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Map: Is There Lead in Your Town's Water?

Natural Resources Defense Council: The devastating lead contamination of the tap water in Flint, Michigan, highlights potentially disastrous gaps in the provision of safe drinking water to all Americans -- especially the most vulnerable.... Show More Summary

Four Million Americans Have Dangerously High Lead Levels in Their Water

A new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has found that there are many other cities facing extreme lead contamination in their drinking water, just like in Flint, Michigan.

A looming water crisis demands creative thinking

Water may look like a local resource but is actually a global commons that requires a joined-up plan to distribute fairly

New EPA Rule Keeps Oil & Gas Wastewater out of Local Treatment Plants

If you like clean water, we’ve got good news. This week the EPA finalized an important Clean Water Act rule that cements commonsense protections for water resources. EPA’s new technology-based categorical pretreatment standard prevents unconventional oil and gas operators from delivering salty, toxic wastewater to publicly owned water treatment facilities — also known as POTWs.

Israel’s Water Siege of Palestinians

Neocon domination of the U.S. foreign policy establishment has foreclosed serious debate over Israel’s strangling control of Palestinian water resources and what that means for the future of that ghetto-ized population, as Chuck Spinney explains. By Chuck Spinney Access to water is one…Read more ?

Maritime Projects Continue Shaping Rhode Island’s Future

When I visit Rhode Island, one of the first things I notice its extensive water resources available for tourism, sports and commerce not to mention the ability

Rosneft in Talks With Indian ONGC on Joint Arctic Offshore Projects

Rosneft and ONGC are considering joint projects in the Arctic waters, the Russian minister of natural resources and environment said Saturday.

House Natural Resource Committee Advances Solution for Gulf Red Snapper

Washington, DC – June 16, 2016– On the heels of another unreasonably short recreational red snapper season in federal waters of the The post House Natural Resource Committee Advances Solution for Gulf Red Snapper appeared first on Hunting and Conservation News.

Climate Signals: Excellent new resource

Weather is climate here and now, and climate is weather over the long term. Climate is the large scale process of movement of air and water, and changes in the properties of air and water, on and near the surface of the Earth, the atmosphere, oceans, and ice fields respond to the imbalance of heat…

AWRA Women in Water Resources — Arlene Dietz

 This interview is the first of a six part series, written/conducted by AWRA President Martha Narvaez, celebrating the role of AWRA Women in Water Resources. Length of Time in the Water Resources Field I began work in the water resources field in 1968 and continue today as a volunteer, all totaling about 48 years. Show More Summary

Functional traits of Giant Sequoia crown leaves respond to environmental threats

As many as 2 billion leaves on a sequoia vie for resources. Established leaves that live for up to 20 years draw water up the tree's trunk and send nutrients down, while the trunk amasses wood and survives for thousands of years. The giant sequoia's size is possible in part because its leaves are responsive to environmental changes. Show More Summary

Moonbats Want Us to Sacrifice Hygiene to the Environment

One of the many bizarre beliefs apparently held by enviromoonbats is that water is not a renewable resource. We drink the same water dinosaurs drank, yet progressives prefer to believe

New Mexico Publication: 'Water Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty - How Can Our Water Laws & Policies Better Support Water Resilience?'

This publication from the New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute (NMWRRI) is the report of a conference held in October 2014 by the University of New Mexico's Utton Transboundary Resources Center. It reports on ideas for improving New Mexico water law and policy. Some of the ideas might be appropriate...

Women in Water Resources

A six interview blog series by AWRA President Martha Narvaez. As I watched the 2016 White House Water Summit (video) this past March (2016) I was pleasantly surprised to see the number of women in leadership roles at the summit, andShow More Summary

Man is a Dog’s Best Friend: Human Chain Saves Clumsy Canine From Drowning

The residents of Kazakhstan's largest city, Almaty, found an extremely resourceful way to rescue a dog, which had fallen into a deep water reservoir with very steep walls. Take a look at the footage that a passerby managed to captur...

Luxembourg Bets Big on Space Mining for Some Reason

The idea of mining asteroids for resources like metals or water has been around for decades, and it became a well-known concept during the 1970s. Actually extracting materials and bringing them back to Earth, though, is a challenging and costly proposition. Show More Summary

Protecting the Environment to Drive Economic Growth: An Inside Look at MCC’s Natural Resource Protection Indicator

In MCC’s partner countries, environmental preservation is critical to economic growth and poverty reduction. When countries safeguard their environment, they ensure that essential natural goods and services like clean air and water, fertile soil, and renewable energy are protected for future generations.

Nordic approach can reduce US water scarcity

This piece is co-authored by Max Halkjær, Global Service Line Leader Water Resources, Ramboll Water. We can measure where collecting surface water is cost-effective and help to lower the threat to national security. Droughts have always...Show More Summary

How To Misallocate Hundreds Of Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars: Luxembourg Begins Push For Asteroid Mining

Last year, the senate quietly passed the Space Act of 2015, which grants US citizens or corporations the right to claim non-living natural resources - including water and minerals - mined out in space. Today, Luxembourg is setting aside funds to do just that. Show More Summary

Congress Should Incentivize Clean Water

Congress got a report from EPA last week that they can use to create whole series of new incentives for the States to clean up our country's water. The Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014 gave indications that Congress...Show More Summary

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