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Jeb Bush Weight Loss Success Powered By Low-Carb Paleo Diet: ‘I Am Always Hungry’

Jeb Bush is gaining attention by winning at weight loss. The politician chose a low-carb Paleo diet in his determination to avoid the overweight Southerner stereotype, reported Esquire. Bush has lost 30 pounds since he revealed his new political aspirations in December 2014. Show More Summary

Shaving Down Below While Very Pregnant: A Cautionary Tale

The human body is beautiful in all forms, but I was not prepared for what greeted me in the mirror when I looked down. All that weight gain to my nether regions plus a full six months worth of growth meant Chewbacca was staring back at me. I swear it blinked. More » Shaving Down Below While Very Pregnant: A Cautionary Tale is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

4 Mind, Body, and Soul Tips for Entrepreneurs

A few weeks back, I came to a blatant realization - I had gained weight, and the trend was going towards the right most side of the graph. Not only this, but I realized I was becoming very different from 2 years ago when I lost 50 pounds...Show More Summary

Prevnar 13 is One and Done

Summary: These days people want to pop a pill. Want to lose weight? Take a pill. Want to gain weight? Take a pill. Want to be protected from heart disease? Take a pill. Prevnar 13 is a vaccine that can protect older adults from pneumococcal pneumonia. Show More Summary

Two tested approaches to treating childhood obesity appear effective

A study of two protocols for the treatment of childhood obesity finds that both were successful in limiting one-year weight gain in obese children. Both interventions use information technology to provide clinicians with up-to-date obesity management guidelines and tools to help families manage behaviors related to obesity and fitness.

Jaga Jazzist – Oban (Todd Terje Remix)

Nothing better than seeing a new Todd Terje tune in your inbox on a Monday, except for maybe being able to eat whatever you want and not gaining any weight. The analog synth master and progenitor of cosmic disco has done an excellent rework of Jaga Jazzist’s “Oban.” Be sure to grab the 12? when […]

Sarah Stage Flaunts Insane Post-Baby Body Days After Birth

Sarah Stage, the super fit model who still had abs during the ninth month of pregnancy, is showing off her amazing post-baby body just four days after giving birth. “4 days post baby ????. Total pregnancy weight gain was 28 pounds. I’m excited to resume my workouts in 5 weeks!!” the 30-year-old model captioned [...]

Teen Natural Bodybuilding Transformation From 15 to 21 Years Old

Name: Lukáš Obršál Start age: 15 Current age: 21 Start weight: 54 - End oftransformationweight: 80,5 kg Height: 186 cm Total weight gain: 26,5 kg Why did you decided to transform? I started working out because I was skinny boy without...Show More Summary

3 Year Teen Inspirational Bodybuilding Transformation

”If you really want something, go get it” -Gino Brouwers Name: Gino Brouwers Start age: 15 Current age: 18 Start weight: 209 lbs End of transformation weight: 154 lbs (now 188 lbs) Height: 6’1 Total weight lost or weight gain: Weight...Show More Summary

Is Miranda Lambert About to Suffer The Ultimate Fat Shaming?

Country music star Miranda Lambert may be about to suffer the ultimate in fat shaming. Rumors are circulating that husband Blake Shelton is about to divorce Miranda because she has gained weight. Miranda Lambert shot to fame as a finalist on the 2003 season of Nashville Star, where she finished in third place. Show More Summary

Rob Kardashian reportedly a "loose cannon" at 350 pounds and on life-threatening path, say sources

Rob Kardashian, now allegedly at 350 pounds, has reportedly reached a dangerous tipping point in light of his extreme weight gain, substance abuse issues and fallouts with his mother Kris Jenner and sisters.

Selena Gomez Defends Her Weight Gain In New Swimsuit Photo (PHOTO)

Post by Lisa Fogarty. Little girls look up to Selena Gomez. She's talented, gorgeous, and (for better or worse) dated Justin Bieber. For that reason, we should feel encouraged knowing she recently posted a bathing suit photo on Instagram that shows she may have gained a pound or two in recent months. Show More Summary

Small Tweaks to Your Diet Can Help Prevent Weight Gain

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining your weight doesn’t always require spending hours at the gym. Making small, consistent changes to the types of protein- and carbohydrate-rich foods we eat may have a big impact on long-term weight gain, according to a new study led by researchers at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy […]

Dear Bossip: My Husband Won’t Sleep With Me Because I Gained Weight

Dear Bossip, I’m a 26 year old married woman with a beautiful two and a half year old daughter. My husband is Active Duty Military and I’m a Registered Nurse, currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Nursing. To be

New Moms Display Their Post-Baby Bodies to Stop Post-Partum “Fat Shaming”

Unfortunately, our society can place unwarranted pressure on women to look a certain way— especially after having a baby. From unwanted weight gain and stretch marks, to hormone changes and breast-feeding, having a baby can change a woman’s body in many ways. However, women shouldn’t feel ashamed after giving birth because by doing so they […]

20 Health Benefits Of Chocolate

Chocolate is regarded as an indulgent treat because it is mainly associated with weight gain and acne. Americans spend $10... The post 20 Health Benefits Of Chocolate appeared first on Lifehack.

Can The Sugar In Fruit Make You Gain Weight?

Rest assured that in contrast to consuming generous amounts of sugary sodas and boxed breakfast cereals, eating plenty of apples and blueberries won’t cause you to lose the battle of the bulge.

Rob Kardashian Prepared to Go to Extreme Lengths to Get Back at Family

Post by Kiri Blakeley. Is Rob Kardashian about to get his ultimate revenge on his entire family? We all know that Rob hasn't been doing too well, not only has he gained a ton of weight, but he's reportedly had depression and addiction issues. Show More Summary

The Exercise/Weight Gain Paradox

Reluctantly, I recently signed up to run the New York Marathon again this year. I am doing it with a close friend, Chris Klug, who is raising money for his Chris Klug Foundation -- a great cause that I am excited to be supporting. I say reluctantly because I had long ago ticked marathons off my bucket list. Show More Summary

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