Wasting The West's Water On Purpose

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

On Friday, California passed its deepest water cuts yet, the state’s latest attempt to conserve a dwindling resource in a region crippled by drought. Yet there remains a small group of people in states throughout the West who continue to flagrantly waste water. Yes, on purpose. And it’s not just the wealthy. Read more...

Why California's Drought Won't Hike Food Prices

Nick Ut/APA sign encourages people to save water at an April news conference in Los Angeles. By Sandra Block Kiplinger's spoke with Daniel Sumner, a professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of California-Davis, about the effects of California's drought on produce prices over the long-term. Show More Summary

California’s Water Czar, Part Empathetic Confessor and Part Friendly Scold

Felicia Marcus, chairwoman of California’s Water Resources Control Board, has become the face of the state’s crackdown on water abusers.

EPA’s Long-Awaited Study Finds That Fracking Can Be Conducted Safely, Responsibly, And Without Adversely Impacting Drinking Water

After five years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that its long-awaited assessment of the potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing on drinking water resources identified no “widespread” or “systemic” impacts.

California Government Moves Towards Requiring OFG!

The Governor's recent order for public agencies to revise existing regulations to use rainwater as a resource, reduce turf grass and reduce water use is being expedited. A state panel advising the state's lead water supply agency is recommending requirements that support Surfrider's Ocean Friendly Gardens program!

Fragile Waters: Our Global Ocean

Water is more than a resource; it is essential to all life we know. In a time of blatant disregard for the sanctity of the environment, this exhibition focuses on the beauty of pure free-flowing water, of reflections and light, of water...Show More Summary

Drought-Friendly Recipes Kick Up The Flavor — And Cut Back On Water

An LA chef and his partner are cooking up recipes using ingredients that require less water to grow and cook with. They want to get us thinking about the resources that go into growing our food.

Even In Cities Where It Rains America's Water Infrastructure Is a Mess

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

It’s not just drought that can wreak havoc on water supply. Even cities with vast freshwater resources are facing urban water catastrophes. A massive initiative to repair the aging, mismanaged water infrastructure in the Great Lakes region is piloting six small attempts to fix a broken system. Read more...

Fracking Hasn’t Caused Widespread Drinking Water Impacts, EPA Says

Hydraulic fracturing activities in the US have not led to widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources, according to an EPA study released yesterday. However, it finds that there are potential vulnerabilities in the fracking water lifecycle that could impact drinking water. The assessment, done at the request of Congress, follows the water used for […]

SABMiller promotes water security

Water security and resource efficiency had become and would remain a priority for SABMiller in Africa as climate change exacerbated competition for resources, chief execute Alan Clark said yesterday. ||| WATER security and resource efficiency...Show More Summary

Feds Say Fracking Has Little Impact on U.S. Drinking Water

EPA report says no evidence of "widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources in the United States"

EPA Report Shows (Yet Again) Fracking's Negligible Impact On Drinking Water Is Well Worth The Risks

The long awaited EPA Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas on Drinking Water Resources has been released in draft from. There will undoubtedly be a river of ink spilled on analysis of the Assessment in the coming days, weeks and years, but from my [...]

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